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  1. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    That did the trick! Thank you for all your hard work on this plugin!
  2. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    So I'm rocking a SuperMicro X11 board, and it's trying to control my fans, but they will momentarily drop down and then go right to full-speed. Is there a way I can go about removing every single IPMI config thing I've done and start fresh? Using the cold reset button, reinstalling the application, and changing the fan modes in the official IPMI aren't helping me.
  3. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    I have a Supermicro - X11SSM-F
  4. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    When i put in these commands via command line, my fans spin down for a second, then shoot back up to full speed. Setting it through the IPMI IP address has no effect - and I thought I had reset the BMC device properly before, but I might have not done that correctly because it was a while ago and nothing is still working for me. I had also uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but still no luck. Can anyone point me to the cold reset instructions, I can't seem to find them. I found the command which is: 'bmc-device --cold-reset' and that worked!
  5. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    One of them is the CPU fan on the intel stock cooler, and the others are Nanoxia Deep Silence 140mm PWM Ultra-Quiet PC Fan, 700-1400 RPM. I had them all working properly prior to my CPU upgrade which also required a motherboard bios update.
  6. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    I posted in this thread a while ago, and I reached out to Supermicro once about the commands to change fan speed: But it doesn't seem to have any affect at all, my fans are still pegged at 100% ipmi-sensors returns: ID | Name | Type | Reading | Units | Event 4 | CPU Temp | Temperature | 37.00 | C | 'OK' 71 | PCH Temp | Temperature | 33.00 | C | 'OK' 138 | System Temp | Temperature | 27.00 | C | 'OK' 205 | Peripheral Temp | Temperature | 30.00 | C | 'OK' 272 | VcpuVRM Temp | Temperature | 31.00 | C | 'OK' 339 | DIMMA1 Temp | Temperature | 28.00 | C | 'OK' 406 | DIMMA2 Temp | Temperature | N/A | C | N/A 473 | DIMMB1 Temp | Temperature | 28.00 | C | 'OK' 540 | DIMMB2 Temp | Temperature | N/A | C | N/A 607 | FAN1 | Fan | 0.00 | RPM | 'At or Below ( <=) Lower Non-Recoverable Threshold' 674 | FAN2 | Fan | 1300.00 | RPM | 'OK' 741 | FAN3 | Fan | 1300.00 | RPM | 'OK' 808 | FAN4 | Fan | 1200.00 | RPM | 'OK' 875 | FANA | Fan | 2900.00 | RPM | 'At or Above ( >=) Upper Non-Recoverable Threshold' 942 | 12V | Voltage | 12.13 | V | 'OK' 1009 | 5VCC | Voltage | 4.95 | V | 'OK' 1076 | 3.3VCC | Voltage | 3.38 | V | 'OK' 1143 | VBAT | Voltage | 3.03 | V | 'OK' 1210 | VCPU | Voltage | 0.33 | V | 'OK' 1277 | VDIMMAB | Voltage | 1.19 | V | 'OK' 1344 | 5VSB | Voltage | 5.00 | V | 'OK' 1411 | 3.3VSB | Voltage | 3.21 | V | 'OK' 1478 | VBMC 1.2V | Voltage | 1.20 | V | 'OK' 1545 | VPCH 1.0V | Voltage | 1.00 | V | 'OK' 1612 | Chassis Intru | Physical Security | N/A | N/A | 'OK'
  7. [CONTAINER] CrashPlan & CrashPlan-Desktop

    A little late to the party but increasing my RAM usage also solved my backup issues.
  8. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    I think there's just something going over my head. I pulled new configs down from BMC and I changed the thresholds back down to a proper range, but it doesn't seem to actually be affecting my fan speeds at all. I have a Supermicro X11SSM-F. Actually connecting to the server VIA IPMI and trying to change the settings there doesn't do anything either.
  9. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin, and at first it was reading the config of ipmi-sensors.config which had all the fan thresholds. After I updated it, it seems to now be reading ipmi.config which is usernames and things like that. You said in an earlier post to rename one of the two, but do I overwrite ipmi.config with ipmi-sensors.config? Or do I name one of them old or what should I do?
  10. [Plugin] IPMI for unRAID 6.1+

    So I've been a little bit away from this project for a while because I had it working well previously. My issue now is that I've upgraded my CPU, and the fan speed for that is pegged at 2900 RPM, which is really high. I can't seem to change the speed of anything via the IPMI web interface going to the IP address for the dedicated IPMI LAN port for my X11 board. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to get my fans set to the "optimal" setting?
  11. [CONTAINER] CrashPlan & CrashPlan-Desktop

    My backup has begun to fail (only about half way complete), and I get the following messages in my log:
  12. [Support] - Nextcloud

    Thank you very much for the help, the additional steps from post 408 solved the problem for me!
  13. [Support] - Nextcloud

    Yeah I'm sure it's just something I'm doing wrong. I'm going to nuke it and try again this morning from scratch. EDIT: I re-tried all of the steps and edited the custom file with MC, and I'm still getting the error: Still no luck, anyone have any additional thoughts? There was a solution to this earlier in the thread but it was solved in a PM apparently. It possibly has to do with the ability to allow remote hosts to connect? I also cannot connect to the DB via MySQL workbench.
  14. [Support] - Nextcloud

    I'm following the guide from here: and when i get to the initial setup of the nextcloud docker and configuring the database, I get the following message: I'm not sure where the comes from because that's neither my public IP nor the IP of my server. EDIT: I nuked it all and tried the steps that were linked earlier But the message has now changed to this: I'm 99% sure this has to do with editing the custom.cnf file with Notepad++. When i try and do the VIM command I get "bash: vim: command not found" EDIT: Now I'm 50% sure. I edited it with vim through Krusader, and it still doesn't work. I might nuke it all and not touch the custom.cnf with notepad in case this makes some sort of irreversible status change to that file.
  15. The SMART status on my old SSD Cache drive failed, so I got one to replace it. I followed the instructions here: and copied all of the files from the old cache drive to the new one with Midnight Commander, but when i go to use the new cache drive, none of my dockers show up. I get a docker mount error, and in the command line it shows: "Mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, missing codepage or helper program, or another error In come cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail or so." and in my log I just see: "logger: Not starting Docker: mount error" EDIT: Fixed, I had to re-initialize all my apps in the app data by re-creating the docker image. Go ahead and delete this thread.

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