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  1. wgstarks

    Yet an other split level question.

    Yes, or just create a tv-show share and assign a single disk to it.
  2. wgstarks

    All Private User Shares - Problem With This?

    So Finder was still showing the old share after you changed it? Haven’t run into that before. Probably rebooting the unRAID server would have fixed it. Or maybe refreshing (force quit) Finder.
  3. wgstarks

    Yet an other split level question.

    No. Using this example you would create a Media share. Create folders in the share titled movies[4k], tv-shows and movies. UnRAID would split this level as required but anything below this level would all be contained on a single disk. For example, if I add a folder Lost In Space (2018) to tv-shows then everything in the Lost In Space folder would be contained on a single disk since only the top two levels are being split.
  4. wgstarks

    All Private User Shares - Problem With This?

    In Linux Recipe and recipe would be two completely different shares, so different paths to the share. This is probably what caused your issue connecting. I have seen that some people recommend always using lower case to avoid problems. Regardless, if you change the name of a share you also change the path to it. Not sure how you have your share point set up in macOS but @gridrunner did a video on how to setup a root share that should provide access to all your shares.
  5. wgstarks

    Server key transfer

    Good deal then. Didn’t realize LT had changed it.
  6. wgstarks

    Server key transfer

    The key is linked to the flash drive so not strictly transferable. There is a procedure for replacing it if the flash fails, but I don’t think the method you outlined is going to work for you. The biggest hurdle will probably be that the trial license only allows three connected drives. Not sure how much data you’re transferring? Maybe it’ll fit on two drives and one parity. I would suggest getting the new server running on a trial license with a new parity and two data drives (just for testing). After you have tested to be sure everything is working just shut it down, move your old drives to the new server along with the old flash containing your key. When you boot it up all your data will already be there and no need to replace keys. If you want to replace the old drives after the move you can just add new drives to the array and shuffle data from the old ones. This will probably be much faster than transferring data over SMB.
  7. wgstarks

    Trial Period Question: Remote Connection

    You would connect to your local network using VPN and then use a network file browser app to connect to your share. I can’t recommend any particular android app. Never used an android device. I know iPhone has quite a few so I imagine whatever App Store android uses also has some. You’ll have to do your own research there and see what’s available for the file types you want to access.
  8. wgstarks

    Server key transfer

    Are you wanting to test the new system with a trial key and then move all your drives and data to the new system?
  9. wgstarks

    Trial Period Question: Remote Connection

    You would access them via smb with a network file browser. What type of files are you trying to access?
  10. wgstarks

    Preclear plugin

    I know it does take longer. Of course preclearing is completely optional these days.
  11. wgstarks

    Preclear plugin

    I’m not. You could always just run the script through and not use the plugin.
  12. wgstarks

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Drivers license renewal.😎
  13. wgstarks

    New to unRaid and looking for advice

    I’m not really a hardware guy. Hopefully some of the experts will chime in.
  14. wgstarks

    Trial Period Question: Remote Connection

    Just want to point out that ControlR is about control and monitoring of the server itself. I don’t believe it provides any access to the shares themselves and definately will provide no access at all if not connected to the same local network as the unRAID server. The OpenVPN-AS docker maitained by LinuxServer.io is a good choice if your router software doesn’t provide VPN server capability.
  15. wgstarks

    New to unRaid and looking for advice

    Another recommendation: @gridrunner (aka Spaceinvader One) has published many unRAID videos on YouTube. Most are related to specific dockers/apps but there is also a 3 part series for “must have” apps that is very good. There is also a video of his most recent build you might find interesting.

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