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  1. I am just curious... How does this spam filter work? It is so strange sometimes I get 100 mail in spam folder and the other day there are only 10
  2. I am not prof but that what I found.
  3. How does VPN work? And how should it be set up?

    I have checked several articles about Raspberry Pi as a VPN, I think this one describes all its functions the best. As far as I can see, it has three main advantages: First, it requires relatively little power for long-term operation as a server (mentioned in the article). Secondly, it is a safe option and lastly, it is cost-effective. Of course, it depends on the throughput, as it has been mentioned in the previous posts. Anyway, I hope it will help you to choose the right option. If you decide to set up Rasberry Pi, there are setup instructions in the article.
  4. Cache Pool - Not all formatted?

    My sister has the same, so no worries.
  5. Thinking of moving to unRAID

    Why does it not perform with small SSD?
  6. Hmm, that is interesting because my first email from lime-tech also appeared in the spam folder.
  7. How are you using unRAID Server?

    media server
  8. Where to shop for what?

    My friend was super happy with the service!
  9. Kodi keeps active stream open for days

    Which version did you use?
  10. Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Do you use spin up groups?

    hmm, do not use them
  12. Plugin idea: Dynamic server catalog

    Just curious... does SSD involve cloud computing?
  13. How does VPN work? And how should it be set up?

    Hmm, what about Raspberry Pi? I think it is a good option for the EU. As far as I know, it is a cost-effective option. Did you consider it?

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