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  1. [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    I'm having the same problem. Will not save plug-in choices after a restart. Everything else works great.
  2. Share Your Banners

    Love the slot canyon! Thanks.
  3. Your "logo" should work well an Icon. Here's an idea. Choose whatever font and colors are most appealing. Then add words, slogans etc. above, below, beside etc. as needed. From my Heimdall page:
  4. [Support] - Heimdall

    This is exactly what I've been looking for as well. I can't seem to assign a link to two tags. Also, a bit confused about the significance of pinning in combination with tagging. If I want to create a link to the home page and include that as the first link in each of the Tag pages, is that possible? Thanks, Richard
  5. I just got it as well. MX500. I'll watch this thread for notice of an update.
  6. For The "Remove Drives Then Rebuild Parity" Method, perhaps a new step 10 should say: 10. For every share, and global share settings, be sure all inclusions or exclusions reflect your new drive assignments.
  7. Like flying a plane with two engines which have twice the probability of an engine failure.
  8. Thanks. Although now you've got me trying to figure out what the heck is the Calibre GUI. Does it simply mean the unRAID GUI? Calibre seems to be an e-book plugin.
  9. I'm reading: I'm stuck on the logic of this: 3. Click on Shares and set all shares present on your Cache disk to Use cache disk: Yes. This will cause the Mover to move all shares OFF the Cache drive! If you don't want shares on the Cache drive, wouldn't you say No? Richard
  10. Quick comment. Some of us might only add a docker every year or two. Such a person might be completely literal, and spend a lot of time looking for the Add button shown under the logo for the dockers in your wonderful tutorial. After much gnashing of teeth, such person might eventually figure out the interface has changed since your tutorial was made, and one needs to hover over the logo in order to see a window with a much more cryptic "add" button. Possibly.
  11. Docker Service failed to start.

    Upgraded to 6.4. No dockers or VM. All I had to do was edit the VM file to re-enter the location. And change Settings / Dockers to re-enter the location. Cheers, Richard
  12. Wiki page 404

    The Lime Tech logo in the UI leads to the options of: Website | Forum | Wiki The Wiki page is dead.
  13. [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    Wow. I was just thinking, I wonder what I would do if my cache drive blew up and I lost all my appdata? I guess I'd better figure out some crappy way to back that up, then try later to remember what I did. Forget that! Thanks for a great plugin.
  14. [Support] - FreshRSS

    I installed the FreshRSS docker, and got to the error message about: Can't connect to local MySQL server. So I read on another thread to install another Docker with MySQL/MariaDB. So after much gnashing of teeth, I made this work as follows. Install a MySQL docker. After struggling with the stone-aged command line, I got smart and installed MySQL Workbench which I used to create a database, user, and password. The final trick is what to put in the host line of the FreshRSS setup, The default, localserver, does not work. Instead, use your unRAID IP, e.g. and be sure NOT to include the port: 3306.
  15. Windows VM disk allocation SOLVED

    UPDATE This seems to be a problem with Windows Drive Manager. I loaded on a third-party partition manager and it was able to see the unallocated space that windows missed. Thanks for all your help.

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