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  1. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    If the PlexmediaServer folder still exists in your appdata folder, you should be fine. Remove any existing dockers. Create a new one using 'my templates' (eg, my-PlexMediaServer) - this should re-use all the mappings you had before. Spin it up - give it a couple of mins to sort itself out, then try connecting. If you still can't connect, check the docker logs
  2. Max NICs unRaid will recognise

    Got it sorted - it's a dodgy card. Remembered I had another one in a windows machine, swapped it out and all ports are fine - with the original card also only showing 2 connections available in windows when I put it in the spare machine. thanks all
  3. Max NICs unRaid will recognise

    thanks - I'll do a bit of digging around then see if I can work out why they're not showing - just didn't want to spend too long on it if it was never going to work ...although, could it be a lack of PCIe channels on the motherboard blocking all the ports on the quad nic? I should check that out - they all light up when a cable is plugged in, but UR doesn't seem to recognise them. ok, I have 40 channels, with 3x H200's & the Intel quad nic. I think the H200's are x8 each - so I ought to have plenty of channels free.
  4. Max NICs unRaid will recognise

    Is there is limit to how many NICs unRaid will recognise/support? My motherboard has dual NICs, which I've used to created a bonded bond0 interface. However, I added an intel quad interface nic - but only 2 additional interfaces show as available. Is this the normal behaviour? If so, if I wanted to use the 4 intel nics (instead of the 2 onboard), would I have to find a way to disable the onboard interfaces? (I appreciate I have absolutely zero need for a quad-gigabit bonded connection - it's just for fun ) Here is the detail from Info - my network cables are currently connected to the 2 onboard interfaces bond0: fault-tolerance (active-backup), mtu 1484 eth0: 1000 Mb/s, full duplex, mtu 1484 eth1: 1000 Mb/s, full duplex, mtu 1484 eth2: not connected eth3: not connected ifconfig lists the same interfaces (along with docker0,lo, and a bunch of vethxxx interfaces I presume are the dockers)
  5. UPS for Unraid (what software?)

    I use a CyberPower Sinewave 1500va/900w - works perfectly with the native unRaid UPS settings. It's great value compared to the APC units, and as the name describes, outputs 'true' sinewave power. Also, unless you're running a very heavy gaming machine, you're not likely to need more than 1500va (I run my full unRaid server with 20x HDD, a smaller headless desktop, a 'gaming' spec PC, 27in Monitor, A/V amp, and all my networking equipment, and I rarely top 40% utilisation. Usually sits around 30% with everything on, and 20-25% when idling with the screen & amp off etc.
  6. Perhaps a more elegant solution might be a built-in USB 'migration' tool within the OS - allowing you to opt to transfer to a new drive as a routine every n years. I've had plenty of USB drives die on me (especially ones used in the car for music - but guess they're read a lot more than UR) - but my UR drive has been fine to date.
  7. I only today learnt I could go to Tools-->Archived Notifications-->[Notification] to get more detail on a particularly onerous notification (like the dreaded Array Fail) notification Would be really helpful if, where relevant, clicking the notification took you to the relevant page where you could get more detail. Might just help make the info more accessible to users. (This particularly relates to the array health report, but may apply to others)
  8. Thanks Squid - I eventually found the very useful Archived Notification menu where it gave me some more detail. I found... So was indeed the temp setting off the failure. I've upped the WARN threshold to 50c, so that should sort it out (it's never less that 38/39, so doesn't take much to get it to 40)
  9. I frequently wake up to a status message on my server stating However, I can't see what the issue is. Some days it's reporting fine - about 50/50 Parity is valid, and last checked a few days ago. When I run fix common problems, there are no errors or warnings Only thing I can think of, is that when mover is running, the cache drive sometimes gets warm (40c-42c) - could this be triggering the FAIL notification?
  10. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    So, after 3 solid days of trying to get this working - I finally worked out what the underlying issue was - both for being able to 'claim' my original server, form sharing libraries, and remote connections. My MTU size was defaulting to 1500, but was evidently too high! Changed it to 1484 (well, used MSS Clamping instead) and instantly worked. Yikes!
  11. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    OK - could do with a bit of help on this bit if anyone is able to. I can't currently get remote access to work - but my hunch is that it's my unraid network interface setup Remote access just won't succeed - I'm using Unifi router, with a modem in bridge mode, so there should not be a double-NAT issue. In Plex, i've set 'manual port' to 32400 (I've tried letting uPnP take care of it, and I've tried an alternative port - same results) In Unifi, this port is forwarded to the local IP if I browse to [public facing ip]:32400/web, the plex web interface successfully loads - so I think that rules out a forwarding / nat issue I also have (had) another plex install on another machine, which worked just fine, including remote access. So reckon it's something local to the docker/server I've attached my eth0 setup - it was a bonded connection (bond0) which I hastily turned back to a regular one when I was having a different problem which I thought might be network related, and wonder if I've done something funky which is blocking communications. I'm unsure if the logs can help point towards the issue, but I get a little lost sifting the the logs - not really sure what I'm looking for!
  12. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    Yes - but didn't manage to get a response. In the end, I backed up the appdata folder, create a fresh Plex install and copied the plugin support, media & metadata folders. This seemed to sort it out. Still have a couple of issues that I might need a hand with (can't get remote access to work, but could be an Unraid network config issue), and problem sharing libraries - but I'll do a bit more troubleshooting before I pop back!
  13. I've now gone ahead and performed the 6.3.5-6.4.1 upgrade - but again, all docker apps are perpetually showing as having an update available.
  14. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    Still having issues getting into Plex. I can claim / unclaim - but as soon as I claim, the server becomes unavailable. - I've tried removing recommended fields from the preferences.xml file - I've tried removing the entire preferences.xml file and going through the basic setup process again - I've tried removing the docker.img file - I've gone ahead with the 6.3.5-->6.4.1 unRaid update Occasionally (depending on what I click on once I've tried claiming), I do get the message...
  15. **Sorry, realised that this would have been far better in the Docker sub-forum than general!** Hi, every time I update my docker apps, I'm soon told they need updating again. eg, I can do update --> Docker tab --> Check for updates and it'll tell me there's another update (or it'll prompt me during the overnight check) When I actually do the update, it then realises I'm actually up to date - so nothing is changing. IMAGE ID [latest]: Pulling from binhex/arch-delugevpn. Status: Image is up to date for binhex/arch-delugevpn:latest Seems like it's not 'saving' the current version number or something. (This applies to all Docker Apps) I'm on 6.3.5 My repositories are https://github.com/limetech/docker-templates https://github.com/rocker-org/rocker Edit 1: Probably unrelated, but am also having an issue getting my plex server adoption to be persistent - could there be a write issue on the AppData or USB drive or something? Or would that manifest as a more obvious issue? Edit 2: I also tried removing & re-adding a docker, but it still exhibits the same behaviour (though I didn't have it remove the image) Edit 3: I noticed that Fix Common Problems was flagging an issue stating that the template URL was missing. Went through and fixed these using auto-fix, and the warning no longer appears. This doesn't appear to have changed the update requirement Edit 4: I've tried removing the docker image (for a single app), and had the same result. I've ran a full FCP scan, which didn't identify anything else Edit 5: I think my next course of action will be to follow this post on deleting and restoring the docker.img file. I'll hold out until later today, so welcome any other suggestions in the meantime! Edit 6: I've now tried wiping the docker image file and re-adding the docker apps - but I'm still prompted to update. Could this be some sort of network issue? It does take quite a long time for it to do the update checks.

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