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  1. This video is an overview and a quick tutorial on the newly released unRAID 6.4.0 stable. This video will compare side by side unRAID 6.4.0 with its predecessor 6.3.5 and see the differences and improvements. It shows how to safely upgrade from 6.3 to 6.4 then how to set up your SSL certificate for HTTPS access and then how to set up an encrypted drive for the array.
  2. Virtualize a Rasberry Pi?

    @eschultz any news on arm emulation. Would love to see that feature
  3. [Support] - OpenVPN-AS

    Make sure your duck DNS is resolving your public ip address. So to check ping (if that is still what you are using-- but I would change that as you have posted it publicly here)
  4. [Support] - OpenVPN-AS

    Can you access the WebUI from the windows laptop Try mapping the shares to the windows laptop by ip address ie \\\sharename
  5. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    Ah, I thought the order was important! I was always putting the options before initrd=/bzroot. Well, that certainly makes it easier now knowing that!
  6. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    no should be like this append rcu_nocbs=0-15 initrd=/bzroot
  7. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    Worked fine for me.
  8. ok the creators edition of 10 blocks access to remote shares with guest access. You can set a username and password to the share and then connect with windows using those credentials. Or Configure the following Group Policy settings: Computer configuration\administrative templates\network\Lanman Workstation "Enable insecure guest logons" this will allow guest access in windows creators edition
  9. are you having problems accessing the shares from the vm or from any device as your laptop cant connect too?
  10. try mapping a drive ie Z to the share \\\sharename
  11. I use a lot of VMS and would like to be able either. 1. The VMS listed in the WebUI to be displayed in the order I want them to be (not alphabetically) by moving each up and down the list, like for example, the firewall rules in pfSense. or 2. To be able to "star" VMS as favourites which goto the top of the list At the moment I have to name the VMS with a 1,2,3 prefix so they are in the order that I want.
  12. +1 I would like to see vbios passthrough in the vm template.
  13. file browser in webui

    +1 for file manager It would be nice to have a file manager built into webui. The Docker container file managers are okay would be nice to have that natively.

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