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  1. Upgrade Build - Gaming, Media, Mining

    Tiny case. I don't understand why tiny case for a server. What if you want more HDDs? Are you ok with that?
  2. Large Disk Failure Help

    After running a repair on the SSDs, one of my torrents in transmission says "Error: Structure needs Cleaning" How can I fix that ? Could I simply delete the torrent and restart it? Or do I actually need to run something on my SSD again? Thanks,
  3. Large Disk Failure Help

    Started with the first post, but will do, thanks! Makes sense now.
  4. Large Disk Failure Help

    I might have made my issue worse what's going on with Disk 6 now? I googled, and it said the error doesn't mean the drive is failing, and unraid doesn't show an error, but just shows a smart d isk warning? I attached my diag. tower-diagnostics-20180310-1800.zip
  5. Large Disk Failure Help

    I'm trying what squid is suggesting. I went to update, and it said the latest stable branch is 6.4.1. According to the quote, I should test out a RC of 6.5 Wish me luck....
  6. Large Disk Failure Help

    Ok got everything up and running, everything has been fine, but one thing that has been plaguing me is that my memory usage slowly creeps up. I understand the "Linux Ate my Ram" thing, but everytime it hits 100%, all of my dockers become unresponsive. If I restart the dockers, I see the memory usage drop, and I can use them again. Also accessing Unraid Dashboard is slow, but still possible during this time. It's not the worst thing in the world, still better than my last setup where I restarted my download server far more often, but it seems like adding more ram would still lead me to this same issue, only just taking twice as long to have occur. I'm only running jacket, radarr, sonarr, and Transmission, so not sure why my memory usage is so high, and at the end, even restarting all the dockers gives me less and less space and it occurs more and more often. Could I have a memory leak or something that isn't allowing my system to release ram? tower-diagnostics-20180310-0919.zip
  7. 2018 Plex/Home PC Build

    Yup use your M.2 Slot just use a cheaper drive. Alternatively, you could just use an SSD but since you have the M2 slots, I personally would pay the small premium just to keep my SATA slots free. But I also have 15 drives and need every slot. If you never intend to get that big (which I think is again, a bad thing to do. We all had 1-3 drives at one point I imagine), you'll like having the freed slots. Also, it just makes the overall build quicker to complete. Just slot the M2 drive in, boom, you've installed your storage and are on to the next component. After the things I went through with my PSU, ya obviously you should make sure you have enough power on tap, but it's nice to have a RELIABLE PSU that you know has more than enough juice. Evga is very highly rated on Amazon for what it's worth. Good luck getting your build done/finding deals. I just saw one for $130 USD M2 SSD that reminded me of this thread and you. A 8700k is a stupidly fast processor. Considering I use a 4770k, I'm sure you can set your system up to get a better daily experience than me, while still running everything you want in the background. The power of using a server so you don't waste your computing power! If you have a dedicated deal site like a slickdeals for canada or a reddit pcdeals for canada that'd help you too. https://www.reddit.com/r/bapcsalescanada/ I don't think we missed anything How do you plan to structure the core priority for the VM?
  8. 2018 Plex/Home PC Build

