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  1. The Enclosure Thread

    To make it simpler, just try to force all the air that will flow through the case to flow over the hard drives. Air will follow the path of least resistance, so seal up any openings that will allow air to bypass the drives, and like you said, you would want to turn that bottom front fan around so it will exhaust air and help the drives suck in air.
  2. There's your problem. For this operation you set the cache preference on a per share basis, not globally. Go to the Shares tab, and click on the share(s) you need to change.
  3. Forum vote for blocking

    Which right now, it isn't working well. The longer this goes on, the more long term damage is being done. Good people are getting tired of dealing with it, and walking away instead of trying to keep actively helping others in these conditions. It's frustrating to everybody.
  4. Is the 192.168.3 what you are trying to use or a typo? Is it actually for Sonarr? .3 won't work.
  5. old men need little help :=)

    That fact I believe is a large part of why this forum works, feels, and acts much differently than almost all other tech based forums. There generally is a level of maturity and knowledge here that just isn't seen elsewhere.
  6. Network drop from 1000mb to 100mb

    Or bent pin in either the PC or switch port. I've seen it happen when someone jammed a telephone cable into a cheap ethernet jack.
  7. [Support] - OpenVPN-AS

    If you really want to keep using tower, then you will need to tell windows what IP it is. A few ways to do that, easiest is to add an entry in the hosts file.
  8. [Support] - OpenVPN-AS

    Are you using \\ipaddress\share in windows explorer?
  9. [Support] GitLab-CE

    In a nutshell, yes, you should have paid more attention. However... the defaults are likely the best of a poor compromise. Some dockers, (don't know for sure if this is one) don't work correctly unless you specify a disk destination, e.g. /mnt/disk1, /mnt/disk2,/mnt/cache, etc. If you specify /mnt/user/folder, for some reason the FUSE filesystem that generates the /mnt/user tree from the individual disks gives the docker fits. This has been mostly corrected, but there are some situations and configurations that just don't work with it, and for the few that don't, it's just easier to force a disk. The template maker has to make a choice, either set the default to /mnt/cache that will work for the majority, or specify /mnt/disk1 and deal with the flack of people complaining that the docker keeps their array spun up all the time. It's bad either way, but /mnt/cache is the better default for most, as it's been well established in the documentation that the preferred way to set up unraid is to keep the docker appdata OFF the parity protected array so the array drives can spin down when needed.
  10. [Support] GitLab-CE

    If you forced it to write to a drive that's not actually there, it probably created the folders in RAM, and they are gone after a reboot.
  11. This is the easiest and best hack. Use Kapton tape, it's extremely thin, great adhesive, it's specifically meant to insulate connections. In short, it's meant for this type of application.
  12. This sounds like a bug that @limetech needs to squash in the next release. Probably should start the array normally, and alert the user with a notification that VM's are enabled but a path is missing so they won't start until corrected in settings, VM Manager.
  13. Allows you to duplicate settings to and from shares. For example if you want all of your media type shares to be fill up, 20GB free space, manual split and use the cache disk, instead of recreating it for each share, you copy the settings to your TV, Movies, and whatever other shares you want to use that list of settings.
  14. [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    It's all about timing. Do you really need it to run before things really get rolling?
  15. [Support] - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Who is your ISP?

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