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  1. realies

    btrfs snapshots

    Has there been any updates on this?
  2. realies

    Soulseek Dockers

    Just pushed the latest version of Soulseek (2018.01) that works through a browser here.
  3. realies

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    @roland, can we have the `/var/run/docker.sock` read-only mapping in the XML template please? @SirBindy, your folder mapping is bad. Make it
  4. realies

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    You should be able to see the name of the containers.
  5. realies

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    Not true. @L0rdRaiden, map the container `/var/run/docker.sock` file to the host. Read-only would suffice.
  6. realies

    [Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

    As previously stated, this currently only works with Corsair RMi and HXi. The i stands for "intelligent" which is their digital control and monitoring feature over USB.
  7. realies

    [Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

    Prolly not. Assuming there isn't much Corsair RMi/HXi unRAID users out there, but who knows...
  8. In the spirit of badly written things, here is a plugin that reads Corsair power supply statistics and displays them in the dashboard. GPU load is the value from the output0 PSU lane. It is a wrapper for the corsairmi binary which reads out monitoring information for Corsair RMi and HXi power supplies. Works cool in conjunction with an UPS plugin. To install, go to Plugins > Install Plugin and paste
  9. Upon a graphics card crash, the system halted and had to be physically rebooted. After the reboot, the webGui is showing "Array Stopped - stale configuration" and the array devices are all unassigned with the cache drive the only populated device in the Main page. It seems that this is a bug, considering other people have faced it, although not sure how to reproduce without risking the data. Speaking of which, what is the recommended way of reassigning all devices and starting the array in this situation? Contents of disk.cfg here. Update: The super.dat file is NOT zero bytes, there's also a super.dat.CA_BACKUP. A filename called DISK_ASSIGNMENTS.txt contains the device order in details. One of the previously unassigned drives is missing from the system. Update2: Missing drive became available on next power cycle. Checking "parity is valid" and re-assigning disks according to old records seems to have brought the array online without losing data.
  10. The idea of using the built-in wireless interface for a backup connection with a motherboard that has it sounds appealing. Since the wireless interface is part of the same IOMMU group as the ethernet interface, one might prefer not to enable PCIe ACS override to be able to use it with a VM for stability reasons. Using it within unRAID is currently not possible as the iwlwifi module is not available and access to /lib/firmware, where a iwlwifi driver can be loaded, is read-only (squashfs). Would it be possible to have this in a future iteration?
  11. Not sure if "So what?" is an argument or a question. If latter, experimental changes can go within an appropriate branch in the version control environment.
  12. If LT have their own meaning behind release cycles, they should go ahead and define them. Hijacking established definitions and saying "in our world, up is down" is like trolling. But most often called three-wheeler (car|motorcycle) for obvious reasons. Honestly, there are bugs in the latest "stable" that exist in the newest "RC" and thrive from "new feature" components that have not been tested enough. To me it looks like LT is trying to look busy by releasing software as often as possible, no matter the quality. This is where definitions for incompatibility come in place. For this to be successful, there has to be a compatibility window which is defined by breaking changes in the core or other components of the OS. To my knowledge and experience, this is a very good idea.
  13. @limetech, good luck trolling. Let me know when you get bored of trying to reinvent the wheel. @Frank1940, which webGui features in particular are "tied hand-in-hand" with the latest version of the OS? As to how one would expect this to be done, look at software packaging.
  14. Maybe @bonienl would be kind enough to fix this so we don't forget about it.
  15. Wait, you keep adding new features with every new RC? Do you realise that you're chasing your tail that way? Also, I'd like to update the webGui without having to update the whole OS and restarting.

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