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  1. [Support] - Nextcloud

    What happens if you try to go to Have you tried removing the container and adding it again? Might also be a full docker.img.
  2. [Closed][6.5.0] Adding new ports to docker

    You could say that it's running like setting network to host mode, except not using hosts IP. This means all ports are open and doesn't need to be mapped. You don't need to do anything to use a new port. Just set the new port in the software you run in the container and it should work.
  3. [Support] - Nextcloud

    This usually means that you have used a port that is in use. It's impossible from the screenshot to see if you have used port 445 on another container or even moved unraids https to 445.
  4. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Yes, latest it the correct to use now. Always use the info from the github link for information.
  5. [Support] - TVHeadend

    This has nothing to do with the container. It's either browser specific or a change in TVheadend. I think the plugin uses the stable 4.2 releases and if you just chose the latest tag when installing the container, you installed the 4.3 development branch.
  6. It seems you are posting in the wrong thread
  7. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Setting it to public will not get you the plexpass version. But that was maybe the point, as you are beta testing using the plexpass version?
  8. [Support] - Unifi

    You can change the tag when/if that happens.
  9. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    As it says in the Readme, the variable is VERSION and the value is latest. Just edit the one you have and set it to the new. It's probably from when you installed it in the first half of 2015.
  10. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    I have not noticed that and I can't remember anyone else mentioning it either. There is no harm in asking on the plex forum also.
  11. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    You are not using our container
  12. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Plexpass is not a variable for this container. Not sure where you got that from. Go to the github link in the first post and read about versions. Plexpass is not a valid version as this image pulls the latest you are entitled to as plexpass user or not. Since you used the wrong variable, you only get the version from when we built the container. Edit: I see that the plexpass variable is the old one used, but that was changed mid 2015.
  13. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Everything looks normal. Post the docker run command.
  14. [Support] - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    I wouldn't touch the containers. The error was with your router, so it's something not configured correctly there I guess.
  15. [Support] - Unifi

    We made 5.7 available some time back. Read the Readme on github. Link in first post.

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