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  1. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    Yes the auto ripper should follow the "Default selection rule" as configured in the GUI in expert mode. Same thing for forced subtitle: you should be able to select them with the selection rule
  2. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    Sure. Image is currently building
  3. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    If you click on « Show more settings », there is a field « Automatic Disc Ripper: Minimum Title Length » that you can adjust to make sure only the main movie is extracted.
  4. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    Redo (delete/recreate) the AUTO_DISC_RIPPER_PARALLEL_RIP variable parameter. Looks like there is a byte order mark unicode character in the name: AUTO_DISC_RIPPE<feff>R_PARALLEL_RIP
  5. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    And what is the output of "docker inspect MakeMKV" ?
  6. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    docker logs MakeMKV
  7. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    Can you provide the whole container log?
  8. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    Looks like parallel rip is not enabled...
  9. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    You mean other than looking at the container settings? You can execute a command like: docker inspect -f '{{ range $p := .Config.Env }}{{ println $p }}{{end}}' MakeMKV Where "MakeMKV" is the name of the container.
  10. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    Perfect. You can look at the container's log to see the progress.
  11. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    Correct. AUTO_DISC_RIPPER and AUTO_DISC_RIPPER_EJECT are already defined in the container settings. You just need to change the value.
  12. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    With the exception of "AUTO_DISC_RIPPER_PARALLEL_RIP", all other variables are already in the container settings.
  13. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    Sure :
  14. Djoss

    [Support] Djoss - MakeMKV

    I also get this sometimes. It seems to have a glitch in unRAID. Should recover itself... Oh I though/assumed that you were using the automatic disc ripper. Any reason why you are not ;)?

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