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  1. Odd. It is required, but I just noticed that you already have the card0 device there... weird... Maybe this thread has some other points you haven't set.
  2. Did you load the host drivers for the iGPU? modprobe i915
  3. Small PCs are not neccessarily the cheapest / most cost efficient, but if you really want to use a mini PC like that, you probably could add these: and one sff-8088 cable. This is not a recommendation to get these parts - I just googled them up so you can see how they can go together. I am currently using: Cooler Master 110 Mini ITX case ASRock Z270M-ITX/ac LSI 9206-16e SFF-8644 to SFF8088 cables Areca 4036 (SAS/SATA JBOD Enclosure) Other than my cache drive and appdata SSD, everything is in the enclosure so my array fails as a single device in case of power issues or cable issues. The HBA and enclosure did not come cheap when I got them a few years back.
  4. ken-ji

    VLAN Help

    if your switch to your unraid allows tagged VLAN frames, you can get by with just one NIC. again: the drop will carry both tagged and untagged frames, untagged being the primary network for unRAID
  5. I thought I should add a note here. sshd only needs to be restarted if you edited /etc/sshd_config not /etc/ssh_config
  6. ken-ji

    Help save a sale!

    True, but there are immoral/apathetic users/customers too. Believe what you want - but the case of say Apple sourcing factory power through very inhuman means will not guarantee the sheep from not purchasing any more Apple products. Some of them would not even care and dismiss these facts as fear mongering, slander, etc.. etc... And lets face it - the tone of your first few posts were really overwhelmingly angsty, which really attracts people to poke fun at it.
  7. ken-ji

    (Solved) Unraid receiving wrong IP assignment

    You can also opt to nuke the network.cfg from the config folder of the flash drive (that will reset networking back to the defaults - which is using DHCP) This is not a trial protection scheme as the trial needs access to the internet to get authorization to start the array. The fact that you get 169.x.x.x IP means that your router/cable might be initializing too late/long in the boot cycle - causing unRAID to give up. Windows (and some other desktop Linux OS) do not give up and continuously query DHCP for an IP.
  8. Its not an issue with unRAID though... perhaps you need to get in touch with whatever support options are available for Radarr
  9. ken-ji

    SiS 191 gigabit ethernet support in Unraid 6?

    I'm sorry. Didn't realize you were going to try something as complicated as setup unRAID on a video connector-less server. I assumed that you had at least the debug cable, <sarcasm> why else would a n00b (you claimed it) be trying to setup unRAID headlessly.</sarcasm> Please do realize that setting up an alternative OS on hardware that does not specifically support the OS (or have other mechanisms/use cases in place) is not something for the faint of heart.. Volunteer people can't help you if they don't have access to same HW (or even similar ones). They can only draw from the collective pool of experience and hopefully be able to give you enough pointers to help you fix the issue. Same with relatively small businesses (or understaffed ones). I remember bricking a few routers before trying to reinstall the stock firmware after a very disappointing experience with DDWRT, now that was an experience in setting up an OS; had to find enought bits and bobs to build a usb2serial cable to attach to the debug pins of the router in question. A lot of people would have given up and gone out to buy a new router at this point. It's good that you have found an answer according to the PMs that you got, but I'm sure no doubt you were contacted because either people saw your posts (or you contacted some of OPs you saw asking about this).
  10. ken-ji

    SiS 191 gigabit ethernet support in Unraid 6?

    Well, unRAID is a completely free download, so you can prep a USB stick, boot it up and see if GbE works or not BEFORE committing more resources to the trial. In fact if you do this now, and it doesn't work, you didn't even need to start the trial on the USB stick.
  11. ken-ji

    multiple network interfaces for a docker

    Does tvheadend even know how to use multiple IP addresses? Most apps just let the OS routing tables to figure out which outgoing ip/interface it needs to use. And if you have multiple IP addresses on the same subnet to the same target IP, you either use the first or last IP to be defined. You probably need to have 4 tvheadend dockers, all on the default bridge network with a secondary connection to your own network that way they talk to whatever is on your LAN using their own IP address, but can be still be reached by the host with the internal IP. Its a mess, unfortunately.
  12. Parity disks are only useful with their data in the raw sectors intact.There is no file system to do a partial recovery. Its going to be all or nothing. So a Data recovery attempt is going to be next to useless unless they recover all the sectors of the parity disk. And if I was spending money on a data recovery of a disk, I'd rather spend it on an actual data disk.
  13. ken-ji

    Docker Network Settings missing BR0

    it just occurred to me - but why are you trying to create the docker network by hand? You can do it from the docker settings page. Turn on advanced view from the upper right corner, while making sure docker engine is stopped by disabling docker first.
  14. ken-ji

    Docker Network Settings missing BR0

    Is bridging enabled on your network interface? if not, br0 won't exist and you'll need to either turn it on or just use the custom network on eth0.
  15. ken-ji

    Uptime 10 days - /var/log full

    quick look indicates you are running something called atop and its using up all the space of the log partition. its not a standard part of unRAID, so you should do something about the logging.

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