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  1. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Unifi

    Can we get an update to a 5.6.x build so I can patch the WPA2 KRACK. Please and Thank You.
  2. I tried looking for somethings, but not finding anything right now. Is there a way to have other users to remotely start their VMs without having access to the unRAID webui? I have a brother and a friend who have game servers on my unRAID box, but they are those who find a game, play it for a couple weeks and move to something else. Is there a plugin/other utility that I could use to allow them to start their own VMs when they have been shut down. At times they go weeks without using it and I would like to free up some resources when they are not using it. I have a web server that SSL proxy forwards everything including Guacamole in which they use for accessing the VMs.
  3. Alright, Updated the BIOS on 7/22 and today on 7/26 it has become unresponsive again. This time I am able to cp the syslog (unlike the last time), browse directories, but this time I tried to restart the webgui but the process would not complete. Here are the logs from FCP. There were also no errors shown on the CLI. companybackup-diagnostics-20170726-0918.zip FCPsyslog_tail.txt
  4. We have Fix Common Problems installed, so I will try that in the morning. We have a VM that runs some backup software (urBackup, no IMMOU) and a docker (dokuWiki). Maybe I can plan some time to go out there and update the BIOS to see if that works. Thanks for the help, I will keep updating you if I find more.
  5. I guess a bigger question is there a way to make a cronjob or something similar to keep an up to date log written somewhere on the array? Before we have to start pulling hardware, I would like to make sure it isn't something in software causing issues. I run to other unRAID servers and neither of them have issues, so I doubt it is software.
  6. Yea the IPMI interface has a live view that is just like you have a local monitor attached. No errors are showing up on the CLI. This time there was no power outage. We also run two power supplies on the system. Not sure if ECC memory will, but we ran a Memory Test for awhile with no errors. Temps wise, everything is good. With the CPU's, we run a dual CPU motherboard. Chassis, PSU (Dual 800W), and Motherboard are SuperMicro. Have two Intel Xeon E5-2620's with Crucial ECC Memory. Any thoughts on how to start testing the system for a bad motherboard or CPU? Normally we have spares of our consumer gear for testing, but nothing server grade.
  7. Just happened again. This time when I logged in to copy the syslog, it is just sitting there trying to copy the file. Not sure what to do. I am going to let it sit for awhile and see it it eventually copies. Any thoughts?
  8. Not sure if this is related, or even an issue. I did another quick search but found no results. I am seeing this in the system log: Jul 6 14:45:20 AscotBackup kernel: perf: interrupt took too long (2504 > 2500), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 79000 Jul 6 15:02:46 AscotBackup kernel: perf: interrupt took too long (3157 > 3130), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 63000 Jul 9 04:09:45 AscotBackup kernel: perf: interrupt took too long (3951 > 3946), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 50000
  9. I had built a mass storage server for a customer of ours for file shares and backup images. Recently we have been having issues where unRAID will just lock up. Sometimes it takes a week or two, others it would be daily. We tried a bunch of things, but it would even lock up in "safe mode". Checked RAM, replaced unRAID USB drive, even replaced the 10G on board NiC with a 1G NiC. Reading on what to do to try to diagnose the system, everyone was suggesting to look at the system log. Unfortunately, when the system locks up, you could not even putty into it. I recently came to the realization I had setup IPMI on it. I was able to remote into a secondary computer and then remotely control the system using IPMI and finally got the system log, but I am more confused by it. Here are the events today, and the IT "guy" at the company said he noticed it around 2pm when he emailed me, but it was working fine when he came in this morning. Here is the system log since midnight: Jul 10 00:20:07 AscotBackup sSMTP[4676]: Creating SSL connection to host Jul 10 00:20:07 AscotBackup sSMTP[4676]: SSL connection using (removed) Jul 10 00:20:10 AscotBackup sSMTP[4676]: Sent mail for unRAID@(removed) Jul 10 01:01:50 AscotBackup apcupsd[30323]: Power failure. Jul 10 01:01:56 AscotBackup apcupsd[30323]: Power is back. UPS running on mains. Jul 10 14:39:36 AscotBackup login[8711]: ROOT LOGIN on '/dev/tty1' I am wondering if the lockup is due to the UPS Daemon. I have since shut off the daemon and had the IT guy unplug the USB cable. Running unRAID 6.3.5 and I would say we have been having the issue since 6.2ish. The system had last been restarted on the 6th (4 days ago) due to the same thing. I did notice in the logs it shows there was a power failure on the 8th, but it did not lock up then. Any other thoughts on troubleshooting this issue?
  10. VM's Hosted on SSD - TRIM?

    When setting up the VM disk, should it be raw or qcow2?
  11. VM's Hosted on SSD - TRIM?

    Could it be something else about the Windows 7 template that these machines are running off of? Is it possible to change the template to the Windows 10 one without screwing a bunch of stuff up?
  12. VM's Hosted on SSD - TRIM?

    I understand. But sadly I have not reclaimed any free space on my SSD after the changes. These were all steps to try and troubleshoot why my vdisk.img has not shrunk in size at all. I did bump up all my space to 75gb after I took those images on the 3 Windows VM's I have, so the used space all show 78gb used within windows. Within unRAID, the VM's show they have all 75GB allocated, which I would think it would shrink if it was reducing the size appropriately. These were originally Windows 7 machines that were upgraded to 10, if that makes a difference.
  13. VM's Hosted on SSD - TRIM?

    So I got everything working last weekend, so I thought. I was converting all my VM's and as of now it seems that Windows is unable to optimize the drives. When I defragmented using the GUI, it would Trim and then say "Needs optimization (42% space efficiency) every time I clicked optimize. I've tried a couple other defrag commands in command prompt like /x which consolidates free space. This did run for awhile and seemed to do something, but still would not optimize properly via the GUI. I ran the command defrag c: and it did something, but did not reduce the file size of the image at all. Is there something else I am missing. Is it maybe when I setup the VM's, I set a hard size? Thanks for any imput.
  14. VM's Hosted on SSD - TRIM?

    Got it all working now! Thanks for all the help.

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