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  1. unRAID DVB Edition

    ok, thx. if drivers are included in kernel, do you have to do extra steps (or none at all) to make them useable for unRAIDs kernel? (JFMI)
  2. unRAID DVB Edition

    ok, just had a phone call to digital devices and learned, that their tv-card drivers are incorporated into the linux kernel since v4.14. that means, we shouldn't have any problems with driver support, right? @CHBMB is that correct?
  3. unRAID DVB Edition

    yah, i simply use only one dvb-broadcasting standard; doesn't add value here to use dvb-t, if you got dvb-c already. well, i'm waiting for @CHBMB to chime in to decide if digital device's 8 tuner card is an option. would make lots of things easier, even though, they charge a bit of an extra over TBS cards.
  4. unRAID DVB Edition

    thx. rick. – good to know that this option would work. when i replaced the 6205 with the 6209 i had only to enable all the tuners and map the dvb-c network to them – everything else worked immediately. was a perfect thingie, except that noisy fan.
  5. unRAID DVB Edition

    @CHBMB i've a TBS 6209 (Octa)-Tuner card in my system now, and all seems to work as expected. but: this card has an active cooling fan, which is annoying (loud to my ears). i'll probably return the card and struggle what to do next. so i could: scenario 1: buy another TBS-6205 (waste one more PCIe slot, which could backfire later) and interconnect card 1 OUT to card 2 IN – at least so i don´t need to use a splitter beforehand. question 1: because of two times (same) PCIe cards, will they both get pass'ed through (--device=/dev/dvb/) and seen correctly from TVH? is it then adapter 5-8 for the 2nd card or will there be another number scheme? scenario 2: buy one Digital Devices DD Max A8 TV card (also octa-tuner dvb-c) but has passiv cooling (so no waste of a PCI slot and quiet). question 2: how about the device driver support from digital devices? i can't recall exactly, but didn't they have problems? or would we expect any problems with drivers and/or TVHeadend? thx.
  6. unRAID DVB Edition

    ya, ya, i see 😏 well, we got quite a bunch of muxes here, so i‘m hitting the ceiling now and then. if a lot of recordings are at the same time, i need to look at my mux-list to see, if my 4 tuners are enough.
  7. unRAID DVB Edition

    still on 6205 (need to sell that one first) do we have to expect bigger changes or non-working situations? got a few friends which will get an unRAID/TVH-solution soon.
  8. unRAID DVB Edition

    i can report, that at least my card was detected and TVH is recording now a few titles. can't tell though, if these are ok (at least i don't see any unusual error countings up to now).
  9. what about taking the drive out, formatting with another machine and put it back in (so no old structures, partitions, etc. on drive).?
  10. JFYI: just updated to the latest version (as of yet – 2018.01.07a) of UD and now see this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php on line 920 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/unassigned.devices/include/lib.php on line 1099 i've no shares, etc. mounted. maybe it is assuming, that there's at least one mounted?
  11. [Support] Linuxserver.io - TVHeadend

    your HD HomeRuns stream directly to TVH, or in other words: TVH tells them to stream a channel (or several at the same time), whenever it records or wants to tune on a channel for Live TV – so no transcoding here. your clients (which receive from TVH) are the ones which define if transcoding comes into play. if you use KODI, there shouldn't be any transcoding necessary.
  12. [Support] Linuxserver.io - TVHeadend

    i see and sorry, have mixed you both guys up. good to see that the hardware transcode with intel quicksync-feature seems to work (and that software projects as plex do pick it up). but as always, it's just on pretty new cpus so not for me
  13. [Support] Linuxserver.io - TVHeadend

    alturismo, i'm using TVH extensively for recording (as docker) and you barely can tell on cpu usage if it's recording or not. all functions except transcoding are extrem low on cpu usage. transcoding uses lots of cpu in any solution (i tested emby, plex and a few other solutions). so you need to avoid it. but: TVH offers quite a few possibilities; for example you can use VLC, or KODI (with TVH Plug-In) or the iOS app to watch live-TV and all without transcoding! it's also pretty cheap to grab a small android box with KODI/TVH plug-in and have a full blown TV appliance. from an DVR solution point i wouldn't go back to any other solution (at least not on unRAID – and i wouldn't exchange unRAID for any other storage solution). you get quite a bunch of possibilities within one package and the community is great.
  14. unRAID DVB Edition

    great! now, if somebody has a need for the TBS-6205 DVB-T/T2/C (Quad-Tuner) card…
  15. unRAID DVB Edition

    thx. alot. for that.

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