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  1. The idea of using the built-in wireless interface for a backup connection with a motherboard that has it sounds appealing. Since the wireless interface is part of the same IOMMU group as the ethernet interface, one might prefer not to enable PCIe ACS override to be able to use it with a VM for stability reasons. Using it within unRAID is currently not possible as the iwlwifi module is not available and access to /lib/firmware, where a iwlwifi driver can be loaded, is read-only (squashfs). Would it be possible to have this in a future iteration?
  2. Not sure if "So what?" is an argument or a question. If latter, experimental changes can go within an appropriate branch in the version control environment.
  3. If LT have their own meaning behind release cycles, they should go ahead and define them. Hijacking established definitions and saying "in our world, up is down" is like trolling. But most often called three-wheeler (car|motorcycle) for obvious reasons. Honestly, there are bugs in the latest "stable" that exist in the newest "RC" and thrive from "new feature" components that have not been tested enough. To me it looks like LT is trying to look busy by releasing software as often as possible, no matter the quality. This is where definitions for incompatibility come in place. For this to be successful, there has to be a compatibility window which is defined by breaking changes in the core or other components of the OS. To my knowledge and experience, this is a very good idea.
  4. @limetech, good luck trolling. Let me know when you get bored of trying to reinvent the wheel. @Frank1940, which webGui features in particular are "tied hand-in-hand" with the latest version of the OS? As to how one would expect this to be done, look at software packaging.
  5. Maybe @bonienl would be kind enough to fix this so we don't forget about it.
  6. Wait, you keep adding new features with every new RC? Do you realise that you're chasing your tail that way? Also, I'd like to update the webGui without having to update the whole OS and restarting.
  7. Temperature on Seagate disks not shown

    Or even the option to increase the interval if there is someone watching.
  8. Temperature on Seagate disks not shown

    Thanks for the tip. Strange that the default is set to 30 minutes. Is there any additional stress that polling significantly more often (e.g. every 60 seconds) could cause? I guess my question could be rephrased as, is polling SMART causing the drive to perform any additional work out of its ordinary SMART health monitoring?
  9. Temperature on Seagate disks not shown

    True. It took about 10 minutes for the webGui to update the * symbol to an actual temperature reading after spinning up the drives for a parity check.
  10. Running a few Seagate disks (ST3500418AS, ST2000DM001) and their temperature is not detected. Please fix?
  11. @SSD it seems there has been a misjudgement by the dmidecode parser of the webGui. Looking at the source code, $maximum_memory assumes the output of dmidecode would always be in GB which is incorrect as the scope of dmidecode is broader than that. Although the specifications page of the motherboard reports 64 GB maximum supported memory, it should be up to the BIOS to report a correct value that is then read by dmidecode. In this particular case the awk filtering of dmidecode is empty which makes $memory_installed its value. If you install only 4 GB of memory, it would say that the maximum capacity is 4 GB.
  12. [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    Why is `/var/run/docker.sock` suggested to be mounted with write access?
  13. As I was looking for the best way to use an external USB DAC with a Windows 10 VM I have found that plugging it in directly to the motherboard instead of through the USB hub on the case. Using the case USB hub was producing periodic clicking sounds and plugging it directly in the motherboard worked just fine. About 5 minutes into my last configuration intervention using the Libvirt Hotplug USB plugin I was enjoying some music when it suddenly stopped, screen froze (GPU passthrough) and sound started coming out of the frozen-picture monitor instead of the USB DAC. After the current video that was playing ended, the screen stopped being frozen and continued working as expected. Using a separate machine I've opened the webGui where I found out all visual preferences (theme, logo, etc) were reset to their default settings with the Docker and VMs buttons missing. Most of the pages were stuck in my favourite never ending loading loop, but the VMs page loaded fine when accessed manually. First thing that became apparent was the following PHP warning: Warning: parse_ini_file(/boot/config/domain.cfg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.vm.manager/classes/libvirt_helpers.php on line 459 Popping into unRAID via SSH indeed revealed that the /boot folder is empty. Dmesg confirmed there's an issue: [849527.308266] blk_partition_remap: fail for partition 1 [849527.308267] FAT-fs (sda1): Directory bread(block 29595) failed Lsusb only showed the 4 USB hubs on the case: # lsusb Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub To summarise, there was a keyboard and a mouse connected to that Windows VM which was working stable under high load for the past few months. After adding another mouse and the USB DAC it continued working fine for about 15 minutes. Figuring out I might achieve better results connecting directly to the motherboard instead of going through the case hub, I detached both devices via the Libvirt Hotplug USB plugin and attached them back into the VM via dedicated USB 3 ports on the back of the motherboard. It is somehow strange that the case hubs are present to the system and everything else went missing, including the Corsair power supply that is connected via USB directly to a USB header on the motherboard, similarly to how the case hubs are connected. Update: It is not possible to stop the array safely in this situation. The update.htm page doesn't respond to the POST requests that the Main page generates.
  14. WebUI without internet connection

    Assuming you're trying to access unRAID from the local network from which it is on, perhaps trying or https://unraid-hostname/
  15. Successfully updated from rc21 to 6.4.0 stable on Ryzen. VMs + GPU pass-through and containers have all started fine. Unfortunately still having unclean shutdowns/restarts.

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