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  1. BillClinton

    Evaluate this system

    I have a similar powered system and have 12 dockers (7 constantly running) and about 3-4 Plex streams. Runs really well. Can’t provide info re case though. Hope your plans go well.
  2. BillClinton

    [Support] - Deluge

    Got some links to that please? doing some general googling I found these links of others in the deluge world with similar issues. Hope this helps if this is unclear, please forgive my noobish research.
  3. BillClinton

    Cache Pool Shows Too Much Storage After Drive Swap

    Have you done a ‘balance‘ on the pool? You’ll find it buy clicking on the cache and scrolling down a bit. Also I’ve read that the reported available size is not correct and you need to realise you only have as much space as what’s in the smaller drive.
  4. BillClinton

    Starting out, need Australian hardware recommendations

    I’ve got 100/40 through my local node1 provider. I have about 4 external users at once. My Plex handles it with about 10 Mbit up. (I only do max 720p streams though).
  5. BillClinton

    unRAID OS version 6.5.1 Stable Release Available

    Can someone confirm Plex works with this stable version 6.5.1. I had installed 6.5.0 and with it my Plex kept crashing. Something along the lines the base kernel was not playing nice with Plex. (I had to downgrade back to 6.3.5) thanks in advance
  6. BillClinton

    Use 1 keyboard/mouse for 2 desktop systems

    KVM switch or Synergy 2
  7. BillClinton

    [Support] - Deluge

    Same problems here. A short term solution is to specify build 113 in the Docker setup. In repository it looks like Linuxserver/deluge:113 It works for me so far.
  8. BillClinton

    Rate my upgrade

    Great system. Love the gold accents on the board. Please forgive me if I’m stating the obvious. Take note that you might lose use of some of your ram slots (make sure you install the ram in the right slots for the corresponding CPU socket) and pcie connections with only one cpu installed. Eg: watch where you will install any GPUs or expansion cards. Other than this, nice system.
  9. BillClinton

    Evaluate this system

    Need a bit more info, How many Dockers? How many Plex Streams? Any VMs?
  10. BillClinton

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    Following the info in the first post set up a new path in the docker setup page like this:
  11. BillClinton

    [Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

    Thanks for the clarification.
  12. BillClinton

    [Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

    I have a rm450, is this connected through the pwr_fan connection on motherboard?
  13. BillClinton

    Recommended SSDs for cache

    I have a Crucial MX300 275GB in my system. Got it a few months ago. It has been real stable for me. Bought it for $130 AU. Price is a bit lower now. There is some still available on Aus eBay. I have seen others having a few reallocated sector issues with the MX500 ( might be something wrong with the firmware). Just my 2 cents worth.
  14. BillClinton

    Deluge speeds have dropped, please help if you can

    In your deluge settings under network; are you using random ports for listening? Try setting it off.
  15. BillClinton

    Deluge speeds have dropped, please help if you can

    This is beyond my limited expertise. I haven’t dealt with delugevpn settings. Which vpn provider are you using?

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