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  1. John_M

    How do you define your shares

    Yes, I can see that as a valid reason. I only use Plex, which provides a unified interface for all my media types.
  2. John_M

    How do you define your shares

    It really depends on what you want to achieve and, of course, everyone is different. I don't have just one share but I don't have many. If you ignore 'system', 'appdata', 'domains' and any other user shares that I don't export, I only have two that are available outside of the server. One is a private share, for my own files and one is a public share, for everything else. Some people have a share for movies, a share for TV shows, a share for photographs, a share for music, etc. I san see why that might be useful if they want to apply different split levels to the different types of media, but I don't do that. It's really up to you to decide what best suits your needs.
  3. Memory can go bad and coincidences can occur. Did you try removing it? Have you run Memtest? Is it ECC RAM? Have you checked the BIOS event log?
  4. John_M

    out of memory errors

    This thread might help:
  5. Do that by all means, because it's important to get it right. But, in addition, since you're in the process of copying a large amount of data to your array you might want to consider temporarily bypassing the cache (by setting Use cache disk to No for that share) and writing directly to the array, but with "turbo write" enabled (in Settings -> Disk Settings change Tunable (md_write_method) to reconstruct write). That will spin up all the disks but speed up writing to the array significantly. It should save you a lot of time. Once you've copied your initial 9 TB of files you can re-enable the cache and disable turbo write if you want to.
  6. John_M

    Unable to get Terminal console or GUI

    I don't know why, but I've already suggested three ways to make it work. Choose the one that suits you best. UEFI is different from legacy. Presumably there's code that checks for a keyboard. Ancient BIOSes used to test for a keyboard too and if there wasn't one present would output the message "Keyboard not found. Press F1 to continue." 🙄
  7. John_M

    Unable to get Terminal console or GUI

    I got the impression that it was working fine with legacy boot to normal non-GUI mode with access from an external browser but the problems began when the OP changed to UEFI boot and GUI mode. He didn't actually say that he made both changes at the same time but it seems I guessed right. It was the flashing cursor that made me think.
  8. It looks like a memory fault. Does it go away if you remove the DIMM in socket zero?
  9. John_M

    Unable to get Terminal console or GUI

    That's much easier to understand. Thank you. Do you have a keyboard connected to your server? When I tried UEFI boot it did the same thing - flashing cursor, waiting for a keyboard. Booting in legacy mode worked fine without a keyboard. So, I had three choices: Stay with legacy mode booting; Use UEFI boot but keep a keyboard plugged in; Use UEFI boot and plug in a wireless keyboard dongle (but not a Bluetooth one). The wireless keyboard dongle looks like a USB keyboard to the computer even if the actual keyboard is switched off.
  10. John_M

    Slow Transfer Speeds over VPN

    In that case it's down to VPN configuration and Internet connectivity at both sites, plus contention, plus whatever congestion and traffic shaping there happens to be in between. The title of this thread is misleading as it gives no indication that a VPN is involved.
  11. John_M

    Fastest Cache Drive Swap

    With either method the old cache disk becomes unassigned because you can't have two disks assigned to the same slot.
  12. John_M

    New Drives not appearing in Unraid install

    If it's in a PCIe slot (i.e. not built into the motherboard or in some custom socket) you could unplug it and replace it with a Perc H310, which can be flashed with IT firmware.
  13. John_M

    Unable to get Terminal console or GUI

    This seems to contradict itself - you can't get the GUI to work but you can access the GUI. Are you having difficulty accessing the unRAID GUI or are you, since you mention SEABIOS, talking about a VM. It really isn't clear what the problem is.
  14. John_M

    Slow Transfer Speeds over VPN

    You're going to have to test it with a LAN connection. There are too many variables with the VPN.

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