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  1. Jcloud

    Security flaw discovered in Intel chips.

    Three more vulnerabilities are being disclosed today, https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/08/14/intel_l1_terminal_fault_bugs/ for the popular-article going over it.
  2. Jcloud

    Any news on 6.6?

    Hey things haven't nearly reached the level of, Duke Nukem Forever, or Half Life 3.
  3. Jcloud

    new build help new user

    For optimal CAD gpu acceleration, you're better off with a Quadro GPU rather then a GTX card (if you have the cash to spare). Now what sort of a drop in performance, between Quardo and GTX, in CAD applications - I don't know, I don't have those numbers. Unless, Auto-CAD has done some further optimizing, which I'm not be aware of, for GTX/consumer graphics cards. -- This has been my understanding of CAD programs; however I just checked Autodesk's site and they're only listing "DX11 capable gpu." So perhaps they've done some application optimizations? I don't know. As for the RAID10 array you want to pass around that might be a problem, I was under the impression unRAID didn't like system raid controllers.
  4. Jcloud

    My pet hydra.local

    What techsupport not having all the engineering specs and fill in with a B.S. answer, I've never seen that before out of a tech company. LOL Granted convoluted and wrong answer is not a great response to get, I'll give you that. In other news, just checked the motherboard BIOS page; looks like one I could skip, but I'll probably end up doing it some time this week. From ASUS Page Version 0807 2018/08/10 5.62 MBytes PRIME X399-A BIOS 0807 Update AGESA Patch A to support AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors Hmm "Patch A" maybe one should wait to see if there will be a "B?" EDIT: Just finished applying the update; like last time BIOS customized settings were reset. The fact they were reset caused me some grief, as I missed one of two fields for virtualization, which caused my VM's to fail in spectacular IOMMU and QEMU errors - the best part, no secondary box (at work). What fun it is to troubleshoot on my mobile. Back up now; wasn't bad really, worse part was I couldn't bring up the forums to look at this post (in order to review my settings). If you plan on updating your BIOS, I highly recommend documenting your settings prior to flashing. Oh yeah (in mocking Martha Stewart voice), "Enabling IOMMU enumeration in IVRS, it's a good thing!"
  5. Jcloud

    Any news on 6.6?

    I thought unRAID 6.6 was going to be based on 4.17, or did I miss the memo and forgot my TPS-report?
  6. Jcloud

    CSE-M35T-1 drive cages for sale

    Possible interest here, for one bay (good price). Shipping from and payment method?
  7. Jcloud

    My pet hydra.local

    Nope, I don't own any NVMe devices. All of my SSD are 2.5" sata form factor. As for would I? At this stage, I'm a fairly solid, "probably not" on that idea because the performance of running a VM inside an image file is very sufficient speed. Also the drive as a file has a number of plus's in my book.
  8. Jcloud

    purchased and did not get the key

    I would contact @limetech directly, at this point, he should be able to resolve the issue. Good luck Sir.
  9. Jcloud

    This came up in one of my feeds

    Yeah I would be VERY selective, as unRAID is not fit for probably 99% of our clientele, just more of my enthusiasm for unRAID, because of how well it has worked for me. I guess my gripe with my boss is more of the fact he hears Linux and thinks code-monkey-console-wizardry, when unRAID does have things down to 90%-point-and-clicking. I've also done the math, Synology box versus building a computer with unRAID becomes about a wash (based on costs from our general use components and our distributors)- which counts as a win towards the Synology for simplifying the equation. EDIT: Sorry getting off-topic.
  10. Jcloud

    This came up in one of my feeds

    I had a similar thought earlier, "Well is this at least a case of, 'the only bad press is no press at all'?" People might go, "unRAID what's that?" and then go look it up for themselves. I do this at work with my coworkers, no one will take a shot at unRAID though -- they're either married to their RAID hardware, or waiting for their hardware to fail before considering new software solution (his case it's TV-card/WinMedia center - lots of DRM-lockups). And my boss won't let me sell it to customers as a solution, instead its Synology units.
  11. Jcloud

    This came up in one of my feeds

    Author definitely has a bias for FreeNAS, and/or against unRAID; almost entirely opinion-base comparisons of little research (or substance to back up claims). Worst part is, no comment section for rebuttal, so the OP-link and this thread, are simple echo-chambers for respective sides 😕 IMHO. An unbiased, and researched, "VERSUS" between the two (and/or others) would make for solid information to prospective users wanting to choose which solution functions best for them. After reading the post, to me, it felt like reading a, "500-word essay on FOO."
  12. Jcloud

    RAM - Single or dual channel?

    Will work for your specified motherboard chipset; you'll want faster DDR4 if you plan on any future overclocking - otherwise yes, DDR4 2400 is supported (I'm looking at this). Side-note: if you're shopping for new RAM I would go for DDR4 2666 as that is supported and I doubt there is much price break between 2666 and 2400, but if you're looking at using existing DDR4 2400, saving money or whatever, then yes you should be Okay. In the end, with Ryzen build, I would shoot for Duel or Quad-channel, but if all you're doing is NAS file serving single memory module should be fine. If you start tinkering with Docker or VMs then I would recommend bumping up to Duel-channel. My two-cents of input; hope it helps.
  13. Jcloud

    Open up Teamspeak Server for my friends

    Nope. They're "container" or "packages" which encapsulate everything in an effort to sandbox your main (unraid) server.
  14. Jcloud

    Open up Teamspeak Server for my friends

    I think you already have the general idea, just confused yourself. Port forward the ports and IP used by Teamspeak docker in your Fritzbox and make sure you changed the default passwords for Teamspeak server. Keep your unRAID server behind the firewall, but allow Teamspeak to be accessible.
  15. Jcloud

    nas and gaming servers

    I've been using This model Kingston USB (8GB version actually) for about two years as my USB drive, and it was used temp drive before that. Does that count for reliable?

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