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  1. Just completed RAM test and as you have suggested - all is good. Can hear a slight/feint "clunk" from the server PC .. and suspect that this could be the cache drive. If I have to change it can I simply copy everything from it (drag/drop) or is there a "help-me" anywhere that tells me what to do?! Would hate to have to set everything up again! Thanks again in anticipation
  2. Thank You! Really really helpful - happy to set up a new cache drive if that's what it takes (but will check out the cabling etc etc too of course)! Am just running a ram test anyway ... belt and braces and then will get to work on the drive! Thank you again... tremendously grateful
  3. Hi - hope somebody on this wonderful forum can help/advise. After a few months of working flawlessly I spotted that my unRaid Server 6.3.4 had frozen with an "out of memory" error. I had to force shutdown/restart and everything seemed OK and the sync started after reboot was progressing well. I spotted that an update for SickRage was available and so actioned this but, first time I've seen this, got a "failed" message and was left with an empty docker! This prompted me to take a look at the log ... and it's full of errors! Unfortunately I have no idea what they mean .. but there are so many of them that it seems serious! (especially if I have lost SickRage) Can anyone interpret in simple terms .. and advise on any fixes that I can carry out?! Thanks in anticipation of any help that I receive. tower-diagnostics-20170524-1751.zip
  4. [Support] binhex - SickRage

    Hi There! Just finished installing SickRage docker on my Unraid 6 server today and everything seems to be working as it should .. .except I don't seem to be able to save the API keys of Search Providers under Provider Options. I cut/paste the API key, select Save Changes and everything seems to be OK .. but if I select another option (say Shows) then when I got back to Search Providers the API keys are blank. Also getting " Invalid api key. Check your settings in error log. Everything seems to be working as it should other than this! Any ideas/fixes anyone? Thanks in anticipation!
  5. Thank you for confirming this chbmb - so now I think that I am beginning to understand! Fixed and learning!
  6. hmmmmm - "understand" is a strong word and probably not one I would use in this case! I know where to look though. I still don't really understand how, after I had created a "newdownloadsfolder" share that was cache only (and created complete/incomplete/watched folders).... Sab "knew" to map to this via /data. I guess that I must have entered these locations when I installed the docker and they were then passed to Sab?! Thankyou though
  7. Wow chbmb - I think that works! Great stuff - thank you! Amazingly helpful. Thanks again. Will tag as solved!
  8. Right - will take a look - thanks! ( not sure I'm sufficiently equipped to do too much but will take a look!) Thanks!
  9. Probably dumb of me but I can't find that anywhere .. where do I find this?! Looked everywhere I can think of!
  10. Thanks CHBMB - just looked .. .and it seems to me that the article is ensuring that the user ensures that the same "downloads" folder is used for all apps that are working together?! My problem is that I can't get Sab to download and process in the folders that I have made .. and the SAB docker has made its own folders based on the addresses in the folder descriptions ... whereas I want Sab to use the Cache only share that I have created for this purpose. And thanks yet again trurl - I forced an update to Sab and the run command is: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name="binhex-sabnzbd" --net="bridge" -e TZ="Europe/London" -e HOST_OS="unRAID" -e "UMASK"="000" -e "PUID"="99" -e "PGID"="100" -p 8080:8080/tcp -p 8090:8090/tcp -v "/mnt/user/NewDownloadsShare/":"/data":rw -v "/mnt/user/appdata/binhex-sabnzbd":"/config":rw binhex/arch-sabnzbd 0e81bf641ad88c4843a1d23363f6e0312ad08f2ac47d8c677ea42f0a26bbc853 The command finished successfully!
  11. Hi - following a traumatic update to unRaid 6 (from 5) I am now attempting to install my first docker(s). I've started with Spaceinvader One's great YouTube tutorial. I can follow everything that he does until I get to the point of setting up folders in Sabnzbd. He suggests that you set up a Downloads folder on your Cache drive that contains complete/incomplete/watched folders. I simply can't do this?! In Sabnzbd, when I navigate to "mnt" nothing appears. If I hard-type "/mnt/cache/downloads/incomplete" this folder route is automatically made and appears in the config route ... /appdata/bin-hex sabnzbd/mnt/downloads/incomplete... which is what I do not want to happen. I have created a Downloads cache-only share but simply can't navigate to it from Sabnzbd folders menu... any advice gratefully received Thanks in anticipation
  12. tentatively putting Solved on this ... my unRaid has now run for almost 20 hours ... performed a full parity check, no ethernet problems reporting in any of the troubleshooting logs, and mangaged to stream a few things without a hic-cup. Still holding my breath - but to everyone who offered such great and helpful advice - thank you so much. Really good to know that such clever people are watching over your shoulder at such times!!!!!
  13. Thank you trurl - this is really becoming a good education for me - really wish I was a little calmer during the process though. Back up again now with two ethernet cables in play ... will try using it again and keep my fingers crossed.
  14. noticed that my mobo has two ethernet ports and so, belt and braces, have connected both of them up to the switch with new cables. Back up and running again but no idea how long for?! Holding my breath!
  15. Thanks - can see what you mean. Have tried a new port and a new cable - wonder if my motherboard is not compatible with 6?! Seem to recall reading somewhere that some MoBo's have ethernet problems?! Just rebooting and will try again and will update in a little while. Really appreciate all the help/advice so far.

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