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  1. saarg

    [Support] - TVHeadend

    Check the container log. It's on the far right in the container list. You can also check the reason for the recording error in the failed recordings list in the webui.
  2. saarg

    same PCI ID in multiple IOMMU groups [Solved]

    I was thinking that there might have been some weird characters in the file. I have seen others had that problem lately. Maybe try to edit the file in a linux file editor (or notepad++ on windows) and write it again. Do not copy/paste it. It looks like the xen-pciback.hide= is not recognized from the boot command by the kernel, as it loads the igb module instead of pciback.
  3. saarg

    same PCI ID in multiple IOMMU groups [Solved]

    How do you edit the syslinux.cfg?
  4. I don't quite get what the request is?
  5. saarg

    [Support] - Duplicati

    Put a hash in front of the line, save, restart the container and then run the command to change the password. Then remove the hash, save and then restart the container. All this is done in the run file. You will probably need to install a text editor. So apt-get update, then apt-get install text editor of choice.
  6. saarg

    same PCI ID in multiple IOMMU groups [Solved]

    I tested on 6.5.3 and it works as expected here. I have no idea what is going on on your side, but there is something strange going on. You shouldn't get anything in the other devices list using pciback. Or was that screenshot taken after trying to pass it through to a VM?
  7. saarg

    same PCI ID in multiple IOMMU groups [Solved]

    Looks like pciback is not grabbing the card. Can you try to add it to the non gui mode and see if it works there? It's working here, but I'm on 6.5.2 still.
  8. saarg

    [Support] - Plex Media Server

    I think this has to do with your subnets. You should connect through a device in the range or else you will get this issue. Edit: Or what @Hoopstermention might be your issue.
  9. saarg

    [Support] - Plex Media Server

    I didn't mean to move it. Using /mnt/user/ might get you in trouble as it's going through the FUSE system. Try to use /mnt/cache as it goes directly to the disk. So /mnt/cache/appdata/plex
  10. saarg

    [Support] - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Your port forwarding for port 80 is wrong. You should forward 80 from outside to 81. That is probably why it's answering with the adress.
  11. saarg

    [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Try changing the path for the /config volume to use the cache drive (if you have one) or direct to a disk (diskX) and see if that works. If not, where are you connecting from? You need to connect from inside your Lan. Maybe try another device. Your plex logs should be in the appdata folder.
  12. Unraid likes the first core for itself, so I would suggest you do not pin it for a VM. It shouldn't matter which you use for the vm. The core pairs are listed in your screenshot. The first one is the core and after the slash is the hyperthreaded. So 0 and 44 is the first pair.
  13. saarg

    same PCI ID in multiple IOMMU groups [Solved]

    If everything is on one line and there is a space after the last bracket, it should not show up in unraids network settings. It will show up in the list of all devices on unraid though. You need to post your diagnostics.
  14. You should add it as a feature request or else it's lost in the forum. In the mean time, you could make a VM and pass through the USB.
  15. saarg

    [Support] - Nextcloud

    It's in the proxy.conf you have to change the max size if I remember correctly. I think it's at 10M default. Don't remember the parameter though, but I think it's mentioned on one of the last pages of this thread.

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