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  1. WTB: server PSU

    Sorry, should have been more clear. A modular server power supply. AC in one end (120V here), which would then slide into a 1/2/3/4/5U+ server case. Not a regular desktop PSU with cables etc.
  2. WTB: server PSU

    Looking to pick up a server PSU. Not too picky on the size etc, it will be used as a benchtop 12V supply for RC use. Prefer something that doesnt have a huge footprint. Not a lot of output necessary, will only use about 300W or less of it. Shipping would be to Vancouver, BC Thanks!
  3. Solved. Was looking through syslog, found a bunch of avahi errors, thought I would solve that problem, apparently that was THE problem. somehow didnt show up during my forum search. hope this helps someone down the line.
  4. This appears to still be a problem. I just upgraded to 6.30 hoping that something would have been solved, but i am having very slow webGUI response times. Dockers: Plex Sabnzbd duckdns Plugins (all updated): CA autoupdate CA Backup CA Cleanup Community Applications Couchpotato Dynamix Active Streams Dynamix sys info Dynamix sys temp Fix Common Problems (currently running extended test to see if anything comes up) Nerdtools Sickbeard Statistics Hardware: M/B: Supermicro - H8DM8-2 CPU: 2419 - 6 core @ 1800 HVM: Enabled IOMMU: Disabled Cache: 768 kB, 3072 kB, 6144 kB Memory: 0 GB (max. installable capacity GB) - not sure why it has this. There is 8GB installed right now. Network: eth0: 1000 Mb/s, full duplex, mtu 1500
  5. [Solved] Crash after approx 24 hours

    It looks like the problem has been solved. 4Gb were added in addition to the existing 2GB and everything is working without a hitch after a week or so. Consider it solved.
  6. [Solved] Crash after approx 24 hours

    If you had typed diagnostics in that telenet session, the diagnostics file would have been saved to the Flash Drive. (The diagnostics file is zipped so it is much smaller than a straight text file.) But I suspect that you may not have physical access the server at this point... I understand, but unfortunately as I said before, everything locks up. I cannot access the webgui, telnet (existing is unresponsive - anything entered after that is a new line with no response), new telnet, console, any of the plugins, SMB etc.
  7. [Solved] Crash after approx 24 hours

    Just waiting until I can run out and pick up some more RAM The system has become unresponsive and I wont have a chance to physically check on it for a day or two. Here is a capture (had to remote desktop to the running telnet session and copy it over, sorry if the format is not correct. I did have to trim some of the beginning of the syslog as it was over 320Kb). But it looks to me like a memory issue to me. If that solves it, I may as well grab a better processor as well - any recommendations? syslog_capture.txt
  8. [Solved] Crash after approx 24 hours

    Just was looking through the syslog and cane across some things that might be suspicious and causing problems - check items related to plex - notes out of memory (appears after library update)? I just ran a library update on one section, as well as playing a file remotely (transcoded) and ram usage stayed around 50%. Load was around 0.8 with the single core being used. Suggestions if it is hardware? - start with unlock the second core and up the ram to say 4GB? New diagnostics attached
  9. [Solved] Crash after approx 24 hours

    It has been running fine for quite a long time on UNRAID 6 without issue. This is only a recent problem. Any suggestions or other information that I could provide. I will try to capture a syslog if possible after a crash, however everything seems to lock up.
  10. [Solved] Crash after approx 24 hours

    Diagnostics for your viewing pleasure. Thanks!
  11. [Solved] Crash after approx 24 hours

    Additional images
  12. Having an issue with a server. The problem initially started with the USB drive not being recognized and not booting (just a halt on boot). I upgraded to 6.2.4 and tried to boot but was having problems still. Made the USB bootable on another mac (only have macs) that was running a different OS version and it finally boots (even though no error were given before when making the USB bootable etc). Checked that everything was working, fixed a few settings that were changed and the server runs fine for approx 24 hours, then becomes unresponsive. I cannot access the webGUI, cannot telnet (it will go as far as "Connected to tower. Escape character is '^]'." but does not go an additional line for login. The console also does not respond. One thing that I just noted was when plugging in a USB keyboard, it would not lower up any of the lights (caps lock, num lock etc) if that helps to diagnose the problem at all. I have also tried replacing the files (upgrade again with same version). UNRAID version 6.2.4 Motherboard: MSI 880-GMA-E53 (MS-7623) - upgraded to latest BIOS when the USB drive was not being recognized CPU: AMD Sempron 140 (with only 1 core right now, did not bother unlocking the second until things start working correctly) RAM - 2GB Gigabit ethernet All HDD's are running off the motherboard SATA ports. There is an additional SATA card installed but not being used at this time. All SATA cables checked for connectivity problems, changed RAM slots to ensure no problems there (this is all before I was able to boot the system) PSU - Antec 500w? HDDs 5x 2.0TB WD EARX (1 parity, 4 data) Cache 500GB Plugins: Sickbeard and couchpotato (PHAZE) Nerd tools (cannot install PERL for some reason...) See image for additional mostly stock plugins Docker: Plex SABnzbd Attached are some screenshots of the setup, plugins, docker, system info etc as well as a syslog (sorry, cannot capture a syslog once it stops working, this is just after it has booted up, wondering if there is something in there that someone can pick out). Have started a tail syslog.txt
  13. Not sure exactly what the problem is/was, but I tried replacing bz files on the flash drive with a fresh download of 6.2, thinking something may be corrupt. It did nothing. I downloaded and replaced them with 6.19 version. The GUI is back to normal. It lost my docker for plex for some reason, just added it again and is working fine. Just need to replace some plugins that this broke, but I think all my issues should be solved now, fingers cross, knock of wood, etc.
  14. [SOLVED] Cannot SMB cache drive

    You have to enable disk shares in Global share settings. You might also have to click the cache disk and enable the share. thanks, working as expected now. that doesn't make me feel like an idiot at all...

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