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  1. Migrating data to encrypted disks

    No need to clear, just format with an encrypted filesystem.
  2. Sync errors keeps coming - how do I read the logs?

    Unfortunately that doesn't prove anything, only a positive result would be proof of a problem, also 24 hours is the recommended time for a test. Either way, run another parity check and post new diags so we can see if the errors are repeating or in completely different places.
  3. Unraid 6.5.0 Flash logs filling up / drive issues

    You SAS disks don't spindown, it's a known issue with current unRAID. You should disable it for those disks for now, so at least you won't fill the syslog.
  4. It's a bug, upgrade to v6.5.1
  5. Call Traces Error

    There's filesystem corruption on your cache device, best to backup, reformat and restore data, you can use this procedure to help.
  6. i have call Traces

    Similar to this one.
  7. Sync errors keeps coming - how do I read the logs?

    If you keep getting different sync errors first thing to do is to run memtest.
  8. reallocated sector ct is 1

    Look fine for now, as long as it doesn't keep getting new reallocated sectors it should be OK.
  9. SOLVED Update from 6.4.1 to 6.5 help

    It was moved.
  10. Question is, is it stable? It uses the same chipset as the SAS2LP, so there could be issues with dropped disks, etc.
  11. SOLVED Update from 6.4.1 to 6.5 help

    Tools -> Update OS
  12. That's weird. if anything it should be faster, but I'm not seeing any performance issues whit v6.5 and reads/writes, and I always use /mnt/user, so no idea what the problem is.
  13. If direct IO is disable try again with it enable (Settings -> Share Settings)
  14. unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference

    It's a known kernel bug on v6.5, update to latest rc.

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