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  1. Syslog full of errors around sdc/brtfs

    Cache2 dropped offline, check cables and run a correcting scrub, check that there are no uncorrectable errors.
  2. Moving partitioned drive into array

    Preclearing will remove everything on the disk, including existing partitions.
  3. Drive Failure?

    Disk has a lot of reported UNC, IMO it should be replaced, or removed if you don't need the space, but you'll need to move all data from the emulated disk to other disks first.
  4. Lost connection to second M1015

    Doesn't mean it still works, swap slots with the extra NIC
  5. Lost connection to second M1015

    Only one HBA is detected, try a different PCIe slot.
  6. Because currently there's no next, latest is stable.
  7. troubling log errors

    I'd be surprised if that setting is missing from any bios release including the first one: Advanced -> Onboard Device Configuration -> MCP Storage Config
  8. You can just re-assign the original pools devices.
  9. troubling log errors

    What's this then?
  10. Those are used for different scenarios, i.e., a drive fails, but the emulated disk mounts you just rebuild, a drive has filesystem corruption, i.e., it's unmountable, you use btrfs restore, now sometimes a drive can be unmountable as a direct result of the failure, in that case you repair/restore the filesystem first and then rebuild, since there's no point in rebuilding a disk if the filesystem is unfixable.
  11. With single parity if another disk fails/drops out during a rebuild you'll be rebuilding garbage, a single parity disk can only protect you from a single failure, you should read on how parity works, if you understand how it works makes it much easier to know it's limitations. Again, that's how parity works, if the emulated disk was corrupt beyond repair (possibly from an earlier incomplete or corrupt rebuild) the same will happen to the rebuilt disk, since they will be identical. Not necessarily, in this case the other disk dropped offline, since disk12 rebuild is corrupt, if you use it to rebuild disk5 it will also be corrupt, garbage in, garbage out, you could have done a new config, disk12 would still be corrupt but disk5 could be brought online using the existing disk.
  12. troubling log errors

    9 out of 10 times it's a bad SATA cable, but if you've already replaced it could be a port/controller problem. P.S. change your onboard controller from IDE to SATA/AHCI mode.
  13. Sanity check - 24 drive bays

    Not sure if it's possible with unRAID, but don't think it's needed for an home server anyway, HBA failures are extremely rare.
  14. Sanity check - 24 drive bays

    One HBA dual linked to the backplane expander will provide adequate bandwidth for 24 disks.
  15. That's expected, whatever is on the emulated disk is what's going to be on the rebuilt disk. You shouln't do that, disk dropped offline while rebuilding disk12, so it can't be rebuilt without corruption, it would be best to do a new config to bring online.

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