    I preface this post by saying that because I'm from USA, I may not be able to find the best prices. You probably know better where to shop in CA, I just used PCPartpicker at this point which I dont personally do (I'm a weirdo, I'll look at each vendor I use individually and find better prices usually). I type a lot about this as I spend all my free time on hardware so please let me know where I need to be precise and succinct. ------ Any mobo will work. Like if you do anything or learn anything at least learn that there is no reason to overspend on a mobo. You're buying the features. Sometimes there are price differences of $130 for an entry Z level board to $300+ and I'll see someone pick up a $250-300 board because "I wanted something middle of the pack!". Not how mobos work. Mine is literally the cheapest I could find for every build. I personally believe it's the Asus ROG marketing on twitch and the like that's gotten people to pay these insane prices. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/fjPzK8/msi-z370-a-pro-atx-lga1151-motherboard-z370-a-pro That's the recommended in the pcpartpicker too, so really I don't have a good explanation other than marketing. That's the level of board I get though. ~$100 . I'm not paying $250+ for no additional performance. Mobos can at most add negligible 1-5% performance and better OC performance as well. I have not kept up with the latest Z370 boards and if any specific boards have issues. You can post whatever deal you find here though and I can see if I find anything to worry about. As for Canadian prices, OOPS!!!! Lol. Sorry, you guys get overcharged for everything, and seeing higher numbers in general no wonder it seems expensive. It's still worth the $60 price difference for the CPU. To give it in simplest terms, the 7700k is the equivalent of 4 people (with 2 hands each if you want to be accurate as the 7700k has 4 cores and 8 threads but we can get into that later), and the 8700k is the equivalent of 6 people working even faster than the 4 people of the 7700k. Paying an extra $60 for 2 additional FASTER workers of the 7700k? Ya, the 8th generation intel CPUs launched with the 8700k are insanely strong. To put it bluntly, the 7th gen series for intel is dead. Unless you are getting a massive discount, the 8th generation is the first decent upgrade from intel in a long time. I don't know how to explain this anymore than in this manner. The 8700k is 50% more CPU for 15% more cost. I'd be a bad person to not tell you to get the 8700k. For M2 Sata, Realistically you only need to worry about the size of the drive(I'd stay away from SSDs that are clear duds by lower than 3.5 star ratings/terrible industry reviews of course). So I'd get the "slower" (In real world it wouldn't be slower for you) drive, get double the storage, and still have an upgrade slot for later. Your prices are so insane though over there. Use your equivalent of slickdeals.net for an M2 drive. The extra $50 is worth it though for:https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/DgJtt6/western-digital-blue-1tb-m2-2280-solid-state-drive-wds100t2b0b You could get a 500 GB drive... but I personally don't buy less than 1TB SSDs now that it's 2018 onwards. Could drop down to the 500GB if you hvae to though https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/6j448d/western-digital-blue-500gb-m2-2280-solid-state-drive-wds500g2b0b This drive is nothing to write home to performance wise but getse the job done. 5 star rating on newegg:https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820250082 Don't mean to come off as condescending, I just see a lot of people spend way more money on their builds than they need to and miss out on important parts. You have more than enough cost savings available to you to get the 8700k and still come out way ahead after applying those savings and you'l spend less than you are spending now with more performance. Given this is a server forum, and we all eventually continually buy HDDs (unless your application needs a fixed amount of storage), cost savings are critical as that means you can buy more storage!!!! The EVGA PSU at 650 is overkill, but WORTH IT (I just came from an UNRAID recovery of upgrading to too many HDDs and not having enough power though, so I could be a little biased :))\ Having fast RAM is important for extracting MAXIMUM performance out of the 8700k/7700k. Not really important for a webbrowsing VM/Plex. If you want to save some dollars to put towards other parts of the build if you really need to, do it. Edit: I did the conversion on the HDDs from CAD to USD. You pay ~$155 USD for 6TB drives. You should be able to get 8 TB for less/similar prices. We get that in the US regularly with Seagate Expansion/Backup External drives that are on sale. SOMETIMES, WD is onsale too. PICK THOSE UP if you can as they are less often run, and it's always good to diversify your drives to avoid getting drives from a potential bad batch (RARE!)
  9. 2018 Plex/Home PC Build

