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  1. hernandito

    edit files in Appdata share

    Yes I solved it. If I recall correctly in the United, go to each share and changed the NFS and SMB security to “public”. give it a whirl. I have no user accounts or any type of security inside my LAN. good luck.
  2. hernandito

    [support] spikhalskiy - ZeroTier

    Thank you guys. A bit over my head, but I guess all is safe.
  3. hernandito

    [support] spikhalskiy - ZeroTier

    Thank you for this. i have a question. Being that account info is hosted by them; how secure is this? Will some admin at ZT be able to login my network? h.
  4. hernandito

    New Docker or Plugin request

    Question. Is this type of software where you install, use it to straighten up you media.... and then it is not needed anymore? i have alway had good result from Couch and Medusa. thx.
  5. hernandito

    1 TB Of File Mess

    A million photos??! This means like 100 photos a day for 2.5 years. I would imagine this is what she does for a living. I would think there are high end image cataloging database type software packages. But I assume that she would have to be diligent about entering metadata. Otherwise it would be finding needles in the haystack. I recall trying out Piwigo and Razuna to attempt cataloging my family photos. It was not easy/reliable and I gave up. But I didn’t try that hard either. H.
  6. hernandito

    Problems with system stability

    I detest Seagate drives. Over the years I have had to replace all but one (2TB) Seagate drives due to failures. If 8TB’s were on sale for $10, I would not touch them. IMHO, failing drives are some of life’s most stressful moments.
  7. hernandito

    Paragon Linux File systems for Windows

    Personally I have never “trusted’’ this paragon software. This does not mean it’s not reliable. You can install Ubuntu in a thumb drive and boot from it. If you have both win and the XP’s/btrfs drives inside computer, you can read and copy both drives. personally I use PartedMagic on thumb drive for all types operations such as this. Also for cloning drives, repartition and format drives, repair/analize bad drives. It’s my multipurpose tool for all these things.
  8. hernandito

    Help with OwnCloud and Let's Encrypt

    I am not a pro with this; but this is my ynderstanding. LE is a ssl certificate for SSL. It mainly runs within a web server like Nginx. Nginx allows you to configure reverse proxies so from out in the WAN you can get inside your web server. You need to open port in router to allow traffic into Nginx. You configure the reverse proxy in nginx to route traffic to other ports inside your network like nzbget, couchpotato, etc. Own cloud is accesible as well. there is the LE docker which has nginx. Lots of guides are available to configure the reverse proxies, including OC. Just google “nginx reverse proxy ownCloud unRAID”
  9. hernandito

    UPnP Option?

    Boy, just started looking into mconnect based on your post. After 5 minutes of searching, I cannot decipher what this does! Hardware, software... what does it do? How are you using it? what the heck is an mconnect renderer? is this similar to subsonic?
  10. hernandito

    [REQUEST] Traefik reverse proxy

    Hi Guys, I have a couple of questions please. I have an Apache docker with working LetsEncrypt that I use to access my other dockers from the outside with reverse proxy. I also have a couple of custom web sites hosted for my personal use. With this; would I simply go back to plain Apache (no reverse proxies) and without LetsEncrypt? If Traefik is properly configured, could I access my Dockers from the outside world? I have my own registered full domain name. My ISP is dynamic IP, and I use no-ip. All examples I see use duckdns. Will this work with my setup? What port do I open in my router? Thanks, H.
  11. In my router, I have configured the primary DNS to be my Pihole VM IP address. As a secondary, I put in case my VM goes down. Is this not enough? Is a nefarious someone out there aware of my obsession with visiting the unRAID forum??!!??
  12. hernandito

    Automatic youtube video download with Unraid

    How cool would it be to have a Docker with YouTube-dl and with a YouTube-do-GUI? Sadly I lack the skill creating a Docker with the guacamole type graphic interface.
  13. hernandito

    Install docker container not in github

    It’s being discussed here. I wrote a guide how to install in a vm.
  14. hernandito

    [Request] Jaikoz | audio tagger

    Are you running any type of Linux VM? You could install it there. Or you could try clone and to edit the musicbrainz github template and add the commands to install mb at start time. You just can’t publish the template as you would be violating the Eula.

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