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  1. Easier than I thought. It is back up and running. Thanks everyone. Have a great holiday.
  2. ok, so, sorry been a long time. I got it back online and logged into the gui. I got the hdd's all labeled P and 1 - 7. I will now plug them in. What should I expect? Thanks
  3. So, It would not turn on. I pulled all 8 HDD's and now I get a prompt. I am scared to put the hdd's back in, as I don't know what order they were plugged in, I know my biggest one (the 4tb) must be the parity drive. What will happen when I plug them all back in? Am I going to screw something up, or will it figure it out? Thanks. I may have saved the config file on my google drive. I can't remember the name of that. Would it help looking at that file? Thank you. I see I can't set a help date until the 25th. I was hoping to get to my christmas music before then. Thanks again everyone, B
  4. Sorry, It's been along time, and I don't mind paying again just to get access back to my files. I talked with one of the developers and paid a bit to try to get other python scripts running in the past. Now I just want to get all the HDD's up and running. Thanks CPU : AMD a4-3300 Radeon 4GB Ram Unraid 6.1.7 Thanks.
  5. My server wouldn't pull up. I pulled all of my 8 HDD's. What is the best way to put them back in and get everything running again? I have no idea of the arangement anymore. They are 2TB Drives. It's been so long I've forgotten most stuff. Thanks for any help.
  6. I got Limetech to get me upgraded to v6, and i have the docker containers installed, but it's been so long, I've forgotten how to set these up. I can pay paypal for your time. PM me to teamviewer and skype. Thanks. Brandon
  7. abuzzbuzz

    import share to unraid after crash

    So, I've tried, Clear browser cache. Disable adblockers, etc. Boot in SAFE mode. Clean install. I reinstalled windows. I tried installing the flash card from safe mode. I tried a new 30 gb flash card. I'm at a loss. I'm down to backing up one drive at a time and trying that. Thanks, Brandon
  8. abuzzbuzz

    Syntax error

    Can anyone help me with what this might mean? Warning: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting TC_DOLLAR_CURLY or TC_QUOTED_STRING or '"' in state/sec.ini on line 216 in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/template.php on line 34 Warning: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting ']' in state/shares.ini on line 30 in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/template.php on line 38 Warning: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting TC_DOLLAR_CURLY or TC_QUOTED_STRING or '"' in state/sec_nfs.ini on line 169 in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/template.php on line 39 Warning: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting TC_DOLLAR_CURLY or TC_QUOTED_STRING or '"' in state/sec_afp.ini on line 295 in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/template.php on line 40 Thanks, Brandon I just wiped all my config files, and put the drives in the order they were in before. I also wiped the cache drive on my Win PC. I was getting this message before. Tom helped me get my GUID working again. It is running a parity check right now.
  9. I am lost. I don't screw with this too much. So, I successfully upgraded from 5 to 6. I installed Docker on my cache drive. I recently put a cache drive SSD on my server, but never did anything with it. I have Sickbeard comming up, but not Sab. I would like to know what files I need to copy over from my previous Sick and SAB installs. How to best use my cache drive. I can pay a bit of money for the right support. Thanks, Brandon I guess PM me. I am in the US and can call you as I have unlimited calling to the US, Canada, Mexico. I was thinking Paypal 20 bucks an hour or I will work with someone.
  10. No. I will try that thanks.
  11. So, what I did was copy the 6.10b over the 5.0 installation. I rebooted the server. Tried to mount. It hung. I looked at the instructions again and saw I forgot to copy over my old config dir. I did that and the same.
  12. I'm not sure how to post a bug report for this. I tried to upgrade after copying over the new files to my flash drive, then copying my config back over. When it was trying to remount it just hung there for an hour. I put my original files for my 5.0 back on and it booted and mounted fine.
  13. So, It's been a year or so since I messed with Unraid, besides replacing drives. So, I have all of my Sickbeard, SAB, etc running from my drive1. I want to switch all that to the cache drive. What would be the most simple method? Thanks.
  14. Worked great. 120 bucks later and I'm up and running again.
  15. Wow this might work easily. My new MB has 6 sata ports, so I don't even need another card. I love Unraid. Thx.

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