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  1. Yeah im sure i could run other software instead of plex, but that was the whol ereason for it, to have verything in on app
  2. No, or yes, i dont have hardware issues, its the software. I want 1 or 2 times a year TV streaming over plex (while on holiday). Plex integration is horror. Project seems dead to me.
  3. I guess best is remove DVB and forget it. Its a shame that its "working" so baldy in 2018 (atleast the way i want to use it)
  4. Strange question. At this time i dont know any remote exploit for unraid or "a game server". But who knows whats tomorrow? You can do that and i would do that. But the risk is always the same. If someone hacks your windows machine (your desktop PC) via browser exploit, he (could)knows all your passwords and could acess litterally everything. So, how safe is ur normal browsing? Unraid shouldnt be exposed to the internet and youre fine (thats how i go with that) You can expose your VMs/Dockers to the internet. If you own the coca cola reciept i would store it in a cold storage... btw that paneel looks very dead
  5. Is it confirmed that there was an error?
  6. Hi, yes its the latest dvb version libreelec, i didnt know this makes a difference. Could you move it to correct thread?
  7. Seems to be known linux bug?!
  8. Hi, i just noticed my speed is only 10-11mb/s so i looked the log up, and found this:
  9. good server for UNRAID 6 ?

    Looks like refurbished or something, they are mostly "too cheap to be true" and mostly something isnt good (in this case, wrong raid controller)
  10. good server for UNRAID 6 ?

    While that is true, im refering to his list. Raid Controller: LSI 9210-8I (IT MODE)
  11. good server for UNRAID 6 ?

    Hm? Where to start. "Can i plug a rj45 ethernet on this Mellanox ConnectX-3 CX353A Single Port 40GbE QSFP+ Adaptor ?" I dont think so. But u could plug a new network card in it, i guess. "Is this config server is good for UNRAID 6, is there a weak component ?" What you want to do with unraid? thats the question.. my guess is now for some dockers, plugins, some storage... So, CPU and RAM are probably overkill (but works ofc), but no storage (u need cache (ssd) and hdds). The raid controller is only for 8 drives, so if you want to connect more, you need another raid controller.
  12. 16 bay (cool if hot swap)

    So i currently have a 4u server where i "thrown in hdds" (yea, rly) I want to change that. I would like a case for 16 hdds atleast, dont need to be hot swap, but wouild be cool. I learned the hard way that rack mounted is nice, but shit if u want cool and quit.... so i want to let everything in the old 4u server, and just put the hdds with some fans in a extra case. Is there anything cheaper? I would just put the new case on top of the 4u or under it.
  13. Anyone expierince with Archive drives?

    Yeah, i looked wrong, i thought it uses 5 watt while in idle...
  14. Anyone expierince with Archive drives?

    So, work very well, but (ofc) dont use for cache!? Do they really require more watt?
  15. Upgrade Build - Gaming, Media, Mining

    As far as i know SLI is most used for gaming, for GPU farming et.c its not used so this should be no problem. Passthru is some work, but from what i read from others, its doable... But i really would go for 32gb ram, just to be sure, So unraid would have i dont know, 4GB and rest is for what u want to do, with 32gb you could probably let all run the same time either. (as long as u dont mine on the gpu where u want to play at) OR install first 16gb but so that you can upgrade later to 32.

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