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  1. Hey, thanks for calling us out on this. Seriously. We dropped the ball on providing you guys with feedback and for that, we are truly sorry. Good news though! Following this exercise, we did end up contracting with a firm that is helping us finalize a new logo and the work done in this thread has definitely contributed towards that end. While I think the final product will probably end up looking a bit different from what we've seen here, this definitely helped us figure out what we did and didn't like and guided us toward that end. That being said, its worth noting that the investment we are making extends far beyond just a logo, and I think you guys will be awfully pleased with the end result once we get there. We're still probably at least a few months away from revealing the efforts of this project, but we may have a few things to share along the way ;-).
  2. jonp

    Tapatalk No UnReads

    We upgraded our forum software and of course, tapatalk broke again. We're looking into it. Thank goodness the forum actually works really well just using a standard web browser on a mobile device.
  3. jonp

    VMs not Starting Up + Other Questions

    Hi Dave, Here are the answers to your questions: By default, you need to have a GPU dedicated to unRAID OS (especially if you are booting into GUI mode) in order to pass through other GPUs to virtual machines. There are possibilities to work around this issue, but they require you to pass the ROM file for your GPU through manually (there is an instruction on how to do this here): Of course it would! Windows 7 is pretty old and GPU pass through works only so-so in that world. Windows 8 or 10 would result in MAJOR improvements. Unfortunately no. USB hubs themselves are not assignable devices. The other way you could do this would be to purchase a 4-in-1 USB controller that presents 4 discreet USB controllers to the host OS. Then you could attach a USB hub to each port on that device, then pass through each of those individual controllers through to individual VMs.
  4. Supporting the various web-browsers out there to provide a common experience is a real challenge nowadays. I mean, it has always been something we've had to deal with to some extent, but as the webGui continues to evolve into something bigger and better, with more technologies being used to create a superior experience, we expect that we'll run into some browser-specific challenges along the way.
  5. Thanks for the great feedback everyone!
  6. Just to be clear, it is not our intention to support the virt-manager tool you are using, so I can't really commit to anything with respect to that. I think adding the SCSI option will suffice for now and folks that want to further adjust options can do manual xml edits to make that happen.
  7. Our thinking exactly. Longer term, we want to do some fancy stuff by auto-detecting the use of an SSD and auto-tuning the XML based on that, but that's a more complicated feature.
  8. Ok, we are going to add the option to select SCSI as a bus type to storage devices. This will also automatically generate the XML for the virtio-scsi controller that you'll need to talk to these devices. We are NOT adding the discard='unmap' option directly to the GUI VM editor yet. That may be something we do in the future. For now, users will have to use the XML editor mode for the VM to add that special option.
  9. I'm a little confused on what you're reporting here. Where? On the VM Edit page? I'm confused where you're seeing this behavior in our software or if it is exclusive to the virt-manager docker container you are using. What might be easier is if you provide steps to reproduce what you're talking about.
  10. jonp

    "SEARCH" utility

    There is a current issue with IPS that is causing the quick search in the top right of the website to not function correctly. While we work towards a fix, please use this page to search for content in the forum:
  11. jonp

    A 2x16 array the on same server?

    Unfortunately at this time we do not support the concept of multiple arrays running on the same physical machine, though this may be something we consider adding in the future.
  12. Done! Posts under Andiroo will now show up as Guest Andiroo.
  13. Ok, I'll delete the Andiroo account then.

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