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  1. Great explanation, thanks! What program/tool would you have tried using?
  2. I will try that software if that is the only chance, worth a shot. If not, I'll chalk it up.. I was hoping there was some way to use the "xfs_repair" or similar tool in some way o rebuild the disk, since the data is still there, I think? Or doesn't it work that way with formatting? (This isn't my main Unraid machine, I run the Unraid-VM on my gaming/etc machine. Use it mainly for extra backup, some testing and media storage. Everything important is triple backed up. But basically 7 TB of media, games, etc gone.)
  3. I assumed no since the drive was formatted. I shut down the array and asked here so I don't do the wrong thing.
  4. No the drive was XFS, and I accidentally reformatted it with XFS-encrypted instead of the new drive. All was done in Unraid. Disks are passed through to Unraid.
  5. I managed to format/encrypt the wrong drive while doing array encryption; xfs -> xfs encrypted. One full with data. Nothing super important, but still... I'm testing Unraid under VMWare on W10 on a second computer so no parity drive was present. When I added a new empty drive the disk assignments in Windows changed so the new and the old disks got mixed up by Unraid. Because the disks are the same it went unnoticed on both ends, I suppose. Any chance at all to get back the data on that disk? I've written nothing to it after formatting.
  6. [Support] binhex - Emby

    Having issues playing 4k streams through Emby. Playback don't quite keep up and keeps stopping/buffering. Playing directly through samba works perfect. No transcoding of course, and i highly doubt bandwidth would be the problem. (I use Google WiFi and Nvidia Shield with Kodi) Any idea what might be the culprit? @binhex
  7. First Build

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean exactly..? But since the OP is asking for advice, why not give him your recommendations?
  8. First Build

    FX-6300 is from around 2012, why suggest that cpu? G4560 is an excellent choice, great value.
  9. Looking for a couple of 8TB drives in good condition. PM!
  10. I won't be using VT-d on this machine. It will be strictly for NAS functionality. I'm also looking at the new Atom C3000 lite of boards. Any experience with those?
  11. I hear what you're saying, and I might consider that.. When I look at the NM10 PCH specs, it says it uses about 2W. Plus 13W TDP for the Atom. I guess I'm missing something?. (That said, the Supermicro X10SBA for instance does look interesting. €200 and I can reuse the RAM I've already got.)
  12. I was thinking of using a 60GB SSD for the system and dockers, plus a spinner as extra cache for downloads etc, to avoid writing and reading to the array at the same time. That is, if that would be a limiting factor when using an Atom?
  13. Yeah that's my main concern, but I suppose I have to try. My current unraid setup works great, but I need that computer for other stuff so it would be great if I could use this other board.
  14. Thanks, sounds good. How big transfer speed issues? Worth noting for my use case? I've read somewhere unraid 5 could be better with Atom CPU's. Any experience with that?
  15. Worth a try at least, thanks! How much will a spinning cache drive help? The 60GB SSD will not be big enough to cache downloads etc. I'm thinking writing directly to the array could slow it all down a bit? I only use single parity. x4 should have more than enough bandwidth for 6-8 drives?

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