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  1. Are you looking for a board that has dual pciex 16x slots? That’s a tall order for a micro atx board you might be able to find one that has a 16x and an 8x though.
  2. Unraid, can it handle LARGE volumes

    Unraid has no such limitations. Unraid supports XFS and BTRFS for file systems.
  3. Upgrading a System Built in 2011

    Here is a Ryzen bundle that fits that price point. You may have an ask around here about Ryzen and stability issues in 6.4 I believe they have gotten them pretty much worked out, but as I don't have a Ryzen system I can't say. Ryzen is a very good bang for the buck. This combo comes with an 8 core Ryzen CPU, a decent motherboard and 8GB of RAM which is double what you have now, all for under $500.00. This Intel combo comes with an older quad core CPU for around the same price. To get a combo with the newer intel CPU is about $200.00 more. These are just some preliminary suggestions, other people may have better ones.
  4. Upgrading a System Built in 2011

    Where are you located? US, Canada or elsewhere? So $500 for MB, CPU and RAM?
  5. Upgrading a System Built in 2011

    Do you have a budget in mind? Do you have any more room for drives in your current setup?
  6. I have the same marvel controller as you, I used to have it in a different server where it caused no end of issues until I replaced it. I have since put it in a different unRAID server where I have had no problems with it, so sure it could be the controller and your hardware are not a great match.
  7. Power outage.. no notifications?

    Did you go to settings, UPS settings and set your UPS up properly? There is a little more to it then just plugging it into your unRAID server, you have to setup notifications and test them.
  8. UPS question

    I have several unRAID servers, all connected to individual UPS's. One server is connected to a Backups-ES 750 via a USB cable and it shows data for nominal power, UPS load, and UPS load percentage, however my other unRAID server that is connected to a Backups-ES 550 also with a UPS cable, does not show these figures. They are both running unRAID 6.4 Any ideas why there is a discrepancy? I have compared the settings in UPS settings and they are the same.
  9. Just rolled back to 6.3.5 from 6.4.0

    You should post your diagnostics. What is your hardware?
  10. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    I just updated three of my servers, one had already been running the RC's with no issue, the other update from 6.3.x no issues.
  11. Question about storage devices

    Jonathanm, what I am talking about is this: How many devices does unRAID Server OS Support? unRAID OS supports up to 30 devices in the parity-protected array (28 data and 2 parity) and up to 24 devices in the cache pool. Additional devices can still be utilized directly with other unRAID features such as virtual machines or the unassigned devices plugin. So yes, you are limited by your license in terms of how many assigned devices you can use to create your array, outside of that you can utilize other features of unRAID via the unassigned devices plugin.
  12. Two questions

    Are there plans to allow for snapshots in unRAID for those using BTRFS? What is the quickest way to take an existing unRAID server and wipe all the drives? The purpose being to change the file system of all the drives in the array, and then copy data back?
  13. Question about storage devices

    What I mean is that once the array is established, you can plug in a certain number of external USB drives that don't count against the license, I remember reading it somewhere but can't seem to find it.
  14. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Just a quick question, I want to free up a disk to changes it's file system, rather than manually going through folders to figure out what data is on this particular disk, is there a way to just select all the data on say disk 1 without having to manually check?

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