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  1. Minio + duplicati (Crashplan Home replacement)

    I took this and went another way with it after looking into Minio. I didn't like the single user instance aspect of minio, and I already have nextcloud up and running, so I connected duplicati to nextcloud webdav, and presto, easy user management, where each nextcloud user can have multiple pc's each with duplicati backing up to their own single account in nextcloud. Multiple users with individual storage limit quotas on the server. Thanks @prostuff1 for the push, I was dreading the end of crashplan and putting off migration, and your post was the impetus to get me working on the replacement that works for me and my friends and family. This implementation feels almost robust enough to actually offer it as a paid service. Unraid+LE+Nextcloud+Duplicati=profit?
  2. [Support] - Duplicati

    Got it working! The issue that I ran into had nothing to do with unraid, the docker or really duplicati or nextcloud. It was a combination of nginx reverse proxy settings and mono version on linux mint.
  3. Upgrading and adding a Server

    Nope. Snail mail? Have someone shut down the main server and mail you the key? The USB physically has to travel if you don't want it blacklisted. Or... purchase new 6 disk USB license at offsite, set it up, then upgrade current 6 disk key to 12 disk license when you get back.
  4. CyberPower ok to use with Unraid?

    Install apcupsd in each VM, and point it to your server ip:3551 as the device, port as net, and cable as ether. Set the VM's to start power down in a staggered fashion, so each has time to shut down before the next starts shutting down. e.g. VM1 starts shutdown after 1 minute of power outage, VM2 after 3 minutes, VM3 after 5 minutes, and unraid starts shutdown after 7 minutes. Time each VM's normal shutdown routine so you know how much time to allocate.
  5. CyberPower ok to use with Unraid?

    Exactly the opposite of what I would recommend. Time how long it takes you to go from a fully running idle system to shutting down completely, power off. Take that time, subtract it from 10 minutes, and set the UPS to start shutdown after the remainder. So, from the time the power is lost, to the unraid server shutting down, should be less than 10 minutes.
  6. CyberPower ok to use with Unraid?

    That runtime is highly optimistic, and for the health of your battery you should never even push close to that. I would recommend trying to get your unraid box fully shut down inside a 10 minute window, and allow the UPS to carry the modem+router+switch for a few minutes after that, to give you a little time to use the wifi on your phone or laptop if needed. Try not to ever run below 50% if possible, preferably less. And no, do NOT set the turn off after shutdown on cyberpower. If you are close by and can shut down the UPS with the button on the front, fine. Otherwise just leave it. The UPS is there to allow a graceful shutdown of all your tech equipment, not to provide off grid runtime.
  7. HD disabled

    The server was powered off for the swap?
  8. Access my unRaid tower externally?

    A properly set up vpn can allow you access to all those things as well, it is as if you are connected to your home network, all things are accessible through the vpn. If you can do it locally, you can do it remotely, bandwidth allowing.
  9. How to start encrypted array from cli?

    Can't answer your direct questions, but maybe for future consideration you should set up a second vpn server on your router, or maybe keep a teamviewer account open on another pc inside your network. Redundancy is good.
  10. Access my unRaid tower externally?

    You said you have access to a vpn, but that most likely is a vpn server in another location. What you need is a vpn server inside your network, then you will connect your vpn client to that server. There are several ways to run a vpn server, many medium to high end routers have them built in ready to configure. You can also run a vpn server docker on unraid, but that will require that your unraid server be running and started correctly to access your network. You can also run a vpn server on a raspberry pi if you have one of those.
  11. [Support] - Duplicati

    Does anybody have duplicati backing up to their nextcloud webdav? I've been poking around trying to get it to connect, and even though I can successfully browse and create files with a webdav client, I am unable to get duplicati to successfully connect to webdav using the exact same host, port, directory, and credentials info that work with the webdav client. I know this is a duplicati application issue and not related to the docker implementation, but I was hoping someone on here had successfully connected duplicati to a webdav destination and could share their method.
  12. My pet hydra.local

    @Jcloud IRL
  13. vdisk transfer to a new hard drive

    Move the file, then update the location in the VM configuration screen.
  14. Upgrading and adding a Server

    Just remember each license file needs to stay with the physical stick, you can move the rest of the files on the sticks around without issue as long as it's a full license and not a trial. 1. Back up current USB stick, easiest way is to click on flash on the main page of the GUI, and click flash backup. 2. Get new USB stick, install unraid, boot in trial mode, purchase 12 disk license. 3. Copy EVERYTHING except the license file from the current USB stick to the new stick. Overwrite all, except license file. 4. Boot current server with new 12 disk license USB, all settings copied from current install, so everything just works. 5. Install unraid fresh on old USB stick, copy back the license file that belongs with it, boot up new server and configure.
  15. It will, but most decent BIOS implementations will allow you to choose the primary display. It's controlled by the motherboard.

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