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    Unable to write to Unassigned Devices

    You should be able to write to any unassigned ntfs device, it would be better to post on the UD thread and make sure you post your diagnostics.

    Can't reboot server

    Type reboot on the console, if it doesn't work after a few minutes you'll need to force it.

    Unable to write to cache

    If it's a repeat problem there could be some hardware issue, like bad RAM, etc.

    Very slow Data Rebuild, failing disk?

    This is normal since the rebuild aborted, you need to stop the array, unassign disk5, start the array, stop again, re-assign disk5 and start one last time to begin the rebuild.

    Very slow Data Rebuild, failing disk?

    Disk5 also looks fine, try replacing the cables on those disks (swap with others if you don't have spares) and try rebuilding again.

    Very slow Data Rebuild, failing disk?

    Both disks 3 and 5 are having issues, disk3 looks fine, disk5 dropped offline but it's most likely fine also, but you should reboot and post new diags to see if we get a SMART report, could be a cable issue, could be the controller, as it uses the same drivers as the SASLP/SAS2LP and these are prone to issues and not recommended for unRAID v6.

    Woke up to a very slow server

    Yes, specifically the cache2 SSD, looks like a connection issue so try replacing/swapping both cables

    Disabled Drive during Parity Check - How to Proceed?

    Depends on what caused the error, hence why I asked for the diagnostics, without them I don't have any advice on what to do, since whenever possible I like to avoid guessing and give bad advice, so good luck.

    unRAID is filling one drive above all others

    You can use the diskmv script to automatically fix the split level:

    All my dockers are missing!?! Please help!

    Not the writes errors on the stats as I'm going to say for the last time. You should still run the balance, or upgrade to v6.5 or you're going to hit the not enough space errors again due to the cache filesystem being fully allocated.

    Disabled Drive during Parity Check - How to Proceed?

    Please post your diagnostics: Tools -> Diagnostics

    Trial Key Errors on bootup (registered version)

    It's not complaining about Trial.key is complaining about the hidden file ._Trial.key, likely create by another OS, like OSX
  13. Not sure, the only error I see on the log is Plex segfaulting, wouldn't think that would take out your shares, but if it happens again look for it.: Aug 14 15:48:21 Orcrist kernel: Plex Tuner Serv[16814]: segfault at 58 ip 0000148716cbf770 sp 0000148712034f18 error 4 in[148716cb6000+19000]

    Read errors on disk

    Either way, but a parity check would likely be faster to detect any issues, just make sure it's non correct.

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