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  1. mrbilky

    Cache Drive

    There is information regarding the subject in the FAQ thread
  2. mrbilky

    please help i am new to this Unraid

    As my signature shows my build is pretty much the same as your planning although I do not currently have a GPU unRAID works quite well with this setup
  3. mrbilky

    Plex-Docker issues

    I see yeah I'm outta ideas I had issues as well and the folks here helped me I'm sure someone will chime in
  4. mrbilky

    Plex-Docker issues

    I had to change my host path to /mnt/cache/xxx and that worked for me
  5. mrbilky

    Plex-Docker issues

    Did you try going to the apps tab and hitting the NAS icon its the middle icon at the top left and reinstalling plex from the previous apps tab it should maintain your previous settings if I understand it correctly
  6. This may be a stupid question but I can see and set my onboard audio in the VM setup and the VM will launch but when I get all the drivers up and running I don't get any audio, so for the purpose of making this work do I need speakers connected to the unRAID box in order for the system to work, I'm logging in from my MacBook and pc but no sound?
  7. Aha I think I found the issue I just created a windows 7 VM and it actually used my 10GBe network which is peer to peer so not sure why that happened but I now have the eth3 back under networks will have to see if when I remove the VM it will go back to its original state?
  8. Thanks for the reply I should post solved but not sure that I did anything to help I appears to have corrected itself, I did reboot, tried deleting the routing table in network settings twice but did not seem to have an affect I reset my router to default settings and then gave up 2 days later I resume trying to figure it out and to my surprise it reset back to the proper assignments gotta love when the happens sure would have been nice to have known what caused it but I'll take it I'm not sure but I think my router may have updated its firmware or something automatically
  9. mrbilky

    Is this disk bad

    Thank you Frank much appreciated!
  10. mrbilky

    I need a Plex transcoding beast!

    Go onto passmark's website there you can see cpu scores, for PLEX they say 2000 points per 1080 stream using that number you can weed out sub par cpu's and identify those that would make a good PLEx media server
  11. I replaced my motherboard and booted up and everything was spot on except when I went to confirm my mellanox connectX 2 dual port card was operable I got this surprise below: I used to have eth0, eth1 and eth2 but as you can see somehow I now only have eth0, eth1 and a new eth3 but my routing table shows eth2 but both 2 and 3 have the same mac address any takers on how to correct this I did put this in the x8 slot on the board as that is where it will reside but at the moment I don't have a GPU in the x16 slot also I'm wondering if this is causing me boot issues with my other rig that is peer to peer with this NIC?
  12. mrbilky

    4 SATA port PCIe controller

    Thanks for the info, and used is good my 10GBe cards were server pulls and they were plug and play so no issues there thanks again!
  13. mrbilky

    4 SATA port PCIe controller

    Thanks Johnnie B I only need 4 additional SATA ports as my new mobo has 8 SATA ports on board I am staying with a 12 disk setup for my use case is there a decent x4 HBA that plays nice with unRAID or will 4 ports require x8, the reason I ask is I am limited to 16 PCIe lanes from my CPU and 4 from the chip-set I would like to keep open my 2 x16 slots for a GPU and my my 10GBe dual port card any advice is appreciated!
  14. Anything wrong that I will encounter using one of these cards for unRAID like will it bottleneck with 4 drives on a x1 PCIe socket? I have a small SAS to SATA raid card too but it has a Marvell controller 88SE9230 on it and I've read that can be problematic with unRAID?
  15. mrbilky

    Is this disk bad

    Cool thank you, you wouldn't have a link to a good source for the explanation of SMART attributes would ya?

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