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  1. jonathanm

    Process shfs at 100% with high io use

    For the most part it has been fixed. It's broken for sure if you enable the global share settings tunable direct I/O
  2. jonathanm

    Migrating Synology Data to unRaid

    Then breaking protection on the Synology to migrate data is probably not the wisest move.
  3. jonathanm

    Migrating Synology Data to unRaid

    I take this to mean you have full backups elsewhere of all the data currently on the Synology? If not, I strongly suggest keeping the Synology intact as your backup. Unraid, or any server solution, cannot keep your data safe from user error like accidental deletion or overwrites, or catastrophic hardware failure of whatever flavour.
  4. The continuity testers are no good, but a real cable tester will show what you want. You don't want to price out a real cable tester. Just outfit a couple of PC's and function test. MUCH cheaper.
  5. jonathanm

    CPU Upgrade recommendation - Plex UHD Movies

    This may sound obvious, but here goes. The CPU die is where the heat is produced. The heat has to be transferred from the inside of the CPU to the CPU case, to the heatsink, to the air inside the case, and moved outside the case. You have to figure out where in the chain the heat is being trapped. The CPU die to case is factory sealed, so that's not typically an issue, the CPU case to the heatsink relies on a solid mechanical connection, with heatsink compound to fill in the little voids between the heatsink and CPU case. The heatsink needs airflow with enough temperature differential to absorb all the heat produced. Either a large volume of warmish ambient air, or a smaller volume of cold air. Follow the heat to find the issue. If the heatsink isn't overly warm when the alarms are going off, then check heatsink compound and fitment of the heatsink to ensure a good tight connection. If the heatsink is piping hot, then chase down the airflow issue, fans, dust, ambient temp, whatever.
  6. jonathanm

    [Support] - Unifi

    <Shrug> Works for me as is out of the box. The only requirement was to follow the directions and use the set inform command to tell the devices what IP to sync with.
  7. Close to useless. I say close, because it will only tell you if there was gross negligence where a wire was completely severed mid run, and/or so poorly terminated that one or more of the wires isn't connected. You have to spend significantly more on a cable tester to get real data, or just hook up some gigabit ethernet cards and see if they negotiate to their highest rate. Current ethernet cards are quite good at figuring out just how good a cable is. I don't have any experience with 10gbe copper, but I assume the cards are just as good at testing the connection and maximizing cable throughput. So, you could probably get a couple $100 ebay NIC's and temporarily use 2 computers as guinea pigs to determine if any or all of your cable runs will negotiate better than 1Gb so you know whether to invest in a switch. If no joy, then just resell the cards and get back most of your money.
  8. jonathanm

    PERC H700 Raid controller?

    Yep. Perfectly doable. It's just that there are so many different levels of tech experience represented here on this board that it is unwise to assume that someone already knows critical info that could bite them at the worst possible time, I.E. trying to prevent data loss when a part fails. I just wanted to put that info into the front of your mind, so you know that when you have a drive or adapter failure that the normal first steps for recovery may well be different for you than they are for the majority here.
  9. jonathanm

    PERC H700 Raid controller?

    Just keep in mind you are going to have issues if you need to change controllers. Be EXTRA vigilant keeping up with which serial number is assigned to each slot, because if you have to move drives to a different controller the normally automatic unraid drive slot detection will show that the drive is missing. You will need to do a new config and manually assign the drives to the correct slots.
  10. 7 years, pretty much guaranteed cat5 or cat5e I seriously doubt an electrical contractor would have ponied up for the extra cost of cat6 or the extra hassle of proper termination that long ago. I don't remember what year cat6 became popularly available for not much extra money, but it's not been that long.
  11. Depending on how advanced you are, it is doable. Roughly speaking, this is what is needed. Use plink.exe from the putty package to log into the command line of the server and execute virsh start vm-name Shutting down is a little more complicated, it depends on how the guest VM reacts to shutdown commands. virsh shutdown vm-name --mode acpi should emulate a short power button press to the guest OS.
  12. Try disabling the option to load boot roms in the BIOS. Dunno where or what it's called on your specific board, you'll have to poke around and do some research.
  13. jonathanm

    Using Transmission with VPN

    Read the support thread specifically for that docker, and if your question is not already addressed, ask it in that thread.
  14. jonathanm

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    Do you happen to have Settings, Global Share Settings, Tunable enable DirectIO set to Yes instead of Auto?
  15. jonathanm

    Clear all Data and Files

    Your motherboard probably switched to booting from the new hard drive in an attempt to be helpful. Check the boot order in BIOS.

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