    Are you not able to order off newegg right now for the 8700k for $350? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117827 Amazon had a crazy sale as well. I'd never pay $380+ for an i7. For last gen i7 that isn't HEDT? Do not do that. HDD Set an alert for 8TB on slickdeals.net. I never pay more than $150 for HDDs usually. 6TB is probably the worst size to buy due to the lack of use. The worst return for your money. You even had more cost efficient 6TB drives to use so I'm just confused as to your choice and the reasoning behind it. mobo Yes, it's recommended for the 2 extra ports, doesn't mean it's cost efficient. Only in one post by 1 member. I mean... you're a human you can do the math. $50+ per port? Why? You can get the LSI Controller I just got for 8 extra ports in a PCI slot for $30-50. Or any of the PCI expansion slot cards I got for under $50 for more sata slots. It's the LEAST efficient way possible to add sata ports via a more expensive mobo. As for the M2 ssd, to be clear, you are not making any use of the 960 EVO drive. It's like buying a porsche 911 to drive on roads going 40 miles an hour. You can buy a large 1TB M2 SSD for the same price, or 2 500GB SSDs for each M2 slot on your board. You are buying a rig for light windows use but have a bunch of gaming centered parts in your rig. I'm seeing you want to experiment with OCing though so I guess that's why. I'm not sure what benefit you're expecting to get but I mean if you want to experiment with OCing now in 2018... it's not as exciting as it used to be. Now, for the average person, click a button it auto OCs for you. If you want to really get into OCing... well..... you really should first be learning about PC hardware in general. To get any further, you would not need the assistance of this thread as you'd also be decently educated about PC hardware after that. Don't want to overwhelm you and I don't think I'd get more than a $25-30 saved for the RAM. The other parts are the large savings/large performance differences/performance left completely underutilized that matters. ---------------------------------- Just step back from an overhead perspective.... You're spending an extra $100 on an SSD for a fast speed you wont utilize, but won't spend an extra $50 on the CPU to bump up to the 8700k, and get 50%+ more usability out of your system? The 8700k is a 7700k+ 2 cores... It's 50% more CPU for $50 more dollars. I mean, I'm assuming your current CPU is working for you since you didn't mention it being slow, it isn't the end of the world, but just something I have to explain as its a small pain of hurt everytime I see people spend money on PC parts they can't utilize and skip the major parts of their build they use all the time. I'll stop here as I can just talk about hardware picks for years.
  10. 2018 Plex/Home PC Build

    I'd buy 8TB external drives and remove them from their enclosures. Or whatever the best external is to buy now. You paying $600 for 18 TB doesn't seem right when I think I get 16 TB for ~$280 usually depending on the sale/brand (I try to not always get Seagate and diversify). I think the SSD is great, but I personally wouldn't get a super high performance SSD. I got a 1TB and 500 GB SSD (Back when 500 GB was large), for where things reside. 500 GB will feel small as a temporary holding place EVENTUALLY. Mobo You went with the board for 2 extra SATA Ports, which I understand, but you're spending a lot extra to get them. You can get the same thing expanding via a PCI slot for far cheaper. If you have no interest in gaming, unless you have a reason for going the 7700k, I'd look to other CPU options/mobo options. No reason to get the OC CPU unless you intend to OC. Depends on how many people are watching/need transcodes as to CPU choice. Also the 8700k is a better CPU for this task since it has more cores. If you can get them for similar prices, the 8700k basically unlocks more usability since more cores can of course be assigned to other tasks. Great build otherwise, I'd just save some money on the points I mentioned personally!
  11. Large Disk Failure Help

    Ok sounds good. I started adding 2 drives to the system. Does this look right. Both are 8TB but it's telling me the total size it's clearing/adding is 8TB? Should it be 16 TB as the total size is 16 TB I'm adding as each drive is 8 TB?
  12. Large Disk Failure Help

    Yay! Thanks a lot! Great, am I safe to expand to my other two 8TB drives waiting in pool?
  13. Large Disk Failure Help

    I attached the diagnostic as well. Is this good? I hope it is! tower-diagnostics-20180303-0714.zip
  14. Large Disk Failure Help

    Great, it's running now! Does it show a progress bar or anything or do I just leave it on Running until it completes? Edit: I see if I access the page again it shows the status.
  15. Large Disk Failure Help

    Because it's part of a cache pool, I have to do it for the whole pool right? The option only shows up if I click the first drive.

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