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  1. trurl

    AMD Epyc with poor performance.

    Nested virtual machines? Do you mean virtual machines hosted on a virtual machine? Or do really just mean additional virtual machines hosted on unRAID?
  2. trurl

    Video Requirement

    Are you referring to the flash drive unRAID boots from? If so, it doesn't really make much sense to try to do this. The rest of your question also is very unclear. Plex Server has no video requirements of its own, since it just serves media streams to Plex Clients. I have no idea what you mean when you say Typically, people run Plex Server on unRAID and also store their media on unRAID. Another approach is to store media files on unRAID but run Plex Server on another computer but I don't see any clear advantage to that approach. I think there may be some who have Plex server accessing media from multiple unRAID servers. In that case Plex Server may be running on only one of the unRAID instances or possibly on some other computer entirely. Try again to explain what you want to do.
  3. Krusader is a docker. You will also need Unassigned Devices plugin to work with disks outside the array. Install Community Applications plugin and it will help you install all other plugins and dockers.
  4. Would it matter to you if you lost everything in appdata? Typically appdata contains the working storage of dockers. So, for example, if you have a plex docker that is where it keeps its database, and if you lost it you would have to reinstall plex and it wouldn't remember anything about your media.
  5. trurl

    [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Your mapping is telling it to not include any of the files still on cache. /mnt/user is all of the user shares /mnt/user0 is all of the user shares excluding any files still on cache. Haven't really been following the thread so not sure if that's what you intend or not.
  6. trurl

    No write permission for flash drive

    Shutdown, put flash drive in PC and let it checkdisk. If you continue to have problems try another port, preferably USB2.
  7. Be sure to setup Notifications so unRAID can notify you when you begin to get a problem with a disk.
  8. Did you see this wiki? 2 parity is similar, just a different calculation across the disks.
  9. The only thing about your screenshots that clears anything up is the fact that you don't have any parity drives. I think in that case you can assign disks to new slots without unRAID clearing them. All of the rest of it is still very confusing. If you don't have disk shares enabled, how are you showing us any disk contents over the network? Disable any adblockers. Instead of looking at these over the network, you should be able to drill down into each disk contents in the unRAID webUI by clicking the folder icon at the far right of each disk on the MAIN page.
  10. trurl

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    This doesn't appear to be a docker, and I assume none of the unRAID user community has volunteered to support it. You should probably just consider running it in a VM.
  11. And you are sure you don't have SMB Settings to Hide "dot" files?
  12. trurl

    Share disapeared

    But it's best if you don't enable them without a good reason. Be sure to check the help text on this setting.
  13. trurl

    Preclear plugin

    You can easily download a zipped backup of the flash drive at Main - Boot Device - Flash - Flash backup
  14. trurl

    unRaid unresponsive

    Tools - Diagnostics, post complete zip

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