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  1. Hi! Prebuilt question!

    I built mine from an HP pre-built I7 6700 and runs fantastic very little issues with the exception of operator error I did however upgrade the mobo as it did not have enough sata ports and limited PCIe slots those 2 seemed to be my biggest issue with my pre-built for future growth I'm currently a 17TB with Plex and piehole running in the background with no complaints you should be fine but as others have stated look a little forward of your desired outcome for some future growth
  2. No harm no foul I know he's pretty sharp with this, little oversight I guess
  3. Isn't that what he posted in the title?
  4. [Support] binhex - Plex

    Will do thanks for the advice!
  5. [Support] binhex - Plex

    Have a strange issue occurring I have encoded 5 movies that I own and I'm using Handbrake so I'm going to float this here first and see if its something known to Plex first since that is where the metadata seems to populate, when I encoded these video's even though the title was correct in the save as dialog box when I open Plex the video is always listed as of all things Madagascar 3 can't seem to find where this issue is hiding has anyone had this issue with Plex or am I barking up the wrong tree
  6. Quick question I set pihole up works great so do I delete adblocker, turn it off or remove it all together / does it hurt to run both?
  7. 80 MB/s on 10GB ethernet

    Well the only other suggestion to possibly eliminate something, it was recommended that I created a ram disk for testing and rule out any bottleneck on that front if correctly configured you should saturate transfers with no problem
  8. 80 MB/s on 10GB ethernet

    Go to network adapters click on the 10 GBE network hit properties tab hit internet protocol version 4 tab hit properties tab ensure you have set your ip correctly then hit the configure button hit advanced tab scroll down to jumbo packet, I set mine to 9000 now go to your unRAID server and hit the settings tab and go to network settings and check that your 10 GBE network is set to the correct ip and the MTU is set for the same 9000 as your windows box Now I'm no expert on diags for sure but if you are bonding a 1Gb and a 10Gb network I'm told that's no good I also made my ip's for my setup as and respectively as I have read on many forums and setups this is good practice to prevent any bottlenecks
  9. 80 MB/s on 10GB ethernet

    Did you map the share with their ip address (and did you assign ip's for both cards) if not your transfer speeds will reflect what you are getting now been down this road the last few weeks and that was what worked for me. Also enable jumbo packets for both your unRAID server and your windows rig to match each other
  10. horrible transfer speeds (Solved)

    File is from my main rig to the unRAID server and was slow (25 MB/s) then that file between shares within unRAID and it transfers at 800 to 900+ MB/s the connection between the server and my rig is directly connected to the isp extender so i'm thinking that some setting/settings are incorrect in windows config that is causing the issue? With it transferring ok between shares on the server I guess that eliminates the add-in SATA card as being the bottle neck as I original thought. Update: after determining this was no longer an unRAID issue (i.e. add-in sata card) I completed a clean install of windows and now saturating the network in transfers thanks for the help guys learned the hard way to not let some ISP tech convince you he knows what to do!
  11. horrible transfer speeds (Solved)

    Been hacking away at it I moved the NAS directly to my isp provided extender which was going to my switch first and did the same with my daily driver, reset to default both the primary router and the extender no luck if I reinstall windows fresh I have backups of all my data this would reset every single system parameter and will not retain any bad settings correct? I have only 1 server so that's out but here's a new twist I copied the test file from my desktop to a share on the server and I got 25 MB/s but then I copied from share to share and wouldn't you know the damn thing works as it was built tried several different share to share configs and it works like a charm this must mean that some setting is off on my AMD rig in windows, no?
  12. horrible transfer speeds (Solved)

    Thanks for the help guys, So the below screenshots were taken this morning from a cold start on my daily driver (AMD 1800x) I removed all but the server and my rig from the Gigabit switch so to remove any potential interference, the first attempt shows the issue the share I'm copying to is a cache only share (2 SSD's in raid 0) (disregard the name I am not on my 10GBE network) I get 25MB/s then I tried same file to my nvme drive in unassigned devices and got 113 MB/s then went right back to the cache share and I got 113 MB/s then tried to copy another file and boom right back to 25MB/s strange thing is I'm getting laggy response from my mouse on occasions when the transfer is happening but not on every transfer I looked at resource monitor for anything glaring but nothing. I had a verizon tech a few months ago try and get me an open port on my router and he could not figure that out (that's a whole nother story) but now I'm wondering if he made any changes (he was remotely in my system) I have only made a few transfers to the NAS from that time and always on my wifi connected mac so can't determine when it started suffice to say I was getting above average transfers before this issue
  13. horrible transfer speeds (Solved)

    Can anyone confirm if this sata add in card could be causing me transfer issues? only getting 25 MB/s all new quality cat6a cables installed: [1b4b:9215] 05:00.0 SATA controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 9215 (rev 11) think i've read here somewhere that 9215 was on the $h1t list but can't find the thread and if so any good option out there thats known to work?
  14. VM window is blank? (solved)

    Thank you fine sir that was the ticket now how I screwed that up is the bigger question Thanks again!
  15. I noticed after updating to 6.5.0 that the VM tab shows a blank screen just updated to 6.5.1rc1 still blank also noticed in the VM manager that it shows stopped in the upper right corner with enable VM's set to yes, I must have deleted something somewhere, don't use this yet still learning any takers as to what I clearly did wrong

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