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  1. Convert VM to physical

    That sounds quite straightforward - will do that! Thanks :-)
  2. Convert VM to physical

    I'm running an Ark server in a Windows 10 VM, but for various reasons I'd like to set this up on a dedicated PC. Is there a guide on how this is accomplished in the easiest way - or was setting it up as VM a one-way street? :-/ Thanks in advance for any insights, links and help! :-)
  3. WTB: i5-3470T

    Would like to buy an i5-3470T for a low power build. Am based in Denmark.
  4. Thanks :-) Disks are on a cross flashed Dell H310 so I can only swap fwd breakout cable. Since there are no errors on remaining 3 disks on same channel, can I safely rule out that it is not the HBA acting up? Regarding cooling, I am actually trying to move disks around to decrease temps - the chassis is a Node 804 - so there is not hundreds of options. Maybe I should get that custom chassis done...
  5. Ok, updated diagnostics here. tower-diagnostics-20180202-2334.zip
  6. Would that not be because the system disabled it?
  7. Diagnostics here. tower-diagnostics-20180202-2108.zip
  8. At work now, but will do when I return tonight. Thanks :-)
  9. Woke up to a succesful parity check according to notification, but one of my parity disks have been disabled :-/ What would the best course of action be to resolve? Thanks, Thomas syslog.txt
  10. Thanks - will look into this. It seems that there are some improvements in 6.4 regarding certificates and encryption that I should probably understand before diving in. Thanks again for the swift response!
  11. Oh, wow. I was fully unaware that the disk was "special" - I thought it was just a regular 6TB drive :-( The disk is run from a DELL H310 crossflashed to IT mode. Will this be a problem for the controller or is the fact that it is "recognized" proof that it will work, once I use 6.4? And how do I go about updating to 6.4 now that the array is degraded? Should I go back to the old 4TB drive, upgrade and then replace to 6TB?
  12. I have come across a strange problem that I would like to request some input on. One of my disks (4TB) was showing signs of fatigue (SMART error 187) so I prepped a new one (6TB) and precleared it. It's disk5, on sdl. Followed the instructions on how to replace: 1. Stop the array 2. Unassign the old drive if still assigned (to unassign, set it to No Device) 3. Power down 4. [ Optional ] Pull the old drive (you may want to leave it installed for Preclearing or testing) 5. Install the new drive 6. Power on 7. Assign the new drive in the slot of the old drive 8. Go to the Main -> Array Operation section 9. Put a check in the Yes, I'm sure checkbox (next to the information indicating the drive will be rebuilt), and click the Start button 10. The rebuild will begin, with hefty disk activity on all drives, lots of writes on the new drive and lots of reads on all other drives But I get stuck at step 10 as the rebuild doesn't begin at all. GUI becomes unresponsive for some time and then returns without having initiated any rebuild. I can start the array if I set the disk slot to no device. Disk is recognized and shows up with a blue icon for "new drive". Really don't know what to do. Have attached the preclear report and syslog. Hope someone has some words of enlightenment :-) preclear_report_S4D0P7DJ_2017.12.24_23.01.03.txt tower-syslog-20171228-1910.zip
  13. Can't really speak for the stock fan as I didn't use it on the e3-1230v6 I just set up. I went for the Noctua NH-L9x65 which keeps it cool and quiet. If you go for this, make sure you get the socket 115x version as there is a pure AMD version as well.
  14. So, some days later and a lot of both grief and relief has passed. This is gonna be longish but might hold some interesting lessons for others with the X11SSM. BMC and BIOS are at 1.37 and 2.0c (board was delivered with 2.0b, so I upgraded). H310 has been modded with electrical tape to cover B5 and B6. 1. H310 HBA cross flashing is in itself not troublesome. Creating the right bootable USB for it , is. I could not run the flash tool executables without "misfiring" in weird error messages like stuff about mouse driver not being loaded (why the hell this would be important for a DOS shell, running CLI programs is beyond me), memory not available etc. Finally got it working using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool and Win98 files downloaded from allbootdisks.com and succesfully cross flashed the H310. I feel kind of lucky that I succeeded because when I rebooted using the same USB boot key half a day later, I could not get any of the tools to start (I was back to the "mouse driver missing" type of errors). Seems very hit or miss (and also made me realize how much I had forgotten about DOS config.sys of olden days - which made me sad, but that's another story :-) ) 2. Because I wanted to make absolutely sure that everything worked as expected, I installed a trial version of unRaid on a different USB key and set mobo to boot legacy USB key only. and plugged in two extra disks I had lying around. Both on mobo controller. Booted and let unRaid start in non-GUI mode. Accessed via web interface, formatted disks, created share, put files on it. Powered down, moved data disk to H310, restarted. Everything went swimmingly, disk was recognized, files were present. Great stuff. 3. I hooked everything up - cache disks on mobo controller and the rest on the H310. Plugged in my USB key with licensed unRaid. Booted into unRaid non-GUI mode. Did not get an IP for unRaid (this may be due to another issue - see note below). Strange, but it seemed like there was no link at all. 4. Rebooted to try and acquire DHCP. Now unRaid would not boot and got stuck in an endless loop where bzroot and bzimage would load, and then board reset. Ok, back to last known good config - the test setup. unhooked all disks from mobo and mini-SAS connectors from H310. Swapped to test USB key. Reboot. Same thing. Loads bzimage and bzroot, then resets. But this setup just worked an hour ago! 5. Searched on forums and found other X11SSM owners who cannot boot into unRaid non-GUI mode either. They can boot a plethora of other stuff (including Linux distros) without issues at all, but not unRaid. But if they boot to unRaid GUI instead of unRaid non-GUI, it works. No one knows why. It's not even a problem on all X11SSM boards - only some. And some have reported that if they load optimized defaults for BIOS and touch nothing in the BIOS setup, they can boot unRaid non-GUI (resetting to optimized defaults didn't work for me though). So, I tried booting into unRaid GUI and lo and behold, it worked like a charm! 6. Ok, so back to hooking up all disks and the licensed unRaid USB key. Boot in unRaid GUI, change config.sys so that unRaid GUI is now the default (for unattended reboots) and everything worked as expected. Disk positions were intact from my original C2750D4I. Am now running parity check at > 150MB/s which is a 40% improvement from my old server :-) I would still like to boot into unRaid non-GUI instead of GUI (personal preference) but can live with this. Note: It may be that one of the network cables is iffy and that between the stage of "test setup" (bullet 2) and then "hooking everything up" (bullet 3) I might have swapped the iffy one to NIC #0 thereby not getting an IP address. However, since both network cables were inserted, I would have thought that unRaid would fall back to NIC #1. When I swapped them, and did not put a cable in NIC#1, I got an IP address. So I need to figure out if I have an iffy cable or if the board does not like to have two cables attached. But I have a feeling that there is more quirkiness to this board that I have yet to see.
  15. Upgrade Time

    Yes, they do not have RAID capability but are "dumb" Host Bus Adapters (HBA).

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