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  1. I know. Have failed to get some real work done for a long time now. Just too hot in front of the computer to be able to focus on work while at home. And the fans/AC sold out in most of Sweden. But at least the work office is cool.
  2. I also have serious disk temp issues - so only playing with some 2.5" drives right now until the weather makes it safe to toy with an file server. And the hot weather seems to stay for a while more in Sweden. Be very, very, very careful with your drives. 66°C is a warranty-killing temperature. If you can't keep the drives cool, then it's better to let the server rest.
  3. pwm

    Happy 25th Birthday Slackware!

    Maybe I should check if I can boot any of my old SLS and Slackware installations I originally did run on 128 MB MO disks. Quite a number of turns around the sun since I last booted a machine with SCSI and played with the MO disks.
  4. RAID 1 and RAID 10 have similar redundancy as the main array has when using single parity. RAID 1 has redundancy through mirroring. Standard write speed but reads can be splitted between the multiple copies. RAID 10 also involves redundancy from mirroring. Just that the individual mirrors are then striped for additional bandwidth. RAID 0 is something to be very careful about using. More bandwidth but worse MTBF than a single disk. It's the RAID from hell for people who want to lose lots of data.
  5. pwm

    New Asrock Xeon micro ATX motherboard coming

    Not rebranding - newer cores with newer instruction sets.
  6. pwm

    2.5" drives

    Lots of enterprise servers use 2.5" drives. I also use 2.5" drives in own machines - the media cost is higher/TB but dropping. And the 2.5" disks are less power-hungry. One disadvantage is that there are still fewer 2.5" models to select from.
  7. pwm

    New Asrock Xeon micro ATX motherboard coming

    NAS, firewalls, camera servers, light workstations, ... There are lots of times when you have simple tasks but you want a stand-alone solution instead of having it as a VM in a large machine. But you still want ECC memory and long expected lifetime instead of picking up some consumer-class hardware.
  8. Always better to ask once to much than once to little.
  9. Indirectly. But in many situations it isn't required to go all the way to VM. Often containers will be enough. More and more operating systems will be huge container managers.
  10. pwm

    New User looking for advice on setup

    Yes, you can mix multiple data disks of varying sizes up to 8TB together with that 8TB parity disk.
  11. Another alternative would be to run a VM and allow that VM to own multiple physical disks. The VM could then make use of any software RAID support available in Linux without interfering with unRAID.
  12. Actually not, since unRAID doesn't supports multiple arrays and it takes striped writes to get enough bandwidth when using HDD. A single HDD outside of the array isn't much faster than a HDD within the array with turbo-write enabled. The only advantage with a HDD outside of the array is that it is possible to write independently to multiple stand-alone drives while the unRAID array can only maintain max transfer speed with a single access (read or write) at a time.
  13. pwm

    SOLVED - /var/log getting full error

    One new thread per user problem isn't post spamming. It's common that the same symptoms may result from completely different causes, which makes it hard to follow threads where multiple people tries to get help at the same time. It's when the same user creates multiple threads for the same issue that people gets a bit upset since it results in multiple persons spending time answering the same question without knowing someone else has already answered.
  14. pwm

    SOLVED - /var/log getting full error

    The first step is to look at the log to see exactly what is spamming the log. Without knowing the log content, it isn't possible to suggest suitable actions. But you really should create your own threads.
  15. That's a huge amount. What you need to do is to reconfigure the drive. I have been using hdparm on a number of drives to reduce the power management level. This is a WD Red. I wasn't aware that any Red had this issue. Lots of WD Blue and Green drives comes with a default setting that makes them self-destruct when used in Linux machines.

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