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  1. Agreed. Good to know I am not the only one.
  2. Or maybe I just never noticed...
  3. Didn't have this in 6.3.5. It was nicely scaled.
  4. TL;DR /boot/config/ssl/certs/hostname_unraid_bundle.pem The file consists of combined *.crt and .key file. You can "cat" them together using: $> cat mycert.crt mycert.key > hostname_unraid_bundle.pem (Obviously replace hostname with your unraid hostname). Delete other generated certs in that folder. Full info: There are instructions on how the SSL configuration is setup and used. Navigate to Settings -> Identification and click on "Use SSL/TLS" with the Question Mark: --- Determines how the webGui responds to HTTP and/or HTTPS protocol. Select No to disable HTTPS (but HTTPS is recognized and redirected to HTTP). Select Yes to enable HTTPS and redirect HTTP to HTTPS. If a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate has not been provisioned, then an automatically generated self-signed SSL certificate will be used. Select Auto if you are using or plan to use a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate provisioned by Lime Technology. Before the certificate is provisioned, the webGui remains in http-mode. After provisioning, the webGui automatically switches to https-mode. In addition two background processes are enabled: updatedns - This starts 30 seconds after server reboot has completed and contacts the Lime Technology DNS service to register the servers local IP address. Thereafter it wakes up every 10 minutes in case the local IP address has changed again. renewcert - This starts 60 seconds after server reboot has completed and contacts the Lime Technology certificate renewal service to determine if your Let's Encrypt SSL certificate needs to be renewed. Thereafter it wakes up every 24 hours. If within 30 days of expiration, a new certificate is automatically provisioned and downloaded to your server. Note: After provisioning a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate you may turn off the updatedns and newcert background processes by chaning this field to Yes. nginx certificate handling details The nginx startup script looks for a SSL certificate on the USB boot flash in this order: config/ssl/certs/certficate_bundle.pem config/ssl/certs/<server-name>_unraid_bundle.pem If neither file exists, a self-signed SSL certificate is automatically created and stored in config/ssl/certs/<server-name>_unraid_bundle.pem Provisioning a Let's Encrypt certificate writes the certificate to config/ssl/certs/certficate_bundle.pem nginx stapling support Whether nginx enables OCSP Staping is determined by which certificate is in use: config/ssl/certs/certficate_bundle.pem => Yes config/ssl/certs/<server-name>_unraid_bundle.pem => No ---
  5. Did anything change regarding banner size in 6.4.0? Shouldn't it be 1270x90? My 'Dark' theme seems to be over stretched @ 1920x1080 resolution. This goes for the top banner and the alignment of the drive usage and other properties in the Main page. Anybody else noticed anything off about this?
  6. One of my servers is not populating Temperatures for SSDs : INTEL_SSDSA2BW160G3 * INTEL_SSDSA2BW160G3 *
  7. Updated 3 systems, no problems. Using my own certs for SSL, no issues. Can confirm, multi-threading works now (multiple operations/requests at the same time)
  8. Awesome! Well done!
  9. Top notch guys. Keep it up.
  10. No doubt, I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to try to helping out. Pardon me if I sounded arrogant. I have worked with many virtualization platforms. So the basic troubleshooting was done.
  11. The first guide is a very basic setup. The second guide is more advanced. My VM provisioning process covered the tutorials. Thank you for sharing regardless.
  12. Could you give me a particular example?
  13. Confirmed, the issue is with Hyper-V Features. Once disabled, system boots no problem. No guide. I just went in, selected windows 10 template, populated there rest and installed.
  14. TL;DR: Use proper CPU pinning to avoid issues with VMs. For example: if you have 4 cores + HT. 0 + 4 1 + 5 2 + 6 3 + 7 And have an *even* number assigned. *** RESOLVED ** Looks like I have an issue with starting up VMs... The VM starts to boot, then two out of the three assigned cores are pinned at 100% and a few minutes later the VM crashes... Not much from the logs either... Host OS: unRAID 6.3.5 Host HW: Intel Xeon E3-1270v2 32GB DDR3 ECC RAM Fujitsu D2607-8i (Flashed to 9211-8i) 8x4TB Hitachi Ultrastars 2 x 1TB Crucial M500 SSDs (VMs run on the SSDs) VM - Windows 10 Cheers.
  15. I've also noticed issues with pegged cores when launching VMs (VMs would hang), not much logging available... Which is what is driving me nuts at the moment. EDIT: This has been resolved. Proper CPU Pinning fixes the issue.

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