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  1. hmm more adapters reduces the bandwidth available - it's like using wireless repeaters. Some of the benefits of unifi adapters over buying powerful wi-fi routers: - each AP has its own wi-fi channel, so there's no loss of bandwidth like with google home/eero/lumia etc that just repeat the signal effectively halving bandwidth with each hop. In a large home one AP will never be enough, and even if it were - the radios on the devices will be too weak to 'talk back' at a fast rate, meaning the overall network slows down - access to additional DFS wi-fi channels so no congestion e.g. in the UK consumer routers don't support DFS channels (52-140) and only 36-48 are available, because of the problems with having to check military, ATC etc aren't using and potential disconnects (imagine ISP call centres with people calling to say wifi keeps going off...). As a result I have my APs on channels 58 & 122 all to by myself and if they do detect issues (once a week or so), the controller moves straight away to another channel - kickass wi-fi including the ability to boost/decrease broadcast dBM as required
  2. [Support] - TVHeadend

    I use Kodi V18 latest builds on Mibox 3 and Fire TVs i.e. Android devices - the Kodi android problems with live tv have been solved in the latest V18 builds, but recorded tv is still a problem for me and I was wondering if that's because I'm recording using pass, when I should be using htsp or mkv.... I've read that mkv has problems with skipping when you watch a recording that's in progress, so I was wondering what other users were doing. I've asked on the TVH forums, but it's fairly dead over there so trying here as I knew I'd get responses.
  3. I agree. If you buy quality APs like Unifi, you don't need to run cables all around the house - just to the APs and use wi-fi for everything else. I'm in a 3 storey home as well, with my server in the loft and my main AV kit on the ground floor. I tried powerline and one AP and it just didn't cut it for me. What I did initially was buy 2 unifi APs and used the unraid docker to control, with the 2nd AP controlled by wireless uplink: I had one AP downstairs connected to my ISP router and the 2nd upstairs connected via uplink, providing connectivity to my server and other kit via a switch. I was amazed how good the performance was, which was more than satisfactory but I eventually decided to run an ethernet cable upstairs when I built a pfsense VM (and one cable back down to the other AP).
  4. [Support] - TVHeadend

    lol helpful! I'm going to do a default install in another container now to see what they are
  5. [Support] - TVHeadend

    What stream settings do people use for kodi? My live TV works fine, but my recorded TV can be temperamental particularly if I skip
  6. Could you share your modified script please as my 3 of my 4 VMs use the VirtIO-SCSI driver as well.
  7. I kind of do this with my VMs - my kids VMs are on the lower cores, and mine and the pfsense VM are on the highest cores. I don't know if it helps, but when I'm bored and watching the cores activity the higher cores do seem to get less use.
  8. Logitech G933 Wireless dongle passthrough

    Try this script - I had similar problems with a webcam and this did the trick
  9. Thanks - thought so, but I thought I'd check just in case. I've been playing with my ratios today, and at the moment I'm at 10%/40% for vm.dirty_background_ratio/vm.dirty_ratio as my thinking is that 10% of 64GB of RAM is a good amount of space which will cover the majority of my files and 40% will cover a large movie file. My hope is that writing it to ram first will give the impression of faster writes, while the background job gets completed at a later time Edit: going to drop both as just realised I don't want to sit around and wait for potentially 25GB to be written when I shutdown, or lose 25GB if I crash.
  10. question re vm.dirty_ratio - if I set it high to say 40%, does unraid ensure all writes that are still in memory get written before it shuts down? Thanks
  11. [Support] Djoss - Firefox

    I guess 'Sandbox' browsing - docker is isolated from rest of PC, so if browser is compromised your PC isn't touched.
  12. setting up a pfsense VM and passing through NICs is very easy. I've just done a screenshot of the VM setup page for a new pfsense VM. After start, you just setup pfsense as normal and treat it like a normal machine
  13. Best way to extend VM display to TV and/or Monitor

    And it has good wifi
  14. Best way to extend VM display to TV and/or Monitor

    I have a mibox 3 as my main box and it's handled my limited 4k fine so far. Don't knock wireless if you've got good wifi! Other rooms have fire TV, 2xfire TV stick and a Samsung smart TV for Plex. The fire devices are 1st Gen - the fire TV is fine with 1080p kodi, but the sticks starting to struggle a bit with kodi (ok with Plex) - I'm going to upgrade the mibox 3 to a Nvidia or something else, mainly because I want better Google home integration and I need to start replacing the fire sticks.
  15. Best way to extend VM display to TV and/or Monitor

    What are you playing in the living room? 1080P or 4K? How about investing in a set-top box e.g. a Mibox 3 or a KHADAS VIM2? No need to mess around with cables then and an outlay of under $100/TV. This is the route I've taken, and the only cables I have in my home are to my server which is up in the loft and from the switch upstairs back down to a Unifi AP downstairs (second is next to the server). I then have a mixture of Android TV and Fire TVs (replacing slowly with Android devices) on each TV.

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