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  1. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - ownCloud

    The best way to update is through the builtin ownCloud updater. It will not update though with a self signed certificate. I use a proper certificate and it is worth it just to be able to use the builtin ownCloud updater.
  2. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - ownCloud

    Check app Marketplace to see if there is an app to do what you want. You will need an app built for ownCloud. You can't add anything onto ownCloud that is not a built app.
  3. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - ownCloud

    Stick with https.
  4. Looks to me like they are. That's what the .Recycle.Bin directories are. Post a diagnostics for more help.
  5. What is the problem you are having?
  6. Instead of just complaining about it, how about posting some diagnostics so we might be able to help figure out what is going on.
  7. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - ownCloud

    ownCloud has always worked fine for me. If Nextcloud works better for you, then go for it.
  8. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - ownCloud

    After updating what? ownCloud, the Docker, or unRAID?
  9. What is this in your 'go' file? # # Modify cron daily to 00:01 and add cron for disk1/parity spinup @ every saturday 7:01 /usr/bin/python /boot/custom/modify_cron.py # # Start kuro automode daemon /usr/bin/python /boot/custom/kuroautomode.py start Is this an issue with spin up? Is the cron time set wrong?
  10. Try installing the Dynamix Cache Dirs plugin and see if it doesn't help. Directory access can spin up disks.
  11. This plugin logs disk activity by setting up inotify watches. It should not spin up disks. Your disks will spin down as they normally do. If you need further help, post diagnostics.
  12. File activity is logged in this plugin, but there is directory activity that may spin up a disk and not be noted by this plugin. If the all directory activity was logged, There would be a huge amount of activity logged that would be impossible to go through and make any sense out of it. As mentioned many times in the forums, post your diagnostics.
  13. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder

    I will wait until the version is stable.
  14. dlandon

    [support] dlandon - Zoneminder

    Is your Docker and appdata on an SSD cache or SSD UD drive, or on the array?

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