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  1. dadarara

    Isolating CPU Not Working

    sorry to be so blind I dont see applications section I do see all the dockers by name though, that is what you refer to? cause it doesn't show the core8, core 9 in my case that are used by someone specific.
  2. dadarara

    Isolating CPU Not Working

    Squid thanks I have it working but maybe I am not looking at the right place, I cant find WHO is using the CPU. there are lots of other technical metrics though.
  3. dadarara

    Isolating CPU Not Working

    I am also seeing this situation. whats the best way/command to see who is using the CPU? I assume there are commands like HTOP / TOP that can show the process name, but I wish to know on the higher level like the name of the docker or the VM. my configuration of the 32 cores I have was to dedicated some to VMs specifically and others to unraid and dockers. append intel_iommu=on vfio_iommu_type1.allow_unsafe_interrupts=1 isolcpus=2-5,8-14,18-21,24-30 vfio-pci.ids=8086:244e,1033:0194,1b73:1100 modprobe.blacklist=i2c_i801,i2c_smbus initrd=/bzroot I have this line in all my dockers in EXTRA Parameter field. --cpuset-cpus=0,1,6,7,16,17,22,23 --log-opt max-size=50m --log-opt max-file=1
  4. Hey smart guys. can we have as a minimum option of a text field next to CPU/Core to write what we want. (of course to be saved and presented every time Dashboard is accessed) and as a extended option to know which VM/Docker/etc is controlling the CPU core I have 2 CPUs with 16cores each. I have a map of who is using which one. but it would be nice to have it by simply looking at the Dashboard. Also, is might happen that the configuration is wrong and even if I dedicated Core pair to some VM, maybe someone else is also using it. so it would be nice to see the culprit flash his name next to the core number in the CPU load table in Dashboard. thanks
  5. in my case it doesn't even upgrade. it went into reboot loop. nothing I choose in the clover boot screen helps. it just reboots wouldn't want to go into reinstall allover again. If anyone has any suggestions how to save the VM ??
  6. dadarara

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    I get multiple downloads in Deluge entered by Sonarr and Radarr for the same movie/TV episode obviously from different torrents, but the same. So Deluge is trying to download all of them in parallel. posting here cause I see this both in Radarr and Sonarr so I thought I find here people who use the same setup it seams like Deluge is not updating back to Radarr/Sonarr the status of the download. So they think its not doing anything and they send more torrents.. What did I configure wrong ? where to look ? P.S I also have issue with plugins disabled after Deluge reset . I reinstalled docker image from scratch with all the applications. didnt help.
  7. dadarara

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    all the plugins get disabled after restart. reinstalling the docker doesn't help otherwise its working ok thank you very much I have seen some people with the same issue, cant find a solution in the forum.
  8. download the latest clover. might help with fixes for the new OSX
  9. couldn't find where and how to run the command. but downloaded the latest clover 4425 and it fixed the issues. now in the middle of installation.... update: success!! now everything works. next step is to passthrough RX480 ATI GPU card. should be supported natively. will see... update: success again. the GPU is working out of the box. also the Bluetooth dongle USB. need to buy extension card people where talking about in this forum. I have supermicro x9 board
  10. getting crazy.. made additional attempts (4 of them .....!) every time I delete everything , clean. downloaded latest HighSierra from apple update. created the USB started the VM. Booooo , no disks to load from in the clover loader. followed some advice from web to get the latest apfs.efi driver. no luck. (dont know about HFSPlus.efi ...?) dont see any disk entry . no EFI no HD nothing. the clover starts but cant continue to install. where should I dig ? edit: tried with some other instructions and config files... same result seams it has something to do with the unRaid server. dont know what. reboot doesnt help obviously.
  11. downloaded from the youttube link in the original GridRunner post. its 4220 4411 is better ? the latest ?
  12. problem with HighSierra install. in the end, after deleting the installation image disk from the xml, when I boot again, the clover boot list is empty. it is as if the EFI partition with the boot setup is only on the installation image file. (when I get it back into the xml, the list returnes) when I mount the EFI partitions , I see the DISK1s1 and DISK0s1 . indeed the DISK 1s1 is the EFI on the main 50g disk. should there be a 3rd on for the APFS container. (which is by the way shows as DISK2 in the DISK util). when I create demi folder on one of the above EFI partitions, it mirrors the action. it is as if its the same EFI partition. tried this 3 times. same shit... any suggestions ? otherwise it boots ok.
  13. dadarara


    a little confused from all the info on the forums whats the prefered option for : watch Geoblock-free netflix on my living room TV (non smart) via raspberry Pi3 asume I need to use VPN service to bypass GeoBlocking. I am able to use some netflix friendly VPN services to be configured on my router. This gives me netflix on PCs. and overall VPN protection. how do I see netflix on my TV (NON SMART TV) ? saw something about nvidia shield software on raspberry ... thanks in advance
  14. dadarara

    Show who is using the CPU

    I am looking to see in the "dashboard load statistics " screen the name of the VM/Docker that currently uses the CPU. in the column next to the CPU load %. For example , if I assigned the core pair 2,18 (have 16 core pairs) to VM1 than I will see next to the load statistics the name VM1. And as this is a fixed allocation, than this name will not change over time. On the other hand, I assigned core paid 13,29 and 14,30 to Docker engine , in this case the name that will show next to the load statistics will jump from docker name to docker name based on who is using it at the interval times the statistics are showing on the dashboard.

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