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  1. Yep all good figured as much never hurts to ask!
  2. Just throwing it out there I see your signature shows a 4TB parity drive you did update that to a 5TB or higher?
  3. First Build

    The G4560 has 4 threads instead of 2 with the G4400 that would be my choice that socket supports a wide range of cpu's in the event that you want to upgrade without having to upgrade your mobo TDP is the same for both so no loss there
  4. First Build

  5. First Build

    It may be a great value but why invest in something that has no upgrade path (passmark score is 4916) without upgrading to a new CPU when its realized i.e. what's stated you will have trouble running plex, vm's and any other cpu intensive tasks as one core is a minimum for the NAS, especially since the OP is buying new and not utilizing pre-existing hardware the more cores the better but yes if it's just storage then save on the ram and go with 8GB and up the CPU everybody says "I won't be doing anything else" when they first build their box but more times than not that idea evolves
  6. Remove basic key **Resolved**

    Man I really appreciate your help for the life of me I could not figure out why when I tried to create those 2 paths (Flash, Unassigned devices) this time around I kept getting errors I must have left something out cause I just reinstalled again and it's golden! Well I learned quite a bit at the expense of some frustration but all is good thank you for pushing the subject along!
  7. Remove basic key **Resolved**

    Sorry missed that this is its current setup:
  8. Remove basic key **Resolved**

    I hear ya lot to learn yet but for sure something has changed because I have tried several times now to reinstall Krusader based on the same video that I followed and it will not work I have installed it with bare minimum requirements ran it to ensure functionality and then tried adding the path to flash as instructed in the video and the docker disappears from the console so something has changed?
  9. Remove basic key **Resolved**

    Ok thanks for all the input I reviewed how I installed Krusader a few months ago I followed space invader one's video that is where the FLASH share was created I had removed Krusader a few weeks ago and just re-installed it the other day but this time it appears that maybe the update to the latest os version has broken that process as I could not pull down the docker container if I added the path to FLASH this time, I even tried adding it to the existing containing that was working and when I did it deleted the docker all together and I had to reinstall it so this might be a problem for some moving forward with Krusader. The fix for duplicate or multiple existing .key files was simple enough I powered down removed the flash drive and installed it on my daily driver and deleted the file in windows it may be unorthodox but it worked, I have a copy just in case but all seems to be working fine after re-booting thanks again for the help! This is exactly what I was seeing thanks Frank for pointing to that as I was starting to think I screwed something up!
  10. Remove basic key **Resolved**

    I'm not seeing the actual flash drive anywhere other than viewing it on the main page I have a share named flash and it appears to have all the files but the plus.key but I don't remember creating it I thought the system did that I did get rid of the FLASH share the system is working fine from what I can tell just can't find the actual flash drive in Krusader will it hurt to delete the basic.key and go from there? The header indicates that I'm on the plus server I mean if worse comes to worse can I do some sort of reset to start over
  11. Remove basic key **Resolved**

    Hum don't know I can tell you that I did not create it knowingly, could it be from installing Krusader previously? If I remember right the first time I installed it in the setup I created 2 additional paths from the tutorial on the subject but I had removed Krusader and the appdata and when I reinstalled this time I just set it up without any additional paths?
  12. Remove basic key **Resolved**

    Original post added screen shots, appreciate the help I did find an old thread but didn't see a conclusion
  13. I purchased the plus key and it seems to have worked but I can't seem to find the way to remove the basic key, I open Krusader and moved the basic key out of the flash config folder but I don't see the plus key anywhere and I'm getting the multiple key error in fix common problems. I see both the basic and plus key in the config file from the gui flash drive folder any little help would be appreciated I don't want to screw it up which I'm notorious for doing Running the latest os
  14. Anyone have an idea what i'm missing here I have my peer to peer 10gig setup 1 2 port mellanox nic in the unRAID box and single port nic's in the pc's the issue i'm having is I am getting 240ish MB/s during 5 test transfers then suddenly I am getting the full bandwidth during any subsequent transfers I'm using a 1gig test file and I have created a ram disk on the pc and a test share that is using the cache, my cache is setup as raid 0 with 2 240gig ssd's I thought it was a caching issue but this seems backwards from what I was expecting I would figure I would get good speeds until the cache on the disk filled then drop off from there?
  15. Bonding question

    Thanks for the reply that may explain allot I believe I have set up my testing right I created a test share on my box and set it to cache only as my cache is 2 sata ssd's but that's a good point when copying back and forth while testing my ssd's showed temps at high 60C and the memory buffer also may explain why when I first sent the file it shows that type of info I posted but if I do it a second and 3rd time it flattens out to around 450MB\s speeds more in line with sata ssd's will look into it further. Have you ever heard of the transfer completely stopping for a few seconds and picking back up that was another anomaly i've seen thanks again!

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