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  1. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    v3.5.0 is available on Play/App Store ! This release implements support for Mover and Sleep: - Request an immediate execution of Mover - Make the server sleep (dynamix.s3.sleep plugin required) Both commands need a confirmation (configurable). These commands appear in the strip below the main server information and you can scroll this strip and reorder the commands to put your preferred ones first (via Settings). Also, IPMI support is now officially available. Additionally: - Fix elapsed parity time - Add credits - Other bug fixes and enhancements Please remember to install the latest version of the ControlR plugin to have all the features at your disposal. ljm42 mentioned that without a parity disk present, there shouldn't be a button to check parity, but it's there in the standard webUI (it performs a read-check) and the app is mirroring it, so I didn't make any changes about that. I tested on 6.4.x only, to be honest. If no major issues come up, I'll work on adding scripts execution, I think that's going to be fun
  2. [Plugin] ControlR

    v2018.02.16a (2.9.1) is out ! This release implements a rewrite of the permissions webUI (new framework), although visually it remains mostly the same. Other changes: - Fix issue with checking permissions in UI - Fix ipmi sensor detection This should fix the issue Marv was mentioning.
  3. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Glad it 'kind' of worked ! Do you happen to still have the file that caused you trouble ? Maybe a similar file with no personal data ? I'm testing a new approach to invoke rsync from the plugin, which should help with the error you had, so having data that is known to currently fail would be helpful. If anyone else has something similar that can share, I'd appreciate it. Pm if your prefer. I guess I'll have time to work on this in a week or two.
  4. [Plugin] ControlR

    I know what the issue is now, I'm hoping to get a release with the fix by early next week at the latest.
  5. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    Hey thanks Ashe ! I will look into it .
  6. [Plugin] ControlR

    Yes, that's certainly strange Can you send me the output of the following commands ? $ ls -al /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ipmi $ ls -al /dev/ipmi0 $ ls -al /dev/ipmi/0 $ ls -al /dev/ipmidev/0 $ ls -al /boot/config/plugins/ipmi/ipmi.cfg $ ls -al /usr/sbin/ipmisensors $ ls -al /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.system.temp $ ls -al /usr/bin/sensors
  7. Next Gen Disks ?

    https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/09/the-special-data-device-spacexs-falcon-heavy-sent-to-orbit-is-just-the-start/ Looks interesting right ? 360TB in something the size of a 25 cents ($) coin ? Wondering about - Cost (is it scalable for mass production?) - Read/Write times (is it merely for archival?) - Thermal envelope (does it actually need cooling?) P.D.: can't remember if clickable links are allowed, removed it just in case
  8. [Plugin] ControlR

    Ok, the bottom line is this ... The plugin is detecting the presence of /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/ipmi, but /boot/config/plugins/ipmi/ipmi.cfg is missing. It determines that the ipmi plugin is present, but then tries to read the config file and it's not available. So even if ipmi is (supposedly) installed, the plugin can't use it. Not being an ipmi plugin expert, I'd guess you probably installed it, but never tinkered with it ? So no settings (ipmi.cfg) were saved ? The short term solution would be to uninstall ipmi (if my assumption is correct), since you're using dynamix system temp. I should probably detect ipmi by checking the presence of ipmi.cfg, based on your scenario. Let me know your thoughts.
  9. [Plugin] ControlR

    Hi Marv, The plugin checks for ipmi first then for dynamix system temp. If neither is available, no data is shown. What does you log show ?
  10. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    v3.4.0 is available on Play/App Store ! This is a minor release to support 6.4.1, since there were issues interacting with dockers. Please note that beginning with this release, the app supports unRAID versions 6.2.0+. The app should mostly work with 6.1.x, but if any issues come up, I won't be able to fix them. Many changes took place in 6.2.x and now that 6.4.x has gone stable, it's no longer viable to keep supporting 6.1.x
  11. [Plugin] ControlR

    v2018.02.02 (2.8.0) is out ! - Correct handling of ipmi data/config - Fixes apc ups handling - Remove debug logging Thanks a lot to ljm42 and dmacias for helping me make sense of ipmi as well as to all the users that helped 'test': wgstarks, Marv, since85, Freeman ! These issues were a bit more difficult to troubleshoot
  12. ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    Just a quick note, the app is very likely incompatible with 6.4.1-rc2, in terms on not being able to list/interact with dockers. I haven't tested yet, but will be looking into it. Thanks to Squid for the heads up !
  13. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    I used to have fully customizable flags, but the app really needs to "guard" itself especially with -a: since it will be replaced with a -c, for checksum/validation -R: because it needs to have the working directory set to the source disk at least But I can see that -X isn't really a core flag and can be left on as customizable default (removable). I'll do this. In any case, I'm looking into an alternative rsync invocation that I believe will bring execution parity with a command line invocation. I'm still doing some research and testing, but it looks promising.
  14. [Plugin] ControlR

    Yes, it collects the settings at startup time. I could monitor the config file and if written to, update accordingly. But the app would show the display bugs mentioned by wgstarks. I'll eventually look into it. It's great news that it works in all the scenarios you mentioned before. I'll push a minor release.
  15. [Plugin] ControlR

    It should reconfigure the scrolling ticker with the new readings, but it doesn't work The restart gives it a fresh view on the matter. In any case, it's great news !!

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