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  1. USB fail due to user error

    If you copy all the files from your backup to the new flash drive your system will detect that the new flash doesn’t match your key file (when you boot). This should start an automated process which will blacklist the old key and allow you to install a free replacement. Just wondering, have you tried restoring the files to the old flash drive?
  2. USB fail due to user error

    Were you using a trial license when the flash drive failed?
  3. [Support] Linuxserver.io - OpenVPN-AS

    All accounts will need to be local. The reason the default admin account is removed is that the default user/password was recreated every time the docker was updated. This would allow anyone to have admin privileges on your docker.
  4. You can actually backup everything to a new flash drive and if you use the new drive to boot the system a key mismatch will be detected and trigger an automated system allowing you to install a free replacement key. My understanding is that the old key will be blacklisted and no longer usable.
  5. [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    I am not much of a coder but I think that will work. Perhaps someone much more knowledgeable ( @Squid) could confirm that.
  6. [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    You can modify the path in the script to point to a specific share. Example: replace /mnt/user with this /mnt/user/media This would scan your “media” share. This way you can just scan the shares that you want to.
  7. Might need to submit it as a defect report. I’m seeing the same problem with my Unassigned devices.
  8. This would be really nice, but in the meantime, the Server Layout plugin will allow you to keep a manual record of the purchase date.
  9. Preclear plugin

    Looks like Erase is basically a secure delete process.
  10. unRAID OS version 6.4.1 Stable Release Available

    I think he means your unRAID server.
  11. Preclear plugin

    Yes. You can install it and it will probably work. I never had any problems with it on 6.4.0, but there were others that did, so no guarantees.
  12. unRAID OS version 6.4.1 Stable Release Available

    Yeah. I just checked mine. Same version of Safari but no Terminal or cpu load (as expected).
  13. unRAID OS version 6.4.1 Stable Release Available

    Really. I’ll have to test mine again. All I got was a blank screen the last time I tested the terminal window. Do your cpu loads also display correctly in the dashboard tab?
  14. Preclear plugin

    Does your wife even read the forums?😁
  15. Preclear plugin

    Yes This is no longer true. UnRAID will clear new drives in the background with the array running. The point is that users now have a choice of which tools they want to use for drive testing, so the plugin isn’t critical to the operation of the server.

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