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  1. unRAID install freezes

    I have a tech friend building me a combo NAS & Media Server. See my hardware components description in the 'before buying unRAID' forum. My ID is Captmcnet. Attached is a jpg screen shot of the problem my tech person has encountered. He tells me that he has tried the installation several times, and it always stops at the same point.
  2. is unRaid right for me?

    Tkd itimpi, I have read the same concerning Servers and ECC RAM. I will need to cogitate on the VM possibilities.
  3. is unRaid right for me?

    Tks trurl, I will take another run at the Overview article; it may make better sense now that you guys have cleared up my questions. Referring to my Server setup, I also had stated, "The server mobo is a dual Xenon Asus Z10PE-D8 WS , with two Xeon E5-2603 V4 CPUs. ...Please advise me on your recommendations for RAM." I have read that 1GB RAM is recommended for each 1TB of HDD storage space. Should this be ECC RAM ? What type RAM and how much RAM do you guys recommend ?
  4. is unRaid right for me?

    So itimpi, there is no need for a C: system drive? Could I use my nvme SSD as the cache drive ?
  5. is unRaid right for me?

    Thank you, itimpi and wgstarks for your response.
  6. is unRaid right for me?

    As a newbie I need help similar to what Chris1bass was asking. My personal computer is running Win10 Pro 64 bit on an Asus X97 Pro mobo, with an i7-4790K CPU, and using a Samsung 512GB SSD for the OS. I have a tech friend building me a combination NAS-MediaServer. It is intended to contain and distribute across my home LAN , all family photos, videos, and music. (probably using PLEX and a Roku client box at each home TV, I so far believe) The server case has 12 bays for 3.5" HDDs. I am populating it with 12 Seagate IronWolf 8TB HDDs. If I use one 8TB for parity, and a second for cache (or should I consider a 1TB SSD for the cache?), do you recommend using unRAID in a one 10 disk set RAID 6 style approach , or in a two 5 disk RAID 6 sets married in a RAID 60 style approach? The server mobo is a dual Xenon Asus Z10PE-D8 WS , with two Xeon E5-2603 V4 CPUs. The OS (C:) drive is a Samsung 950 Pro nvme SSD. Please advise me on your recommendations for RAM. I have been trained most of my life to believe that a hardware RAID controller is always superior to software RAID. Recently I read the AnandTech article reporting on your unRAID 6 product. I understand the primo Achilles heel of using a controller card is the catastrophic failure of that hardware card. I further believe all hardware controller cards use proprietary massaging of the data written across the storage drives. I may be ready to abandon hardware RAID controller cards. I read the instructions set out in your "Getting Started with unRAID Server OS" and I am unclear about "...alter configuration settings in your BIOS". I believe you were referring to the BIOS of the unRAID 6 Server OS . Or were you referring to a different BIOS? To me you were not being very clear. I am inferring from the "Getting Started..." instructions that pre-installation (on the server machine) of a Linux OS (or any other OS) is not required. I had believed that Linux was a pre-requisite. Now I perceive unRAID to be an Server OS, and an underlying Linux or Windows etc is not required on the NAS/MediaServer machine. Is that correct? I have been out of my depth software wise ever since we left DOS behind. Any help you may provide will be greatly appreciated. Captmcnet

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