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  1. Hi everyone, Forgive me if I make a mistake as this is my first time using a forum to ask some questions. I have just built my new computer in a CoolerMaster Master Case 5 Pro. This unit contains (after some modding) 10 x 3.5" HDD's and 4 x SSD's. I have all of my drives except for one 480GB SSD, which is my 'C' drive (connected to MB sata0) and my DVD/CD player (connected to MB sata1) connected to an LSI SAS31601E controller card...I managed to pick up 3 brand new cards for 70 US Dollars with free delivery from India to Australia. I know these are superceded cards that only handle 3GB/s, but, for what I use my computer for they work out fine. Now my questions are: - 1) Would anyone in the Lime Tech Community be able to help me out with a user's/installation manual; and 2) Would anyone have a copy of the drivers/flash bios? Many thanks in advance, Wwlfsend

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