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  1. saarg

    [Support] - Plex Media Server

    You need to be more specific. /transcode doesn't tell me much. Post your docker run command when it's not working.
  2. saarg

    [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Did you make shure the folder you use has permissions for the nobody user to write?
  3. saarg

    [Support] - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    Read the Readme on github for info. Link in first post. After that you can modify the container template with the second domain.
  4. saarg

    [Support] - TVHeadend

    The whole point of the mount is to make the script available in the container. So you should have copied it to the host Path, which I see now is wrong. You have switched the host and container path. Copy the script to the appdata folder for tvheadend. Edit the mount so the paths are correct and post your docker run command here. How to get the run command is in my signature.
  5. saarg

    [Support] - TVHeadend

    You are not doing it as we told you. @CHBMB already mentioned what to add in the host and contain er path. You are missing the name of the file in your example.
  6. saarg

    [Support] - TVHeadend

    Go to the tvheadend template and edit it, then click the add path text and you can add the mount.
  7. saarg

    [Support] - TVHeadend

    Look in my quote for how to get the grabber mounted in /usr/bin in the container. The file system for a container and unraid are separate.
  8. saarg

    [Support] - Unifi

    I would tag them with names of STDs....
  9. saarg

    [Support] - TVHeadend

    If you have read the Readme on github in the first link you already got a lot of the info of how to do this. Xmltv is already in the package. I haven't looked yet if the icetv script is already in the xmltv package, but I suspect not as they have a direct download. I could add it to the container though. In the mean time, you could just make a volume mount for that file only to /usr/bin/. Not sure if you need to specify the file name in the container path also. But this you will see quickly after starting the container. You should ask icetv to add their grabber to the xmltv package! Have you checked if there are already an Australian grabber in the package?
  10. saarg

    [Support] - Unifi

    You will get the "stable" 5.7 if you use the unstable tag. As long as you read the Readme, you will get what you want. What the tag is called doesn't really matter.
  11. You will not be able to install the drivers without heavy modifications of unraid. You can take a look at how it's done with the DVB Plugin on github You will first have to find and compile/install all the dependencies for installing the Nvidia driver, get the kernel source, etc. Might be easier to just create a VM, pass through the GPU and install Plex there.
  12. saarg

    Threads posted in before sometimes not indentified

    I saw this post in the unread list and it did not have a star indicating I have posted in the thread. Read another post first and then used back to get to the unread list. This time this thread had a star!
  13. saarg

    Threads posted in before sometimes not indentified

    I'm seing this too. Quite annoying as I don't always remember which threads I post in.
  14. saarg



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