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  1. [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    ugh, looks like i have the wrong docker, switching it now.
  2. [Support] jasonbean - Apache Guacamole

    I have Guac installed and a Linux VM but for some reason guac cant access the VNC connection. i can vnc to linux but not through guac. I have also tried with and without a password. any ideas? This works in Chorme Also, windows VNC viewer works Guac config host: port: 5700 pass: blank docker logs 6e5c1dbf2353 Feb 19 12:10:32 6e5c1dbf2353 guacd[803]: VNC server closed connection Feb 19 12:10:32 6e5c1dbf2353 guacd[803]: Unable to connect to VNC server. Feb 19 12:10:32 6e5c1dbf2353 guacd[803]: Connection did not succeed: Error writing data to socket
  3. [6.3.1] CPU/core numbers messed up after update

    I have a dl160 g6 dual xeon, and I don't have an issue. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  4. Ok i have a HP proliant 160 G6 with dual nics in it and i have my mtu at 9k to match the PC's, router, switches on my network. i think i have it all set up correctly. Is this a better approach vs assigning the second nic to Plex or sab docker?
  5. So i have two nics now, connected to a switch. Each nic has static IP set ( and 101). I go to each nic and change the Bonding to Yes and set both to balance-tlb (5) correct? doesn't look quite right.
  6. ok got a new LSI card today and its working without issue. plug it in, booted and the array was all set correctly.
  7. Ok, ordering a new card. Will post when it arrives Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  8. Attaching pic of controller settings. I've tried the staggered method as ata-6 and sta00b Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  9. Beeping a brick right now! Ok, server hardware died so I ordered all new hardware including 3ware 9650se controller. Before I connected drives, I booted and updated 3ware controller to newest firmware and bios (support for 4tb drives). Put controller in jdbo mode. Controller bios now sees a single new drive correctly. Powered down and added all 8 drives. Booted and controller found all drives as jdbo. Booted in unraid and all drives connected to the controller are missing but unraid sees the drives. If you look closely, you can see the serial info for the drives are wrong. (see screenshots before and after). Two working drives, are connected to only 2 onboard SATA ports. Not sure what to do and scared to try something. Need urgent help. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  10. No I haven't. But this looks interesting. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  11. I'd like to get a few security cameras in my house (indoor) where they can be recording audio/video 24/7 and have it saving to my unraid. It can be locally in a sdcard as long as it can be auto uploaded to my unraid setver once full or on a cycle. Does anyone have any recommended docker for this? Also, what about indoor wifi cams that would work? Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  12. I replaced the cables, power connectors and new power supply all with the same issue. The drives have power on house in the 6 year range and smart report shows lots of errors with them. Sure it's time to retire them. [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  13. Ok all back and working. I added the bad drives back but the array would not start so I used the add-on to mount them separately out side the array and all my data was available. So I added the new red drives and did killed the parity. Everything is working now and just moving data from the bad drives back to the array using cp -v -r Thanks everyone. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  14. Haven't don't new config yet. I can pop the old drives back in if you want a config report to review Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk

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