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  1. I know. Sorry my comment was towards the release notes. I forgot to quote the other part of your post. sorry.
  2. Last I checked, Safari is the 2nd most popular browser, no reason to stop using it.
  3. You're right, sorry about that. Fixing my post. I didn't have coffee yet......
  4. I am in the middle of replace most of my drives with larger ones. I am not replacing one by one and letting it rebuild though. My drives are 4-6 years old and formatted with reiserfs. I want my new drives to be xfs so adding a new drive then using unbalance to move a few drives over and doing a parity rebuild. Takes a little extra time but worth it in the end. I am running with 5 less drives now. Something to think about if your drives are formatted with the old reiserfs.
  5. Same version for me doesn't work. Are you on a beta of 10.13.3 or anything?
  6. This might be known already but web-based Terminal seems to works in Chrome but not Safari. I get just a black screen in Safari.
  7. Luckily (but sadly) my parity drive is my only 10TB drive so I won't mess that one up.
  8. I was trying the The "Clear Drive Then Remove Drive" Method to remove a drive but at the end the server wouldn't respond. Rebooted and now no drives are assigned. Can I just reassign the correct drives to in the proper slots and follow the end of The "Remove Drives Then Rebuild Parity" Method to rebuild parity?
  9. array take long time to start

    ah, that makes sense. I never realized that. Until recently all my drives were Reiserfs. I just started replacing them XFS.
  10. array take long time to start

    I've had this happen before on unclean shutdowns. I would ssh in and check the mnt directory. My drives would slowly show up one by one. The more drives you have, the longer it would take. It took around 20 mins for me before.
  11. wasted my weekend trying to get my server to see the drive. Wish I saw this yesterday.
  12. New Emby Docker

    has anyone updated this docker to the beta .NET version? I am having problems when trying to edit artwork on some movies. It is crashing my docker. Here is the error in my unraid logs "Dec 7 05:47:38 Tower kernel: EmbyServer[17924]: segfault at 0 ip 000015240ad625c0 sp 000015236abde688 error 4 in[15240acf0000+1aa000]" I posted my emby logs over in the emby forums but thought I would as here as well.
  13. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc14 available

    My SAS drive is displaying the temperature again. Thank you!
  14. [Support] binhex - Koel

    Hey I just wanted to say awesome job on this. I was one of the uses asking someone to create it but I never had luck with it. I even trying creating my own docker at one point. I gave up early on even after you create this one. I decided to give it another try. Increased the memory and timeout and it error scanning finally went away. It still took a few scans and a reboots until all my music was there but I believe it see it all now. I still have some cover art issues but I can live with that. I am 100000% percent farther then I was last years. Thanks again!
  15. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc13 available

    Sorry if this has been reported somewhere else. Not sure if this started in this version or a couple back. I was on 10 then upgraded to this one. My SAS drive no longer displays the temperature. It is currently at 44c but the dashboard doesn't show a heat warning or a temperature. I can't wait till I finally replace this drive.

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