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  1. Currently it's set up so any line is just draggable (up/down) to reorder them easily. This is a great new feature, but could it be moved to a separate column? Mainly because I'd like to be able to highlight/copy the docker port mappings to make it a bit easier instead of typing them. Edit: would also be great to be able to middle click a docker icon to open into the webui.
  2. Just had a lockup, initially thought it was just the VM, but the webUI was unresponsive also. Computer had to be hard shutdown. Not sure if this is right, I just grabbed the diagnostics via the tool. Edit: happened again. Pc reboots and starts up fine. Both times it's crashed the vm was gaming.
  3. Not sure if this is user error or a bug with docker. If you install a docker, and change the name - the docker is still accessible, but you lose the edit and webui buttons. Reproduce: install "Grafana" docker, rename to "grafana". I thought it'd be 'neat' to organise mine all to the same, however in doing so I lost all control to everything.
  4. Wow Significantly faster booting to Win10 VM with 1 GPU and 1 USB controller. 9 threads and an emulator pin. 6.5.2 = 1:46:22 to desktop 6.5.3-rc1 = 00:39:60 to desktop
  5. marshy919

    unRAID OS version 6.5.2 available

    Unable to go from 6.5.2 rc2 to this build via the update OS method. It simply does not find the update. It seems like the button to change from next to stable is broken, and it just resets (as it does in some other settings like the docker container). DNS blocking amazon server Fixed, and not your issue
  6. marshy919

    WebUI has become unresponsive

    Nah in the appdata folder.
  7. marshy919

    WebUI has become unresponsive

    I had this happen with Duplicati a few days ago. Duplicati was creating an enormous log file, I think it got up to 4.4GB, in the meantime noting worked.
  8. marshy919

    Pi Hole IP inaccessible

    Just trying to reach my PiHole UI within a VM. Every other device can reach it; laptop, phone etc. My VM and Unraid Host can ping the IP, but chrome shows error "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" This error shows after about 5 minutes, IE and Edge also do not work. Edit: also noticed that any docker containers that are currently using bridge network mode are not opening the UI. Changing to custom br0 or host works...
  9. marshy919

    unRAID OS version 6.5.2-rc2 available

    Any temp fix for this until new RC is out? I'm sure this is related, but not mentioned here... I'm unable to edit the custom network inside the docker settings either. Trying to do your network isolation (from other thread)
  10. marshy919

    unRAID OS version 6.5.0 Stable Release Available

    Only issue I have started getting with this release is with the new VNC. My OSX VM didn't have issues with mouse use, now it does. Essentially, the mouse moves in the VNC window, and on windows (background). Due to the differences in mouse speed, the windows one always hits the top of the page sooner etc.
  11. marshy919

    Orphaned Images 6.4.1

    I do, Just found this page... Thanks!
  12. marshy919

    Orphaned Images 6.4.1

    Since 6.4.1 RC1 I've had multiple docker containers become orphaned. Upgraded since to RC2 and now 6.4.1. Thought the issue had gone away, however it has persisted. It seems like it only happens after the docker container is updated and random at that. I just manaully updated OpenVPN by linuxserver and immediately after it was finished I found it in the orphaned area. Redownloading it fixes it immediately without changing anything, but just unsure as to what could be causing this. Thanks Found this in system log. Feb 13 22:28:59 Tower [31309]: The command failed. Error: sh: /usr/local/emhttp/usr/bin/docker: No such file or directory<br>
  13. marshy919


    Sorry for the old thread bump, seems like the only thread about Elementary OS on Unraid. I've been messing around with this for a little but only seem to get it to boot up and then eventually say "A start job is running for Ubuntu live CD installer". Edit: got it working. Required seabios and network type to virbr0
  14. marshy919

    FileBot containers

    Thanks for that, I enabled the settings in the conf but still no connection to the WebUI or RDP. Anything else to try? Cheers Edit: All good, needed to restart server for it to work.
  15. marshy919

    FileBot containers

    Using RDP (win10 client) or 8080 port doesnt bring up anything for me. First time using, and cant seem to get a UI to appear.

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