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  1. 3 years no issues, until now .....

    Sounds like context switching/CPU spiking issues, you may want to check your CPU temps. You may be thermal throttling. Could be time to re-apply some thermal paste or rethink your CPU cooling setup.
  2. [support] Bungy's docker repository

    Can we get the Testing build of NZBGet with VPN added as a tag option (maybe as :testing)? It's up to 20.0-testing-r2159 as of last November and has some major performance enhancements over the current stable build 19.'s docker template for nzbget provides the testing tag version, but I don't want to lose the great VPN integration you put in yours.
  3. I like having my linux terminal sessions customized with the ZSH shell and oh-my-zsh with git and other plugins. I can set this stuff up on unRAID, but lose all terminal customizations on system reboots. ZSH can stay installed with the Nerd Pack plugin, but I have to reinstall oh-my-zsh via curl/wget and copy my backed up .zshrc back and change my default shell again. I can probably setup a script to do all that via the go file, but is there a better way to just maintain terminal customizations and configs across system restarts? It seems pretty inefficient, especially if I have to re-install oh-my-zsh on each boot.
  4. Updated to 6.4.0 and for the most part everything else for me is working (except for letsencrypt container even with the HTTPVAL fix, went with straight nginx container for now) but the Windows 10 VM I have is causing me issues. It keeps getting BSOD with Inaccessible Boot Device on starting up the VM. Tried newer virtio-win-0.1.141-1.iso VirtIO Drivers and various levels of Machine i440fx-xx with no joy. Anyone else encounter this after upgrading to 6.4.0 of unRAID? Any other things I can look at to diagnose?
  5. Add option for remote syslog in WebGUI

    Well, I use a Splunk docker container for parsing the syslogs from all my home's servers and various network devices that have remote syslog capability (virtually all of them including routers, switches, wifi access points, console KVM servers, IOT devices, set top boxes, other docker containers, VirtualMachines, etc). It's pretty silly that everything on my network can feed their logs to Splunk on one of my unRAID servers, but the 2 unRAID servers I run don't. There are a lot of us using unRAID with Splunk or ELK setup for all our syslogs. It's kind of a basic feature for anything that deems itself a "server". There are hacky ways of making it work, but it's really something that should be available in Settings.
  6. Slack Notifications

    YES!!!!! Thank You!!!!!
  7. Slack Notifications

    I've attached a redacted version of my NotificationAgents.xml and the slack.png I used. Note that it wouldn't work unless I specified an actual webook URL in the XML's default value rather than relying on the form. NotificationAgents.xml
  8. Slack Notifications

    So... still no word on whether we can get this as a built-in feature in Notifications? Yes, it's fairly easy to setup, but even with User.scripts helping "automate" the process, it still has to be done after every version upgrade with potential for overwriting any new changes to the NotificationAgents.xml that we don't know about. It would be much better just to have the changes incorporated directly in the official releases. I mean I'd argue that Slack has many more users these days than some of the official Notification options like pushbullet or join.
  9. [REPO] dmaxwell351 repo - Air Video HD, splunk

