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  1. Unfortunately you'll probably need to drop IPMI from your wishlist, and probably the on-board USB slot. Those are "server class" features (i.e. Xeon) and the 8th gen chips have only been released as consumer class chips (i.e. Core iX). Is there any required form factor for the mb?
  2. tdallen

    Needs some basic unRaid guidance

    Hi - Since you seem to have Windows clients, SMB will be the preferred protocol. There are some tricks and things to be aware of if you run into trouble, though.
  3. Hello and welcome. unRAID makes a great NAS. It can also run applications via Docker or VMs, many of the things you mention above could run on an unRAID server. Supermicro makes good components, many people use them in unRAID setups.
  4. tdallen

    Adding new HDD

    Hello - I would run the parity check now. It's a good idea to know the array is healthy before making changes.
  5. Hi - You can remove the drive by doing a New Config.
  6. Yeah, the eagle sight was cool - but if you remember the name of the eagle you are way ahead of me!
  7. Since it's a beast, there was an early 80's movie called The Beastmaster and the lead character was "Dar".
  8. Just to be sure we are on the same page - if you want to have 5 users you will need 5 GPUs and a machine big enough to handle them... along with associated CPU and memory. Even if you run a used E5 this still won’t be cheap.
  9. Hello - When you say 3-5 users, would they be using unRAID as a file server? Or VMs?
  10. Hello and welcome. That system should be fine for unRAID and your plans. 4GB is a little light, it’s fine to get started but that’s the one thing I’d keep an eye on. Preclearing is recommended for new drives - it stress tests them and prepares them to be quickly added to the array. It isn’t strictly needed though and I’d probably skip it if they are existing drives you have confidence in.
  11. tdallen

    Advice on reducing total disks

    Hi - I'd start by upgrading your parity and one data drive via the usual rebuild process. That should give you a data drive with lots of room to spare on it. Then, you can look at the unBalance Plugin or the diskmv/consld8 scripts to consolidate your data. Parity remains intact with this strategy. Once you have a few 8TB drives with lots of data on them and a bunch of unneeded 1 and 2TB drives, it's time to shrink the array. To prevent unRAID from writing data to the old drive, you may want to temporarily (or permanently) set the Include parameter for your user shares to use only the new disk(s).
  12. tdallen

    Choosing a motherboard help

    Hello and welcome. Unfortunately the 4770K doesn't support VT-d, so it will never be the all-in-one solution you are interested in. I agree it would make a fine unRAID/Plex server, though. So is it worth going to X99/Socket 2011v3 to build an all-in-one gaming/NAS machine? It's certainly possible and a good number of people are doing it though I definitely consider them "enthusiast" level techies. Make sure you are looking at the CPUs for that board, it's not just the board that will cost more. The Skylake-X chips cost a lot more than Socket 1151 chips. Why the two 1080i's by the way? Are you trying to support one gaming VM or two? Also how much Plex streaming and transcoding do you do, and is it at the same time as gaming?
  13. unRAID (generally) requires JBOD. Motherboard ports can be used, just don't set any RAID setting if the motherboard supports it. If you need to support more disks than the motherboard can support, an LSI based HBA (flashed to IT mode depending on the model) is recommended. Examples are the LSI-9201-8i, IBM M1015, and Dell PERC H310.
  14. tdallen

    First unRaid server, might need some suggestions

    Sounds like a good plan. The newest Intel chips have 6 cores, though, which can be nice. They only come in Core models as opposed to Xeon unfortunately.
  15. tdallen

    Will The QNAP QM2-2S10G1T work with UnRAID?

    Interesting card, but since it's made for QNAP enclosures you may have trouble with unRAID having the appropriate drivers. I don't have any direct experience, though.

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