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  1. Drive Failure?

  2. Quick Question

    Just thought I would elaborate on this a bit. Clearing the drive is filling the entire drive with zeros. It does this so it can be added to the array without invalidating parity, since zeros have no effect on parity. After it is finished clearing, the disk will be part of the array and unRAID will format it by writing an empty filesystem to it. Many people get themselves in trouble because they have a vague and incorrect idea of the word "format". In every operating system you have ever used, "format" means "write an empty filesystem to this disk". This is actually pretty quick, since it is really just writing a top level directory with no files or folders in it. And, like all writes to a disk in the array, parity is updated. So after formatting a disk in the array, parity agrees that it has an empty filesystem.
  3. how full to fill a drive?

    And even if you do fill disks manually, it is still a good idea to set Minimum Free for any user share to be larger than the largest file you will ever write. If you are copying, moving, etc directly to a disk that you want to fill, Minimum Free won't matter anyway, but it will at least keep user shares from deciding to write to a disk that is already mostly full.
  4. (SOLVED) REISERFS Error on Disk In Array

    Tools - Diagnostics, post complete zip
  5. help a complete noob

    1st sticky in this subforum you have posted in:
  6. I haven't been involved in this thread until now, but how is the "drive letter" relevant to what you have been doing and what you have been told to do? The "drive letter" is assigned at boot time depending on the order the drives respond and is not guaranteed to be the same between boots. unRAID tracks the "disk number" based on its serial number, and it is the disk number that you should usually be working with.
  7. Recovering a v5 array

    If you still have the USB flash drive you were using before then it's possible it will just boot up without any problems. There is some small chance that changing controllers will cause the drive identifiers to appear different and so worst case you might have to just reassign the drives as they were before and do a parity check (though parity should still be valid if it was before).
  8. Shares, discs and just general confusion!

    So I maybe don't really understand how privoxy plays into this. Are you saying privoxy won't allow you to use a different port for deluge, for example? Or do you just not know how to map delugevpn port 8118 to a different host port? While it is true that both applications will want to use port 8118, that doesn't mean that one of the applications can't remap container port 8118 to another host port. That is the whole point of docker port mapping, to allow a container to use the port it thinks it should use, but to map that container port to a different port on the host so that different host ports are used when communicating on the network and internet.
  9. On the fence with getting unRAID

    tdallen gave a good overview, and linked to the wiki with more overview, but the key point here is that unRAID is the OS, it's not something you add to another OS as you seem to be thinking. It is possible to run another OS as a virtual machine under unRAID, and some have even run unRAID as a virtual machine under ESXi for example. Having said that, the way unRAID handles redundancy is unique, and has a number of advantages, so I encourage you to read more. And it has a great support community!
  10. That is a recent development and I haven't needed to use it, having prepared mine the manual way years ago. You might try the manual way which is also explained on the Downloads page.
  11. There can sometimes be problems with some hardware and booting with USB3. We often recommend trying another port. I actually use the Cruzer Fit in both of my servers without problem.
  12. [Support] - Plex Media Server

    Is this what your looking for?
  13. Shares, discs and just general confusion!

    Or just post a screenshot of your Docker page.
  14. Shares, discs and just general confusion!

    Just to make absolutely sure we aren't talking past each other, could you please answer this question?

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