    UPDATE: After multiple re-installs and restarts, variations on licensing (free vs trial), changing of file permissions to splunk:splunk, etc, I'm still having the same issue with Relative Search presets. The Real-time search presets work, but only show events going forward with no events prior to when the option is selected no matter which size time window. So collection is definitely working, categorizing is working, and the totals still do show up in the Dashboard Summary. But no historical data can be shown. I do see the following error messages on startup: Failed to start KV Store process. See mongod.log and splunkd.log for details. 6/4/2017, 12:43:54 PM KV Store changed status to failed. KVStore process terminated. 6/4/2017, 12:43:53 PM KV Store process terminated abnormally (exit code 1, status exited with code 1). See mongod.log and splunkd.log for details. 6/4/2017, 12:43:53 PM splunkd.log has these errors: 06-04-2017 12:43:53.407 -0400 ERROR MongodRunner - mongod exited abnormally (exit code 1, status: exited with code 1) - look at mongod.log to investigate. 06-04-2017 12:43:53.407 -0400 ERROR KVStoreBulletinBoardManager - KV Store process terminated abnormally (exit code 1, status exited with code 1). See mongod.lo g and splunkd.log for details. 06-04-2017 12:43:53.407 -0400 ERROR KVStoreBulletinBoardManager - KV Store changed status to failed. KVStore process terminated. mongo.log has these lines: 2017-06-04T15:31:39.576Z I JOURNAL [initandlisten] journal dir=/opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/kvstore/mongo/journal 2017-06-04T15:31:39.577Z I JOURNAL [initandlisten] recover : no journal files present, no recovery needed 2017-06-04T15:31:39.788Z I JOURNAL [durability] Durability thread started 2017-06-04T15:31:39.788Z I JOURNAL [journal writer] Journal writer thread started 2017-06-04T15:31:39.790Z I CONTROL [initandlisten] ** WARNING: You are running this process as the root user, which is not recommended. 2017-06-04T15:31:39.790Z I CONTROL [initandlisten] 2017-06-04T15:31:39.790Z I CONTROL [initandlisten] 2017-06-04T15:31:39.790Z I CONTROL [initandlisten] ** WARNING: /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled is 'always'. 2017-06-04T15:31:39.790Z I CONTROL [initandlisten] ** We suggest setting it to 'never' 2017-06-04T15:31:39.791Z I CONTROL [initandlisten] 2017-06-04T15:31:39.791Z I INDEX [initandlisten] allocating new ns file /opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/kvstore/mongo/local.ns, filling with zeroes... 2017-06-04T15:31:39.886Z E CONTROL [initandlisten] mmap() failed for /opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/kvstore/mongo/local.ns len:16777216 errno:19 No such device 2017-06-04T15:31:39.886Z F INDEX [initandlisten] error couldn't open file /opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/kvstore/mongo/local.ns terminating 2017-06-04T15:31:39.886Z I - [initandlisten] Invariant failure false src/mongo/db/storage/mmap_v1/catalog/namespace_index.cpp 239 2017-06-04T15:31:39.901Z I CONTROL [initandlisten]
  10. [support] Bungy's docker repository

    Thanks Bungy!!! Looks like the source you're using is a version behind. Your repo has 18.0 while the latest stable release from April is 18.1 (changelog: The 19.x test versions are coming along nicely too, so don't know if you'd want to wait for that to update your container version.
  11. [support] Bungy's docker repository

    And... looks like an update of the container fixed it today. Github doesn't show any commits/releases though.
  12. [support] Bungy's docker repository

    Oh well... coincidental timing then. Still an issue, so I setup the binhex SABnzbd VPN container in the meantime. I prefered the more efficient C++ implementation in NZBget to the Python based SABnzbd, but the latest version 2.01 seems better than the older ones I've tried before and I don't want to download from usenet newsgroups without VPN so, SABnzbd it is for now.
  13. [support] Bungy's docker repository

    Getting the same error in the nzbgetvpn log as well. Just started this morning after the unRAID 6.3.5 upgrade. Along with the log error, the webGUI for nzbget gets a connection refused. Docker shows the container running. Other containers using VPN to PIA are working fine like activ-transmissionvpn so it's just isolated to nzbgetvpn.
  14. [REPO] dmaxwell351 repo - Air Video HD, splunk

    Having a weird issue with Splunk. I have a bunch of devices & servers on my network sending log data to UDP:514 on my Splunk container... events are showing up great in the dashboard and I can drill down to show hosts/sources/sourcetypes going into the thousands, so definitely getting data. But when I click on any to search for the actual events, no matter the filter choice, I always get "No Results Found". The data is there but source doesn't work. Tried from the default admin user and a new user just in case it was a roles or permissions issue, but no dice. Any ideas?
  15. [Support] Ninthwalker - NowShowing

    Yup, that repo and the readme referenced. It was a pain to initially setup awhile back but got lots of help on Reddit and other forums. Also, it may not be the actual issue, but from the evidence at hand it seems to be the case. Thanks!

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