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  1. Do any of your dockers show update ready?
  2. jonathanm

    [Plugin] Mover Tuning

    Not hard at all. Set the download destination in your docker to /mnt/user0/movies_adults. That way downloads go directly to the array drives, but writes to the user share movies_adults go to the cache drive.
  3. jonathanm

    HD Upgrade with no Parity

    Preclear has never been "needed". If it were, limetech would have included it as part of unraid a LONG time ago. Originally, when you added a new slot assignment to an already parity protected array, the entire array would be unavailable for the time needed to write zeroes the the drive so parity would remain valid. That downtime prompted a few forum members to collaborate with limetech to produce a script that would zero the drive, and then put a proprietary bit of data on the drive that would allow unraid to trust that the rest of the drive was already zeroes, so it could be immediately added, and then formatted. Logic was added to the script that would test the drive extensively, and only declare success when zeroes were successfully read back from the entire drive. Over the years, this was determined to be a REALLY GOOD way of testing and erasing drives, regardless of where the drive was intended to be used. Fast forward several years, and limetech changed the timing of the array start with the addition of a new drive to a protected array, now the writing of zeroes is done in the background while the array is allowed to start normally. Then after the clearing is done, you are given the option to format it and start using it. So, the original purpose of preclear has been not needed for MANY years, but it's still a very good testing tool. In the OP's case, he is going to have full backup of all his files on the original drives, so as long as parity builds and checks ok, and the smart reports look good, I'd be satisfied the drives are ok.
  4. jonathanm

    HD Upgrade with no Parity

    If you wanted to follow @trurl's method, you could, for the duration of the upgrade, disable vm and docker, and remove the cache SSD to allow use of that port for the extra array drive needed. You will still need to manually move data from the drive slot you wish to vacate in the final configuration however. If it were me, here's how I would do it. Since you don't already have parity, I see no need to build parity just to rebuild drives and then have to break it to remove the extra drive at the end. 1. Disable docker and vm services 2. Remove cache drive and temporarily attach 1 new drive 3. Set new config and assign new drive as array slot 5 4. Make sure the only unformatted drive is the fresh drive, and format new drive as desired, XFS or BTRFS 5. Use rsync at console to copy contents of array slot 1 and 2 to new drive in slot 5 6. Remove old drives assigned to slot 1 and 2, replace with fresh drive 7. Set new config, assign drive with contents of old slot 1 and 2 to slot 1, assign fresh drive to slot 2, 2 remaining old drives to slots 3 and 4 8. Make sure the only unformatted drive is the fresh drive, format as desired 9. Use rsync at console to copy contents of slot 3 and 4 to new drive in slot 2 10. Remove remaining old drives, physically mount all new drives and cache drive in desired locations 11. Set new config, assign remaining 2 fresh drives as parity and slot 3, assign 2 drives full of copied data to slots 1 and 2, and assign cache drive 12. Build parity 13. Check parity 14. Reenable docker and vm At each step that involves doing a new config, check and double check the serial numbers of the drives you are adding and removing. I recommend either putting a piece of tape on the drive where you can keep notes, or keeping a notepad and mapping the serial numbers to slots, along with intended and current content. The advantage to doing it my way is speed, and you will be getting a fresh format on the new drives. Rebuilding doesn't allow reformatting, and any built up fragmentation is transferred to the new drives.
  5. jonathanm

    [Plugin] Mover Tuning

    I strongly recommend rethinking your arrangement if you are running mover that often. It would probably be much more efficient and faster overall to download or unpack directly to the array instead of the cache. Normally the cache drive is used for 2 primary functions. Keep the array spun down as much as possible, and speed up user initiated new data writes. If you need to run the mover that often, your destination drive will stay spun up anyway, and the new data is coming from a source that you aren't directly waiting on, like if you were copying a file from your desktop to the server.
  6. jonathanm

    Suddenly unraid will not start anymore

    PSU, or one of the hard drives, or wiring. Try hooking up just one hard drive. Do you have a spare PSU you can temporarily test with?
  7. Very true, but in many cases the power button is loud and proud, the reset is small and less accessible. Worst case, upgrade motherboard to server model with IPMI and disconnect power switch from motherboard totally. Depending on how handy the OP is with tools, there are plenty of options to mount a momentary switch in a better location, like a pci slot cover.
  8. If the case has a reset switch you could disconnect the power button wires from the motherboard and use the reset switch as the power button. I don't think the software mod is going to be enough, as sitting on the button will kill the server without a proper shutdown.
  9. jonathanm

    Upgrading cache drive

    Was the docker service disabled when the mover ran? If you have a docker tab available in the GUI, it won't move the docker image, and if you reenable docker after the move and the vdisk location references /mnt/cache or the system share is cache prefer the image will be recreated on the cache.
  10. jonathanm

    [Support] - Sonarr

    I left mine blank and it works fine.
  11. jonathanm

    Suddenly unraid will not start anymore

    You forgot that... ROFL! Methinks you read too fast, or something. That would be quite a trick for the OP to connect the monitor he used to his forum post! @schark, try disconnecting everything from the motherboard except for power, power button, cpu and speaker if the board doesn't have a piezo beeper. With the memory removed, you should get error code beeps. If you do, try putting the memory back in, connect the screen and see if you get a different response. Dead CMOS battery can cause issues, but shouldn't keep it from talking to you about the error, either through beep codes or on the monitor.
  12. jonathanm

    [Support] - Sonarr

    None of the above, or all of the above. Here is how mine looks, and my actual docker mappings are /config /downloads /media. I'm not really sure where sonarr scrapes its list of relevant paths, 'cause it sure isn't very relevant. Pretty sure it's related to the original build environment, because I use binhex's version and he likes to reference /data, which I remove and change to /downloads. Point is, sonarr's status tab doesn't reflect the actual paths in use for us. Location Free Space Total Space / 14.1 GB 30.0 GB /config 182.1 GB 446.9 GB /data 14.1 GB 30.0 GB /etc/resolv.conf 14.1 GB 30.0 GB /etc/hostname 14.1 GB 30.0 GB /etc/hosts 14.1 GB 30.0 GB
  13. jonathanm

    Server no longer appearing on Network

    Put the USB back in the windows machine, backup the config folder off of the flash drive, and redo the flash drive then copy the config folder back to it. The USB drive is not mounting properly during the boot process, so your configuration isn't being loaded, and the diagnostics can't be saved to it. Before you go through all that try booting the USB from a different port on the server.
  14. jonathanm

    Server no longer appearing on Network

    Windows checkdisk.
  15. jonathanm

    Server no longer appearing on Network

    Run a disk check on the USB drive.

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