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    SATA Controller Cards

    9201-16i 9300-16i

    SATA Controller Cards

    That's a RAID chipset, not recommended for unRAID, you want a plain HBA, any LSI with a SAS2008/2308/3008 chipset in IT mode, e.g., 9201-8i, 9211-8i, 9207-8i, 9300-8i, etc and clones, like the Dell H200/H310 and IBM M1015, these latter ones need to be crossflashed.

    [HELP] is my usb flash failing?

    Shutdown the server first.

    2 HDDs unmountable

    Everything looks normal, you should update to latest release though, read this first:

    2 HDDs unmountable

    From January? Wrong diags?
  6. That will rule out the cable, so keep monitoring.

    [HELP] is my usb flash failing?

    Run chkdsk on the flash drive before, but it should boot normally.

    [HELP] is my usb flash failing?

    You should definitely use an USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 ports are a known problem, though not for everyone.
  9. SMART looks OK, run an extended SMART test on that disk, if OK swap/replace cables and monitor.
  10. It's a common problem with USB enclosures, AFAIK no way around that.

    My SSD cache keeps "overheating"

    Depends on the model, but some can easily go up to 50/60C during heavy writes.

    2 HDDs unmountable

    No, if I'm right they've always been unmountable, and you never noticed.

    Call traces found on Server (Fix common problems)

    Same as this one.

    2 HDDs unmountable

    He can mount the disks read only, but IMO doesn't matter since the disks have no unRAID data, just add ro as a mount option: mount -vt ntfs -o ro /dev/sdX1 /x No problem doing this but it will produce the same result, two unmountable disks.

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