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  1. mrbilky

    To AMD EPYC or not

    Now is the time to go Threadripper micro center has the 1950X on sale for $629.99 and $600 if you bundle the motherboard
  2. mrbilky

    16 PCIe lanes

    Yep it's a desktop board so in theory I should be able to run a GPU at 8x an HBA at 8x and my 10GBe card at 4x from the chipset, if I've read correctly most of the time a GPU is only running at 8x so I would have some headroom for other purposes as I don't think I'll be pushing my GPU does an HBA need all the bandwidth of an 8x slot?
  3. I have a 10GBe mellanox connectx 2 dual port card that is 8x will it run in a 4x wired 16x slot at a slower speed or won't work at all? My cpu is an i7 6700 and from what I see it has 16 PCIe lanes I would like to get a motherboard with more slots and I would like to have a GTX 1050 GPU, my 10GBe card and a 4 or 8 port HBA is this a pipe dream or is it doable? If the CPU has 16 lanes does the motherboard chipset have any of its own lanes or are they part of the 16
  4. mrbilky

    New To unRAID - My First Build [COMPLETED]

    Although I don't have more than 1 mac pointed to this drive I don't see why you couldn't just point to it individually from each machine but not sure as I did a disk share or just create 3 different shares on a drive i.e. mac 1, mac 2, mac 3 and just select the right share from each pc, when you setup shares under AFP you will have the option to export to time machine as a test I just changed export on one of my shares and it does show up on my mac as a drive option in time machine
  5. mrbilky

    New To unRAID - My First Build [COMPLETED]

    I have time machine working without issue I did isolate 1 drive just for that and mapped it in time machine on my macbook to use both my airport extreme and my NAS drive as backups seems to work fine I think if I remember correctly you have to make the share/drive private time machine didn't like it without it but it has been awhile so not quite sure on that and if anything has changed
  6. mrbilky

    10gbe Networking Question

    I have installed a 2 port mellanox card in my unraid server and one in each of 2 PC's and created a peer to peer network without a switch works great!
  7. mrbilky

    Upgrade Pricing

    Also note that the trial key is all in meaning you get full functionality to test for up to 60 days to make the critical decision as to what tier will fit your use case not many software providers give you full access to functionality out of the gate on their free versions
  8. mrbilky

    [Support] binhex - Krusader

    Nice work!
  9. One advantage is the 7820x only has 28 pcie lanes while the AMD chip has 60+4 so there is plenty bandwidth to leverage with future growth
  10. mrbilky

    [Support] binhex - Plex

    Yeah tried that and all other configs the bummer is that I don't use it much so it went through a OS upgrade, a new config in tools and a new permissions and who knows what else prior to knowing that it doesn't work
  11. mrbilky

    [Support] binhex - Plex

    I moved and reassigned a few disks in the array putting 1 empty disk into parity (went with 2nd parity) and my plex docker will no longer load up I'm not fully setup yet so I just removed the docker and used clean appdata to remove it but new installs won't load up so is there some file hanging around that I need to remove or some other setting that remains that is causing this issue any help greatly appreciated! homenas-diagnostics-20180517-1710 (1).zip Log for_ binhex-plex.html
  12. Is there any issues with the 2 parity disks being of different RPM I have a 5400 and a 7200 in parity, I'm not concerned if the 7200 under-performs if that makes sense I guess what I'm asking is there any concern with data being copied to 2 different drives in this config?
  13. mrbilky

    Forum slow?

    I haven't noticed any issues either via ethernet or wifi either on my own network or remote from work

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