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  1. Frostyfruit

    unRaid and Seedbox integration

    Hi all, I am using the above script but having an issue where Sonarr is picking up the file while it is downloading and copying to the folder incomplete. Is there anyway for lftp to lock the file while it is complete the transfer?
  2. Frostyfruit

    Mount a permanent ftp/sftp volume on boot?

    Wierdcrap a couple of questions for your setup 1. Are you mapping the remote mount via unraid (not docker containers) 2. Are you just doing one mount i.e. /remotefolder and then mapping the respective folders to your Docker containers i.e. remotefolder/container1 - remotefolder/container2? or are you creating separate mount points per docker?
  3. Frostyfruit

    Mount a permanent ftp/sftp volume on boot?

    Ok! I got the mount working and tested it. I had to change the cipher as my remote host didnt support the one on the above command. if you run executing sshfs - run the -o debug switch to help troubleshot. I spent a lot of my time setting up the public key on the remote server and have it tested. For those interested I had to do the following ssh-keygen -t rsa enter the public key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in one line (needs to start with ssh-rsa) chmod 700 ~/.ssh chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys Depending on your distro you might need to play around with .ssh/authorized_keys or authorized_keys2 I would suggest testing this with Putty first and then going from there..
  4. Frostyfruit

    Mount a permanent ftp/sftp volume on boot?

    Wierdcrap, So just to confirm the mount point for SSHFS is within UNRAID not the docker container itself. Have you tried or could you mount the remote directory directly within the docker container?
  5. Frostyfruit

    Mount a permanent ftp/sftp volume on boot?

    Thanks for this! I'll give it a go and document anything further to help others. I installed SSHSF from nerd pack but when i run sshsf from CLI it dosnt recognize it so i'll give the server a reboot and try the following tonight. I have also found some instructions on creating the SSH Private key / public key so will post this for others using a remote server
  6. Frostyfruit

    Mount a permanent ftp/sftp volume on boot?

    Hi WC, I had a look at the link you originally posted - I assume that you would need to install sshfs via unraid CLI - sudo apt-get install sshfs
  7. Frostyfruit

    Mount a permanent ftp/sftp volume on boot?

    Hi wierdcrap, I have been searching high and low for this as I am in the exact situation. so will try it tonight. I wanted to ask a couple of questions hoping you can guide me as I am new to docker 1. Does the above command go into the extra parameters field in my docker app i.e. Sonarr? 2. Does my local path need to be a real folder i.e. /mnt/user/downloads/complete - or does it create the local folder? 3. what does the identify file do? is this the sshkey file? is identifyFile= where you define where to store it or do you need to place a identify file in that folder? Appreciate your help!
  8. Frostyfruit

    [Support] - Sonarr

    Hi all, Has anyone been able to get remote Sonarr remote path mappings working on external seedbox? I am having an issue where sonarr is working great sending the data to the SB but cant retrieve the data back. I keep getting the following error messages " Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: [location] Close I have read by some people that webdrive or SSHFS needs to be setup however I dont understand if this is native to sonarr or if it needs to be done seperately within UNRAID or the Sonarr docker? Any help would be great
  9. Frostyfruit

    [Support] - TVHeadend

    OK! I got this working! very happy with the playback so far in Kodi using the TVHD plugin. The issue I am having is my EPG Data keeps disappearing randomly in Kodi. - sometimes its there when I goto TV guide - other times its blank and I have to go back and forth for it to populate - all the EPG data is in TVHD (via OTA Grabber) (As I am only using OTA channels Has anyone had any suggestions on this? I used NextPVR as a test setup a few months ago and definitely didnt hit this issue. However NextPVR playback start times were a little slower.... Any advice would be ace!
  10. Nice! Love the small network patch leads!
  11. Hi all quick question Is there a need to stick with the same overlapping IP range? Could you do this with a separate range like is macvlan treating this as a true vlan (tagged or untagged) Thanks
  12. Frostyfruit

    [Support] - TVHeadend

    thanks that did it!
  13. Frostyfruit

    [Support] - TVHeadend

    Hi all got the docker installed on my UNRAID Box. However TVHD cant see any of my HDhomeRun Tuners. Can anyone provide me with any guidence on this? I assume I will need to install the HD HomeRun Drivers on my UNRAID Server. Id prefer not do this by trial and error so hoping some one can guide me of possible on the package / how to install? Thanks!
  14. Frostyfruit

    [Support] binhex - Emby

    Hi binhex sorry you are right it was the original emby container
  15. Frostyfruit

    New Emby Docker

    Hi all I am new to UNRAID and spent hours trying to get emby running. I had issues with playback working on the browser and managed to fix it as it was a permission issue. See my thread here on how I resolved it - I just need to test direct playback now to make sure its working - I hope it helps those that are stuck. P.S. I was very surprised at how much CPU Emby uses when transcoding via UNRAID. It looks like there is a higher overhead for Linux as opposed to Windows systems

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