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  1. docker compose?

    That's not really the issue; It should come as part of the system so one doesn't have to do it by hand or rig up /boot/config/go.
  2. Is there a way, or kernel option to not patch the Meltdown vulnerability? I'd rather not lose the 30% performance hit in a home server.
  3. Have a few LSI HBA's for sale.

    Do you have any cards that have external cables?
  4. LSI SAS9201-16i [SOLD]

    If you get anymore, please ping me.
  5. Docker for USB ASIC BTC Mining

    I didn't buy them to make a profit; mostly as a fun toy. You'd be better off buying BTC, or if you're really into this -- get a miner that does mining in the TH/s range. Stating the obvious here.
  6. Docker for USB ASIC BTC Mining

    It's available here. Note, you'll need docker-compose. https://github.com/d4z3x/docker-cgminer-vthoang
  7. docker compose?

    Looks like this is still not done? Can we please have it, rather than me downloading it or automating it on the flash side?
  8. Docker for USB ASIC BTC Mining

    Uploading to a github repo. Would be nice if you guys could test it. Any volunteers?
  9. How are you using your unRAID server?

    Hi BobPhoenix -- Which VNC server are you using on the Linux side? And *if* you're on the Mac, which VNC client?
  10. Docker for USB ASIC BTC Mining

    These sticks mine BTC, about $79 on eBay, $100 on Amazon. They're fun toys if you want to learn about how this cryptocurrency stuff works.
  11. Hi Guys, I have created a simple Docker that compiles a special fork of cgminer (specifically for GekkoScience based USB sticks - 15GH/s), that'll run in unRAID. You just have to pass it the USB devices (which is easy to do), and then let them rip. No need for a Raspberry. Well, mine is flaky hence this solution. If you have a Raspberry, it's a dandy tool. If anyone's interested, I can share the work. I was surprised nobody had done it before. Thanks.
  12. [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    I was going to suggest the same. We used to call it a "file watcher" file. But saving the PID is the way it is normally done.
  13. Blew up MB during upgrade

    If I get the time to do it, I'll look into the various options that Emby provides after I install it. My wife loves the Pictures features of it, and Music. Doesn't watch any movies. I did notice the Pictures interface is very buggy even on the PlexPass version. From a transcoding point of view, I think Emby will be very competitive as I saw in a YouTube feature comparing both, and how many transcode streams the guy could do, it was 7 on Plex, vs. 10 on Emby with QuickSync, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li69XWC9I3g
  14. Blew up MB during upgrade

    My bad. Other than Plex, there is a new media server called Emby. It supports the QuickSync feature of the Intel CPUs, which does HW acceleration of transcoding. It has other options as well. I suggested that if you wanted to see how much that pegs your CPU versus Plex. I personally haven't had the time to play with Emby yet. But I'm hearing good things about it.
  15. Forward to syslog server

    I forward to Splunk (free version) in a Docker on another machine. I have the following content in /boot/config/go: SERVER="your-server-hostname-or-ip-here:1514" /usr/bin/sed --in-place "s/^#\*\.\* \@\@/\*\.\* \@\@$SERVER/" /etc/rsyslog.conf /etc/rc.d/rc.rsyslogd reload Hope that helps someone. I'm sure the sed string work can be greatly simplified. Feel free to offer better alternatives.

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