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  1. CHBMB

    [Support] - Organizr

    With all due respect to both of you, this debate should be happening in the Organizr Discord channel. We just package the app into a container.
  2. Do you mean decrease in post time?
  3. CHBMB

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Oh yeah, that graphic was horrific lol..... For those that don't remember it......
  4. CHBMB

    docker compose?

    AFAIK, you use docker compose to manage those containers not dockerman. Either/or
  5. CHBMB

    SSH "Available options for SSH Users"

    That's because it's a plugin you've installed, better asked in the support thread.
  6. CHBMB

    unRAID DVB Edition You can download the builds manually here.
  7. CHBMB

    unRAID DVB Edition

    I don't know. I can't reproduce it here, you using a VPN or anything?
  8. CHBMB

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Yeah, I know I can set it for me, I was thinking more of a default non-changeable setting (Just joking with @binhex)
  9. CHBMB

    unRAID DVB Edition

    Hang on, I'm confused, is this a problem with the plugin parsing the available builds or a problem with the build once it's installed?
  10. CHBMB

    unRAID DVB Edition

    I got no idea what's happening to be honest. Tried rebooting?
  11. CHBMB

    unRAID DVB Edition

    Should be working then.....
  12. CHBMB

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    OK, I know I give you a lot of grief about things, so thought it important to say this in public, but I love the new CA interface, crisp, clean, responsive. I don't use CA a great deal, as I have reached a fairly stable state with my machine and don't install much any more, but this looks great, good job my Canadian friend! Now, if you just could make sure our containers come above @binhex's then that'd be great
  13. CHBMB

    unRAID DVB Edition

    ping -c4 See if that works from your Unraid machine, if it doesn't and your plugin is the most recent version (2018.03.14) then it's something your end.
  14. CHBMB

    "" as a plugin?

    Tried searching dockerhub?

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