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  1. What Router are you Running?

    PfSense on a Jetway JBC313. No complaints.
  2. Couch Potatoe for TV Shows

    Yes, there's a few dockers that do TV shows. I use Sonarr but there's also Radarr and Sickbeard.
  3. vm device's not working

    Just an additional observation, you shouldn't really be using core 0 for VMs, it should be left free for UnRaid to use.
  4. I'm also having issues getting my Wired XBOX360 controller to work. Works in the Kodi menus but not in EmulationStation Also, any idea where I put any Amiga Kick ROM files that I may want to use?
  5. New to unRAID...a few questions...

    You will need to set up users in UnRaid and then for each share you can set R/W permissions on a per user basis. I think there is issues with Windows saving credentials when accessing network shares but I generally just use the same username and password for both my UnRaid user and Windows Login, seems to work for me. I only use the root account for logging in to the GUI or SSH.
  6. Is this possible

    Why would anybody want a graph of sales figures on their server?
  7. I have 7 Rasplex's as front end players. No complaints at all. (Would be nice if they supported full res MVC 3D files, but I don't mind using the app on my TV for that).
  8. (Solved) Access unRAID GUI Remotely?

    Why not just have a Raspberry Pi or something with the Web GUI permanently open plugged into the monitor?
  9. Personally I only use reverse proxy for anything that the public need to access, like my ADS-B server ( and for my Nextcloud. For everything else I use OpenVPN.
  10. New to unRAID...a few questions...

    How you set up your shares is generally personal preference tbh. I have separate shares for each family member to keep their files in (Makes it easy for permissions). I also have my Media and Downloads as separate shares because my Download share I have set to use only the Cache drive. This means my downloads go to the cache and then my media management programs move them to the Media share on the array. As for the Synology, you can mount this as a network share using the "Unassigned Devices" plugin and then use Krusader to copy stuff over (Although I prefer using Midnight Commander, "mc" in the SSH console)
  11. New to unRAID...a few questions...

    Hey Steve, See you've found the UnRaid forum Knowledgeable guys in here! (I suggested UnRaid to Steve on another PC enthusiast forum )
  12. (Solved) Access unRAID GUI Remotely?

    I don't understand your issue. For the few occasions that you want to access the GUI, just open it in a web browser?
  13. [Support] - Oscam

    Intriguing. I already use OSCAM in my VU+ cable box with Virgin Media. What would would OSCAM as docker be used for? The intrigued part of me is imagining something using this Docker with Plex Media Server and a DVB-C card (if such a thing exists), am I barking up the correct tree?
  14. Rust (game) Docker Problem (probably easy)

    I apologise in advance for dragging up an old thread. I'm looking at setting up a small Rust server on my UnRaid server, is it still the case that it's not possible to get this running via docker? If so I'll spin up a VM.
  15. Linux Mint VM + qBittorrent, no peers

    There's a docker for Deluge

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