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  1. Then something is wrong. The Array R2 is a slightly updated version of the Array Mini ITX NAS case. The new features/upgrades are; Two expansion slots instead of one, enabling support for Mini DTX M/B Improved HDD cage Improved front fan module Will you ship to Spain??? I’ll send you a PM Gus
  2. Dynamix File Integrity plugin

    @S80_UK @garycase Thankyou for your time to answer and try to help me. Then, I will try to download my crashplan backup and try to compare will my local copy. I have to check when was the last crashplan backup copy and if crashplan has versions. If the crashplan copy is up to day then there's nothing to do as the two versions will be the same. @S80_UK What are the "2>&1" and the last "&" stand for? @garycase I think I got the correct one :-) (APC BACK-UPS 700VA, 230V, AVR, SCHUKO Sockets) Yes I got 712 sync errors. Corrected parity later. Thankyou Gus
  3. Dynamix File Integrity plugin

    Is there another way then to find those corrupted files I got? If the corrupted files are movies, shows or some junk I have of my disks I can simply delete or re-download it. But if the corrupted files are familiar pictures or videos then that's more annoying. I have backups in crashplan of those folders, but I don't really know what to re-download from backup. If I simply try to copy folders from my server to my server, if it finds a corrupted file while I'm copying the file will it simply hang or will I get any nothification or will not get anything at all? How would you guys proceed? Thankyou Gus
  4. Dynamix File Integrity plugin

    Perfectly explained. I got the plugin late :-( I also got the UPS. Thankyou Gus
  5. Dynamix File Integrity plugin

    Some users recomended this plugin after I got some file level corruption due to a power cut. Can some one explain a basic use of this plugin and if it's able to find those files corrupted due to the power cut? Thankyou Gus
  6. Where are my errors???

    Yes, my array is XFS. Is this plugin you were referring to? Dynamix File Integrity Thankyou Gus
  7. Where are my errors???

    Parity finished with 0 errors this time. Thankyou Gus
  8. Where are my errors???

    I have done a parity check this time with correcting, showing a final result of 732 errors. Will try as you said another parity check to see if it shows 0 errors. Thankyou Gus
  9. Those are the "original" batteries. What I have done is remove the clamps and put the batteries upward. The other problem is that I don't have the cable that comunicates this UPS unit with the server. Do you know if it's a "standard" cable I can buy anywhere? Thankyou Gus
  10. I don't think this will be easy to find. Gus
  11. Yes, the eight are connected in serie. Are you completely sure that the unit will not work with only one or two ? Thankyou Gus
  12. Can you confirm is the R2 versión. I only see one pci slot on the back and the R2 has 2 pci slots on the back. Thankyou Gus
  13. @1812 Then it's almost sure thats the reason of the dead bateries. I had it for 2 or 3 days charging , when I cut power, the old computer attached to the UPS did also power off. As the batteries doesn't retain charge, perhaps I can place the volt meter at the input of the batteries to test it? I have found locally at 24€ / 29$ each. What I don't know is if with one or two batteries how long will the server be alive? And what UPS can I buy for the price of one or two batteries? Thankyou Gus
  14. Where are my errors???

    I'm on it: Gus
  15. When I bought my second hand rack the guy give me a RACK UPS for free. I have read the manual and done some tests but I think the batteries doesn't retain the charge. As I'm not an expert I would like to get some help on how to proceed. As you will see on the images there are a lot of batteries. How can I really check the status of the batteries? How can I know if the problem are the batteries or the electronic that charge the batteries? For a single computer, could I replace all the batteries (in the case of defective) for only one or two? Do I throw all and buy a simple new one? Thankyou gus

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