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  1. [REQUEST] Traefik reverse proxy

    I wish the same... Would this docker also handle the duties of serving web pages as well? PHP, html, JS.
  2. Batocera.Linux

    Never heard of it, did you use the 64bit version?
  3. best offsite backup solution atm

    It was a far fetched idea. Thanks for you feedback!
  4. best offsite backup solution atm

    I have several questions. Is it realistic to store/backup all my files to a cloud service? I have around 30TB. I have a typical home cable company ISP account. if I have a plex server, can one point it to this cloud service for the media? Is it smart to store the files there? Which service will allow this amount of storage and not be some corporate account type cost? thanks, h.
  5. [REQUEST] Traefik reverse proxy

    Same Question as well.
  6. Recommendations for remote desktop server for Linux

    +1 for TeamViewer
  7. [SOLVED ] Cannot Do Anything to Files from Windows

    Turns out that my shares were all changed to ‘security’. I think this was changed by the Ransomware Protection plug-in. It said it detected an attack. Not sure how I got attacked. None of my Win PCs were affected. Changed all share settings to “Public”. i hope this helps someone.
  8. How to Persist a Docker Network???

    I think you need to explain “custom network entries”. All docker are persistent between restarts.
  9. [SOLVED ] Cannot Do Anything to Files from Windows

    Attached. Thank you Trurl. tower-diagnostics-20180403-2253.zip
  10. Hi Guys, I noticed this problem when I upgraded form 6.4 to 6.5. Long time user. If I try to copy, delete, edit, move files into any of my unRAID drive or shares from within my Windows desktop, I get You need permissions to perform this action. I have never had a root password, or any type of security on my server. Nor have I experienced this issue. I have tried the below without luck. chmod -R 777 /mnt/cache/users/documents/ I tried, Tools > New Permissions, on a small share, and this did not solve the issue for the files in this share. Can anyone please help. This is a bad thing.
  11. Is the unraid community (or product) dying?

    I wanted to find out when first joined here. Take a look at my last post on this thread: https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/10774-solved-how-to-remove-password/?tab=comments#comment-106724
  12. edit files in Appdata share

    Anyone, please?
  13. edit files in Appdata share

    Hi Gang, I have found that since upgrading to 6.5, I also cannot edit files anymore using Notepad++. When I try to save I get: Please check if this file is open in another program. Files are not open anywhere. Any file in appdata I have tried gives me this message when saving. Even php files (stored in the apache/www folder) which I created and edit on a regular bases in my Win Notepad++ I will be very cumbersome to edit all now via CLI or CA Config File Editor plugin. How can I get editing back on in "appdata". Do I remove the CA Config File Editor? Is there a chmod I need to run on the appdata directory? Many thanks, H.
  14. V6.5.0 - Cannot uninstall or update any plugins

    I’m embarrassed to ask, but where is Auto Turbo Mode setting? Looking for 10 minutes and can’t find it. Thanks.
  15. The more I think about this, the more I feel mouse support would be awesome. An emphatic +1 from me.

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