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  1. no issues here thanks for the update
  2. Great additional feature please consider implementing
  3. FileBot containers

    Hi All Need some assistance with FileBot. I have filebot Docker running in Unaid and it looks like it is running on files before they are finished being moved to that directory. this is occurring with Zip files. it extracts before all rar files are present in the folder. The input location is set up with syncthing so rar files can take some time to populate in the folder . How can i maybe schedual or hold filebot from running until all rar files are present? Post below mentions using extractor=SevenZipExecutable. how do i go about doing this? Any help would be appreciated. other user having same issue below. https://www.filebot.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4530#p25361
  4. 3 250GB SSD Cache Pool or 1 750GB Cache Drive

    Great discussion guys. If you dont mind me asking can somone link configuring raid 10 for cache disk Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  5. [In Development] A brand new unRAID interface

    5 stars on the idea. great to see some love for the UI.
  6. Id also like to add that the disk size within the vm (Windows Server 2012) (which is what i allocated) is only 200GB but the image file is 215 what causes this?
  7. Wondering if i can get a quick answer or point in the right direction to why my Unraid server is showing (145GB) used on my cache disk but my VM image file is (215GB) should i be watching the main devices page for space? how does the image file allocate space within the VM image. the image file is RAW.
  8. your an absolute guru thanks mate all working as instructed. Whats the best way to set this thread as (Solved)?
  9. here you go iv screenshot your request. i noticed the cache 2 is full will this cause an issue? iv run the mover so theirs no data left to move.
  10. ok i stopped the array shutdown reconnected physical SSD. booted server re assigned the disk started array and everythings back to normal Capture2 shows me re assigning the device 128 kingston ssd Capture3 shows array back up with cache pool successfull with btrfs showing space available. does this look corect?
  11. yes cache 2 has been physically removed from the server.
  12. thanks again for your assistance johnnie.black i followed your instructions exactly. iv highlighted the steps i performed. after starting the array i get the unmounted message. im removing cache 2 i kept an eye on the writes count. they didnt change at all and the disk still says unmounted. screenshot attached [glow=green,2,300]backup your cache in case something unexpected happens shutdown server remove disk (disk has to be physically disconnected or precleared, starting the array with a previously used pool disk unassigned will result in unmountable cache) power up, start array[/glow] 1) if disk removed was cache1: balance will begin, progress can be seen on cache webpage 2) if disk removed was cache2 and the only one left is cache1: balance will begin, no balance progress will be shown, wait for cache read/write activity to stop this can take some time depending on how much data is on the pool and how fast your devices are, don't stop the array until it's done when balance is done check that on the cache page "btrfs filesystem show" total devices are correct and it's not displaying "***some devices missing" if you removed cache1 and plan to only keep using cache2 it’s ok to trade slots and assign it as cache1
  13. Thanks guys. Realy appreciate your help. I will follow your advice later tonight. Happy Unraiding

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