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  1. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    seems like this is new... on Asus x370pro 3404, dont recall seeing it on 3402,can someone confirm? also what is it for?thanks Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  2. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    yeah - found that after week of trying everything else but is there a difference Legacy vs UEFI regarding booting speed of system performance...other then better resolution during boot TXT window? Thanks
  3. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    i have 3402 and seems there is now new one 3404 (will update now) ...i have vm running some dockers and all fine now... BTW: when we have you here... is there any fix that if is USB set and boot in UEFI mode - GPU pass into VM doesnt work ? Thanks
  4. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    i used 12x Asus Strix 1080ti and Asus b250 mining MB , i5 6500t cpu, 4gb ram, usb3.0 and nvOC , oh and 3x server PSU DPS-1200
  5. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    well it can be Media server and desktop also did the same...thats why all those try/fails with GPU pass-through - the HEX mod is easy few mins to mod it... How do u want to mine? create Linux VM with nvOC or something like that and let it run? ...minig my my original idea...but 3 card do lot of heat, so ive put 12x 1080ti on water into Rig
  6. So other issue on windows START button stopped to work and behaved strange - seems like more people with this issue and here is the fix: Original answer: 1- Right click on start menu and click on Run. "For those who the start menu does not respond with right click, right click on taskbar - click on Task Manager - from File menu on the left upper corner select Run new task". 2- Write the command regedit and click Enter. 3- Go to path [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WpnUserService]. 4- Double click on Start from the right side. 5- Change the value data to 4 then OK. 6- Reboot.
  7. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    so ur using the "rom dump file" right? Yeah i have the same issue with UEFI spend couple of days on that till i find it out
  8. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Which GPU do you use and do you have UEFI enabled or disabled on Unraid Flash USB?
  9. Got into one more issue with Rights, when im trying to set/move folder on the NAS it say it doesnt have permissions, its set on Public (unraid) and i can create/edit folders in TotalCommander and Explorer so no clue where is it blocked again Thanks EDIT: Also how do i get the "UNRAID NAS" to be listed under network ? It shows other PC on network , but when im trying to seach through i need to manually enter \\unraid\ Tried this solution , but didnt helped
  10. Works!!! maan thanks after a week of trying GPU thing - this went pretty fast thanks to you Thanks so much , finally i can go further with my All in ONE machine setup
  11. Only this Win10 is fine, but as you can see VM can see devices on the network except Unraid shares
  12. well seems like Win10 is not able to see or connect to the Unraid at all, i see just other devices on network. when i type \\unraidtower or \\192.168.x.xx get just error - same stuff work from my laptop
  13. Ok seems like i found the root cause: When i set USB flash (unraid) to boot as UEFI - it gives this error and GPU passthrou is not working at all, soon as i disable GPU works fine.... --- But now im facing other problem Win VM cant see unraid shares, im able to see devices on network , but not shares even when i type manually address - which work from other devices... This is never ending
  14. Access shares or mapped drive from a VM

    having the same on VM Win10 running on Unraid im not able to see "unraid" shares even when i put \\unraidname or \\unraidIP Other devices on my network are visible...even on Dockers im able to see shares...

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