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  1. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    Thanks, found it quickly! Finally almost done. Just got to clear the drives/get it added to pool, and then get the server racked up in it's cabinet. Thanks so much! Almost there!
  2. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    Thanks, which device is it connected to? Going to replace it with a 8TBtower-diagnostics-20180504-1443.zip
  3. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    Hello, been running well without a hitch for awhile now. I still have my 5TB drive that failed in my server and haven't taken it out yet. I'm going to today, but wanted to make sure it was necessary. I ran an extended Smart Test, pretty sure this is telling me to throw this drive away. Am I right? tower-smart-20180503-0642.zip
  4. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    Ok, hopefully I get long stability now! I only have ~15 TB of free space, and then it's read only for the most part. That will make me feel a little better.
  5. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    Very fast, is that to be expected?
  6. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    this is the log This is no surprise to me, as I am having the same issue on my Transmission client with that file where it's telling me that the file system is corrupt for it. Do I also need to do something for my SSD? That file is from this torrent. Probably from when my SSD got filled all the way up.
  7. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    A connection issue for both disks or only one of them? Darn, I had been running for almost 9 days! Sorry to ask, but I believe the two disk in question would be connected to the LSI card right? I believe I need to power down the server, check the cables, do a parity check (is this necessary for the read errors?) and then go into maintenance mode and do a file system check on disk 10. Am I right? Thanks again for all the help, I'd just have given up like I had before.
  8. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    So, after awhile of uptime with no issues, I had errors last night while I was sleeping again. Not sure what caused this tower-diagnostics-20180319-0350.zip
  9. tential

    Upgrade Build - Gaming, Media, Mining

    Tiny case. I don't understand why tiny case for a server. What if you want more HDDs? Are you ok with that?
  10. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    After running a repair on the SSDs, one of my torrents in transmission says "Error: Structure needs Cleaning" How can I fix that ? Could I simply delete the torrent and restart it? Or do I actually need to run something on my SSD again? Thanks,
  11. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    Started with the first post, but will do, thanks! Makes sense now.
  12. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    I might have made my issue worse what's going on with Disk 6 now? I googled, and it said the error doesn't mean the drive is failing, and unraid doesn't show an error, but just shows a smart d isk warning? I attached my diag. tower-diagnostics-20180310-1800.zip
  13. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    I'm trying what squid is suggesting. I went to update, and it said the latest stable branch is 6.4.1. According to the quote, I should test out a RC of 6.5 Wish me luck....
  14. tential

    Large Disk Failure Help

    Ok got everything up and running, everything has been fine, but one thing that has been plaguing me is that my memory usage slowly creeps up. I understand the "Linux Ate my Ram" thing, but everytime it hits 100%, all of my dockers become unresponsive. If I restart the dockers, I see the memory usage drop, and I can use them again. Also accessing Unraid Dashboard is slow, but still possible during this time. It's not the worst thing in the world, still better than my last setup where I restarted my download server far more often, but it seems like adding more ram would still lead me to this same issue, only just taking twice as long to have occur. I'm only running jacket, radarr, sonarr, and Transmission, so not sure why my memory usage is so high, and at the end, even restarting all the dockers gives me less and less space and it occurs more and more often. Could I have a memory leak or something that isn't allowing my system to release ram? tower-diagnostics-20180310-0919.zip
  15. tential

    2018 Plex/Home PC Build

    Yup use your M.2 Slot just use a cheaper drive. Alternatively, you could just use an SSD but since you have the M2 slots, I personally would pay the small premium just to keep my SATA slots free. But I also have 15 drives and need every slot. If you never intend to get that big (which I think is again, a bad thing to do. We all had 1-3 drives at one point I imagine), you'll like having the freed slots. Also, it just makes the overall build quicker to complete. Just slot the M2 drive in, boom, you've installed your storage and are on to the next component. After the things I went through with my PSU, ya obviously you should make sure you have enough power on tap, but it's nice to have a RELIABLE PSU that you know has more than enough juice. Evga is very highly rated on Amazon for what it's worth. Good luck getting your build done/finding deals. I just saw one for $130 USD M2 SSD that reminded me of this thread and you. A 8700k is a stupidly fast processor. Considering I use a 4770k, I'm sure you can set your system up to get a better daily experience than me, while still running everything you want in the background. The power of using a server so you don't waste your computing power! If you have a dedicated deal site like a slickdeals for canada or a reddit pcdeals for canada that'd help you too. https://www.reddit.com/r/bapcsalescanada/ I don't think we missed anything How do you plan to structure the core priority for the VM?

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