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  1. [6.4.0] Strange ASUS 10gb Nic issue

    Hi Alex, We've looked into this issue and have determined this may be the result of a buggy driver implementation in the Linux kernel related to this device. In your e-mail to us, you indicated ASUS has provided you with an out-of-tree driver that doesn't match what is in the Linux kernel that we use. I would encourage you to contact ASUS and urge them to consider implementing this supposedly "better" driver in the kernel tree if it will result in better experiences for their customers. In short, we will not be building in this out-of-tree driver for your device into unRAID. The reason is quite simple: it could break things for others. Previously we implemented an out-of-tree Linux driver for Intel's 10gbe NICs and while some folks reported better experiences after this, others reported numerous problems. Later we reverted to the in-tree driver in a later kernel revision and everyone was happy. The issue here is that we don't know what building this out-of-tree driver might do and we can't guarantee that it will always build correctly against future kernels. So in the meantime, the recommended solution for using 10gbe on unRAID is to procure Intel-based 10gbe NICs (or at least NICs that have been tested and vetted here by the unRAID community). I wish I had a better answer for you, but the hard truth is that ASUS may just not have as much love for Linux as they do for Windows.
  2. Although the allow unsafe interrupts line really belongs right after the "append"
  3. Thanks everyone for all the feedback on the new release so far!! It really helps to know how people are doing with their upgrades and what issues (if any) arise. Please keep it up!
  4. Just as an FYI, the majority of issues I've seen reported in this thread are from onr of two causes: 1) using non standard / directly supported configurations (such as modifications to go file or use of 3rd party plugins) 2) upgrading from a much older version of unraid directly to 6.4 It appears the majority of folks running stock builds and that were on 6.3.5 have had little to no issues with the upgrade. Please keep the feedback coming!!
  5. Forum vote for blocking

    I should add that we are also investigating setting post limits on new members, but we haven't done that just yet. We really want to be careful about maintaining a balance between good anti-spam measures while not being too restrictive on those who legitimately want to post in here.
  6. Forum vote for blocking

    A few more updates to this issue: #1: We have applied limits to forum search and posting. Users must now wait 30 seconds between created new posts and 10 seconds between searches. Unfortunately we have noticed a lot of bots indexing the forum using search and eating up a lot of system resources. These limits should curtail some of that. #2: We have implemented a secondary spam protection service. Now we have TWO systems in place to try and thwart would-be spammers. Lastly, I just want to say thanks to our moderators this week for helping stomp out these spammers for us. Automated anti-spam protection is very important, but there is no anti-spam system that can systematically prevent all forum spam. Some folks are very creative in working around the anti-spam systems and when that happens, we rely on our mods to help combat the issue in real-time. We think they've done an amazing job and for that, we thank you all.
  7. VM Issues

    Are you booting your server in UEFI mode or legacy BIOS mode (CSM)?
  8. Forum vote for blocking

    Ok, we believe we have identified the issue causing the spamming and have implemented fixes. Part of these fixes includes changing to recaptcha 2 for human validation during account sign up and adding some manual question / answer work for the user to do. These two things alone should heavily combat the spam issue, but we'll be monitoring closely to ensure all is working as intended.
  9. Forum vote for blocking

    Just a public update on this. We are actively looking into this issue. IPS does have forum spam prevention, so we're not sure why the sudden rush of spam bots (spam prevention has been working just fine for some time now). We'll update everyone again once we have some more news. For now we just have to play a bit of whackamole.
  10. Hi Kil0gram, What we need is something in your logs or diagnostics that points to a problem. Right now we are not seeing one. The tailed log you captured doesn't show any errors of any kind. The AFPD messages in your tailed log screenshot are not relevant (they have to do with AFP protocol, nothing to do with SMB or Active Directory and wouldn't cause system hangs). Have you tried a memtest on the system? (asked previously in this thread with no response) Have you tried another OS on the system? (asked previously in this thread with no response) How have you ruled out faulty hardware, cables, etc.? The unRAID community is incredibly helpful and willing to jump in to lend a hand, but when there is not a thread of evidence to support a software problem (such as a kernel panic, call trace, etc.), there is really nothing for us to do. We have plenty of customers using unRAID with an AD domain and I'm sure we'd have a lot more e-mails about the problem if we had a software defect on our hands. My biggest concern with the way this thread is going is that the first time you heard from someone in our community (Johnnie.Black), he posed two questions to you that you completely disregarded. If you want us to help you, you have to respond to what folks say in here, otherwise it feels like a lost cause.
  11. Keyboard freeze/lag

    Hi Mads, That is odd behavior indeed. There are a few things we can try to resolve the issue: Try changing the USB type from the Edit VM page. You'll need to turn on advanced view on that page, but near the bottom you'll see a drop down choice for the USB type and the options will be USB 2 and USB 3. Try toggling that setting and see if the issues persist. Try changing USB keyboards. Sometimes issues like this can be hardware specific. Some USB devices hardcode in functions that cause the device to reset, which in turn can disconnect it from the running VM instance. The manufacturers never previously had to consider a scenario whereby the OS wouldn't automatically pick up the device upon the reset, so this is "working as intended" in their minds. When this is the case, there are two things you can try and changing the device is one of them. Try passing through an entire USB controller. In the event that you have a real attachment to this specific keyboard and the issue ends up being hardware-specific, you can always purchase a USB controller and pass the entire thing through to your VM. That should resolve any issues. With respect to the VNC Viewer, this mode is only supported if you aren't passing through a GPU to the VM. Once passed through, using VNC as a secondary graphics adapter doesn't always work right and is mainly for testing / debugging purposes only. If you want to still access your VM using a VNC client, you can install a VNC server inside your VM. All the best, Jon
  12. Correct. It's untenable for us to support AMD specific issues with a special kernel build. The purpose of the rc17b separate bzimage file was to confirm whether or not the patch even worked for those users to see if they were at least on to something. Unfortunately the "ugly patch" is ugly simply because of the fact that it can break stability for other users that aren't on AMD platforms. The unfortunate state of affairs with AMD right now is that they have some Linux-specific issues they need to address before Ryzen / TR can be truly recommended. I love the idea of a high-core count low cost CPU solution that competes with Intel, but it has to be feature-complete and stable first.
  13. FTP and ControlR-App problems

    In addition, it would be more helpful if the diagnostics obtained was from after an issue occurred. It looks like this was provided right after the system booted up.

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