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  1. Hi. I plan to build an Unraid NAS that is capable of transcoding 4K content to non-4K TV. I'd like to be able to stream to 2-3 non-4K TV simultaneously. I presume Plex server is needed to transcode on the fly? I also saw on some review of Synology that there are models that their own app is capable to transcode the 4K content as Plex doesn't have direct hold of the hardware transcoding engine of the processor to be able to transcode on the fly. What this means is there are models that are ready for Plex to transcode efficiently, while there are also models (different processor) that are capable to transcode even without Plex. This is done by Synology's own native converter app. Hope members here can suggest an inexpensive processor to do this. Celeron or Pentium tops. Furthermore, 10-bit capable. I heard motherboard needs to be ready also. Regards, Jason
  2. Looks exactly what I need to be reading. Thanks!
  3. Hi. Just wondering, how do we do this without plex? If I change processor/ motherboard, what should it be? I saw some Xeon E3-1500 series able to do this, correct? But price is way to high. Any other cheaper Xeons? Or can it be done with my existing processor with a GPU? How do you assign the gpu to do this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Jcloud. I have forgotten about this project of mine. I didn't get it started. That's good to know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Actual results :-) In Plex Server settings, under Transcoder, I chose "Make my CPU hurt," and HURT it did All cores Although, it comes down to 50%, and goes back up, and sometimes in 60%. Kinda satisfying. Just want to confirm though with you guys, in Plex app in Kodi, I have still to change settings in the tv show itself, and change playback quality to 4 MB, 720p. Next higher is 8 MB 1080p, and nothing comes out of the screen. My System stats for Unraid also doesn't change. This is the case for all settings above 8 MB as well. So, is my Unraid box only good for 720p then? Maybe time for an upgrade? Though I seldom download any 2160p, only when nothing else is around. But what is good enough :-)?
  6. BTW, SiNtEnEl, are you sure my Xeon E3 is so weak that it will be brought to it's knees when I transcode h265? I thought my use of Xeon E3 is still overkill for NAS
  7. Yes, have the plex docker installed before to stream to iPads. I have since removed it. Will give it a shot. Thanks guys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi. Forgot about TeamViewer! Thanks. But yes, would like to try open vpn, though don't know how to set up. Will check out post of Johnnie.black Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi. I set up a system for a relative. Oftentimes, the machine will fill up as the user don't know how to clean/ delete shows downloaded. What app shall I use to be able to remotely access the machine, and manage unraid? The user don't use firewall, neither does he have permanent IP.
  10. Hi. Some Amazon content come in 4K already. My TV is 1080p, and my streamer is Kodi on Raspberry Pi (LibreElec). I don't think my Kodi can downstream the episodes to 1080p. Is there any plugin that does what my subject says?
  11. Software KVM

    Ok, Hope it works out for me. Primarily looking at this because unraid box is far from my work machine. All are connected to the network. Would love to have native performance even if via network specially "video-wise."
  12. Software KVM

    Hi. Does anyone know if we can use Software KVM to control our Virtual Desktops in real time? https://www.stardock.com/products/multiplicity/ Anyone using this already? Does this mean using the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse I'm using right now, I'll be able to switch to my VM desktop? I wonder if I can stream videos with audio much better than using VNC?
  13. @dadarara , Unfortunately, my cables used to 6, and to be able to accommodate more cables, I pulled them out and replaced with 5e. Now, I'm starting to see why that is not a popular decision. I'm using Monitor with speakers, so I assume sound won't be an issue. I was wondering though if using the powered device I link above, since it's only using 1 cat5 or 6, will be less functional than the passive device using 2 cat5 or 6 cables? Is audio lost, or what else am I sacrificing for using a single ethernet port? I prefer it since I have limited cable runs from the other room to my room. My device isn't new though, so for now, basic hdmi will do. Thanks for your replies.
  14. Thank you guys. I though everyone was using their unraid beside them, it turns our there are a lot of options. Will buy one suggested above. Another follow up question, is it as if you're using the NAS as your desktop, no delay? User experience very very good? Last question, anything with both hdmi and USB combined? So I use lesser cat5e. These devices cannot be passed through switches? Or can they? Meaning, in between devices, should be straight cat 5e? Or can they be plugged to switches? I'm attaching a diagram I saw on monoprice. This will solve my lacking of cat 5e runs between my room and my nas. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk Is the case above applicable also for something such as this?
  15. Hi. I am using serverboard Supermicro X9SCM-F, Intel Gigabit ethernet connected to my HP Procurve 1810G-24 on the ethernet ports. My switch also has dual personality SFP ports. Can advantage to using this? My desktops connected to the same switch, via gigabit ethernet also. Thanks

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