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  1. [Support] - TVHeadend

    Google is your friend There is no point in setting up the adapters if you connect to the stream directly using IPTV as you have done, but google how to set it up with tvheadend.
  2. [Support] - TVHeadend

    I don't know the HDHomerun, so can't tell you how to set it up. But from what I remember, you add the HDHomerun as a device and do not use http streaming. So it might be that you set it up the wrong way.
  3. No Israel??

    Which version of unraid are you on? I do not have any Show map button here and it doesn't say anything in parentheses either. Have you installed a plugin that does this?
  4. [Support] - TVHeadend

    Can't say why it's not working, but it's clear from the log that it doesn't find the source of the stream. You can play this channel connecting directly to the HDHomerun?
  5. [Support] - TVHeadend

    I have no clue why this happens. Never experienced it. If you play the channel through the webui player, what does it say in the log window? You can open it with the arrows in the bottom right corner. Can you add some screenshots of the mux, service and channel that is not working?
  6. Not sure how that happens, but you should post the share settings and a diagnostics if you still haven't rebooted since you renamed the movies.
  7. It have been like that for as long as I can remember. I don't remember the reason why it is behaving like this.
  8. unRAID DVB Edition

    No problemo. I hope it fixes the issue.
  9. unRAID DVB Edition

    It's the ASPM option. It looks like it's in PEG port configuration and also one called DMI Link ASPM control in DMI/OPI configuration
  10. unRAID DVB Edition

    Have you tried to force the L0's to what i specified in the post @CHBMB linked? If you have that option that is.
  11. unRAID DVB Edition

    Are you sure? There should be a setting to force it to older gen.
  12. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    That's not an issue related to our container. It's unraid related. I'm sure @Squid knows how to fix it.
  13. What did I do wrong this time?
  14. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    If it's @trurl approved, you can go ahead and do the switch
  15. unRAID DVB Edition

    By reading my post again, I could fix the spelling error. Thanks

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