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  1. ReactOS

    What type of functionality does this os bring? In other words, what are guys using it for?
  2. unRAID OS version 6.4.0-rc9f available

    Panicking here... I updated from 4.6 rc6 to rc9f and now I cannot get into the web gui. in my go file I have: /usr/local/sbin/emhttp -p 84 The reason for port 84, is that I have an Apache Docker w/ LetsEncrypt mapped to port 80. All my Dockers seem to be functioning except the Apache LE one that is on port 80. Please help. Thank you! My entire go file looks like: #!/bin/bash #Setup the PXE Server - HR Added Jan/2014 installpkg /boot/config/custom/dnsmasq-2.75-x86_64-1.txz cp /boot/config/custom/dnsmasq.conf /etc chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.dnsmasq sleep 10 # Start the Management Utility /usr/local/sbin/emhttp -p 84 # ================================================ # START This Section Stasts the PXP Server Bit # ================================================ # determine if cache drive online, retry upto 7 times for i in 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 do if [ ! -d /mnt/cache ] then sleep 10 fi done /etc/rc.d/rc.dnsmasq start echo " " echo "Hernando see if dnsmasq installled right above" # ================================================ # END - This Section Starts the PXP Server Bit # ================================================ echo 'PATH=$PATH:/boot ; export PATH' >> /etc/profile beep -f660 -l100ms -D 130ms beep -f660 -l100ms -D 170ms beep -f660 -l100ms -D 150ms #beep -f510 -l100ms -D 80ms #beep -f660 -l100ms -D 150ms #beep -f770 -l100ms -D 275ms #beep -f380 -l100ms -D 575ms #beep -f660 -l100ms -D 130ms #beep -f660 -l100ms -D 170ms #beep -f660 -l100ms -D 150ms #beep -f510 -l100ms -D 80ms #beep -f660 -l100ms -D 150ms beep -f770 -l100ms -D 275ms
  3. Couch Potatoe for TV Shows

    What media center software do you use?
  4. Hi. I have not kept up with these Dockers. I strongly recommend going w nginx let's encrypt from linuxserver. sorry about this.
  5. Seagate ST3000DM001 Class Action Lawsuit

    I hate Seagate. I have like 6 of them fail on me. I would not touch them w a 10 foot pole.
  6. Problem Issues - Need Some Help

    Don't really understand much of what you are doing w/ unRAID. Could it be that you run out of ram in your server? You would need to add (brain fart/senior moment here) memswap, virtual memory, swap drive; swap file...can't recall the exact name. Where it uses drive space for virtual memory.
  7. Do you have any method of reading the files in the old servers? Like he set some shares that you can get into? It would help to know the functionality of the existing servers to hen replicate it on unRAID. Sorry about your friend.. : (
  8. Apache supports php. My advice is to go with linuxserver.io's nginx-letsencryot docher, which should also support php. for my sql, use their mariadb docker. Never used dreaweaver, but when it asks for php, point it to you nginx ip address and port. Same for mariadb. good luck. You have a lot to learn.
  9. This is very interesting. I want to ask some basic questions. When cards are on each of 2 computers (unRAId and Win), the cable gets connected directly between the 2 cards? No need to connect to router? I'm thinking this could be used nightly to backup my "irreplaceable" data from the array, to Windows. I only have the one unRAID and no other NAS. Storing media and family photos, docs. Can anyone suggest additional potential uses for this?
  10. [REQUEST] Traefik reverse proxy

    Most info I found for this is in French. Does this allow you to setup reverse proxies for all Dockers like nzbget, plex, couch, etc? Can you do all the proxy configuration in a GUI? That would be nice.
  11. 'Try copying a file through iOS to a thumb drive; you want to pull your hair out. I rely a lot on a thumb drive that boots a semi persistent PartedMagic. With it I can read array drives, test them, try to recover data, etc. I run it on my real desktop, and also boot windows or Mac OS. I have a swapable hdd drive cage. Very handy.
  12. Only reason I would never make my working desktop as a vm is' what happens if unraid runs into an issue that requires you to shut it down. Then you don't have a computer to search for a solution.
  13. Help me understand VPN

    Ps. No need to open any ports with this.all your Dockers, etc will be available when connected.
  14. Help me understand VPN

    The vpn you guys are talking has nothing to with PÍA. Vpn on your router does. If you set in your router, add a reallllyyyyy strong password. On remote computer you add a vpn connection to your wrt router (win, mac, iOS have it as a network type). You need to know your ip, or if dynamic, you have to set something up like no-ip.com. Once you you connect to your wrt router, its like you are in your home network. With unraid you do everything you normally do. did I say the password has to be strong?
  15. Is that Walter White in the photo above? That guy is amazing with chemicals.

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