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  1. Just to be clear, it is not our intention to support the virt-manager tool you are using, so I can't really commit to anything with respect to that. I think adding the SCSI option will suffice for now and folks that want to further adjust options can do manual xml edits to make that happen.
  2. Our thinking exactly. Longer term, we want to do some fancy stuff by auto-detecting the use of an SSD and auto-tuning the XML based on that, but that's a more complicated feature.
  3. Ok, we are going to add the option to select SCSI as a bus type to storage devices. This will also automatically generate the XML for the virtio-scsi controller that you'll need to talk to these devices. We are NOT adding the discard='unmap' option directly to the GUI VM editor yet. That may be something we do in the future. For now, users will have to use the XML editor mode for the VM to add that special option.
  4. I'm a little confused on what you're reporting here. Where? On the VM Edit page? I'm confused where you're seeing this behavior in our software or if it is exclusive to the virt-manager docker container you are using. What might be easier is if you provide steps to reproduce what you're talking about.
  5. "SEARCH" utility

    There is a current issue with IPS that is causing the quick search in the top right of the website to not function correctly. While we work towards a fix, please use this page to search for content in the forum:
  6. A 2x16 array the on same server?

    Unfortunately at this time we do not support the concept of multiple arrays running on the same physical machine, though this may be something we consider adding in the future.
  7. Done! Posts under Andiroo will now show up as Guest Andiroo.
  8. Ok, I'll delete the Andiroo account then.
  9. Which account should I delete?
  10. I'd also suggest attempting this with Windows 10 to see if it's a driver-specific problem to Windows 7.
  11. Hi Leliil, I would definitely double-check your BIOS settings. Make sure Above 4G decoding is turned on if available. This could be just an issue with that particular chipset. IGD assignment isn't 100% flawless just yet, and because each iteration / chipset can change things a bit, there may still be some limited support.
  12. NFS Shared Problem

    Hi, Please post your system diagnostics. They can be obtained from the Tools > Diagnostics page. Also, can you try using SMB within Kodi to see if that works ok? All the best, Jon
  13. Done. Let me know if that didn’t work for any reason.

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